Bing Optimized for iPhone Touch Screen

The mobile version of Microsoft's Bing search engine has been revamped and now supports touch screen devices such as the iPhone. The touch-optimized interface ( is currently only available to users in the US.

Mobile phones that don't support the touch interface are forwarded to a simpler version of the site. Microsoft has also added additional features to the mobile search engine including a visual search movie finder and a real-time data search. Examples of real-time information available include airline flight delays and NFL scores and stats.

iPhones Can Now Make Time Lapse Movies

Now with the Timelapser app your iPhone will easily record time lapse movies. The only problem might be keeping the iPhone still from frame to frame.

iphone app timelapser

The app is on sale at half price for a limited time so it's currently selling for 99 cents. Firmware 3.1 is required, however the app will work on any generation iPhone. Frames can be captured more frequently on the iPhone 3GS.

Fake iPhones Have Infinite Battery Life

iPhone rage has been known to make people do horrible things to their iPhones. Many devices have met a gruesome fate after crossing their owners for the last time.

iphone dummy

Apple's flagship mobile product has been threatened at gunpoint, smashed, drowned and even shot at and burned. Now there's a much less expensive way to take out your anger at Apple and its fanboys.

Comics Giant Marvel Cuts iPhone Deal

Fans of comic books who have iPhones and live in the US will soon see Marvel titles come to their mobile devices. Three different comic book readers, Comics, iVerse Comics and Panelfly Comics have struck a deal with Marvel to bring its content to their apps.

Over 80 percent of published comics are released by comics giants Marvel or DC. This is the first time one of the two has entered the digital comics market on the iPhone.

Lala iPhone App Changes Music Purchasing Forever

Would you buy a song if you could stream it an unlimited number of times from your iPhone or a web browser? Maybe not. What if the cost was only 10 cents? Not only does this free up your disk space, it's light on your wallet.

Lulu is counting on these two things to make them lots of money. They currently have 8.5 million songs in their library. Instead of having a music collection of files, everything you paid to play resides on remote servers until you demand a listen.

GuyPhones Take Over Halloween With iPhone Costumes

Next time your person-sized iPhone is running low on juice just switch out the car battery. John Savio and Reko Rivera are working to recoup their $2,000 investment in two wearable iPhone costumes they crafted for Halloween.

iphone halloween costume

The two guyPhones have been entering costume contests for prize money and have already won $1,000. Using flat screen televisions and modified iPhones they are able to output the video signal from their devices on the front screen of the costume.

iPhone's Apple Logo Will Survive the Droid Launch

The Apple logo on the back of your iPhone now has competition. Next week it will be possible to carry around a mobile device with three corporate logos!

droid motorola verizon google android

Verizon, Motorola and Google each get their own billboard space on the Droid, scheduled for release next week. In a brazen act of branding, two of these logos (Verizon and Motorola) actually appear on the front AND back of the Droid.

NBA League Pass Mobile Now on iPhone

40 live pro basketball games streaming directly to your iPhone every week? If you're a fan, NBA League Pass Mobile may be the ultimate basketball app.

iphone app nba

All of this streaming NBA action over 3G and Wi-Fi does come at a price. Total for the 2009-10 basketball season excluding tax is $39.99 in the App Store. Current NBA League Pass television subscribers don't get a break.

More Rumblings of an iPhone on Verizon

Add analyst Brian Marshall to the chorus of iPhone owners, CDMA fans, speculators, AT&T haters and Apple shareholders clamoring for an iPhone on the Verizon Wireless network. Marshall, who works for Broadpoint AmTech, has noticed that Apple is moving towards a multiple carrier business model in several countries.

His analysis? The company will do the same thing in the United States. Completely ignoring the Motorola Droid and its associated anti-iPhone campaign, Marshall believes the iPhone will come to Verizon in the second half of 2010.

Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.2 With New iPhone Features

Several new features and refinements have come to iTunes 9.0.2, now available from Apple as a free download. iPhone users will find improvements in app sorting and media syncing. Users can add or delete home screens and arrange apps directly in iTunes.

Apps purchased on your computer or iPhone will sync automatically. iTunes 9.0.2 will also provide options for syncing individual artists, genres, podcasts or television shows.

If your iPhone is jailbroken and/or unlocked, iTunes 9.0.2 will not interfere. However, users syncing to iTunes with a Palm Pre will find that Apple has disabled this functionality (again).

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