How can I reduce my AT&T iPhone bill when traveling internationally?

If you're taking your iPhone overseas you may have read horror stories of people returning home to thousands of dollars in wireless bills. There are several ways to reduce your charges when traveling abroad if you absolutely must have your iPhone.

First and foremost, be sure not to run up hidden data charges when traveling abroad. Select Settings -> General -> Network -> Data Roaming -> OFF. This will make sure that bandwidth is not being used by your iPhone without your permission.

mSpot Launches iPhone Streaming Movie Rentals

Looks like mSpot has beaten Netflix to the punch. mSpot Mobile Movies will stream movie rentals to your iPhone or any of 30 compatible mobile devices. The movies are delivered over Wi-Fi or 3G connections on demand.

iphone streaming movie rental mspot

To test your mobile device for compatibility, mSpot sends a text message with a link to the service (iPhone users can enter the URL directly into Safari). Movie Club members can purchase credits that expire at the end of the month if unused. A more expensive option is a one-time rental of $4.99. The movie can be watched for 24-48 hours depending on the film.

Unbelievable iPhone App Store Statistics

The App Store has only been online for five quarters, yet it continues to impress with a staggering number of offerings and purchases. Apple has announced there are now 85,000 iPhone and iPod Touch applications available via iTunes.

50 million people own a compatible Apple device and 125,000 software developers are participating in the Apple iPhone Developer Program. 1.5 billion individual downloads were clocked on the App Store within the first year of its operation.

MMS Tips on the iPhone 3G and 3GS

There are several things included in the iPhone 3.0 MMS release that users may not be aware of until they start flexing the application. The key here is that you can send much more than photos. Information from your Contacts can be sent via MMS by touching the Share Contact button when viewing entry details.

Similarly, touching the share button in Voice Memos will give the option to send via MMS or email. The iPhone 3GS will send video using MMS, although it will severely degrade the size and quality. This helps to insure the video will play on smaller and older phones.

Stop Accelerometer Rotation When Viewing iPhone Photos

Some iPhone applications have preferences to set an accelerometer lock, which keeps the orientation of the app in one direction no matter which way the iPhone turns. Unfortunately, most commonly used apps do not have this feature.

Rotation can be switched off when viewing photos on the iPhone Camera Roll or Photo Library. When viewing a photo, hold down with one finger on the photo as if you're trying to copy the image.

How can I fix my iPhone MMS send failed error on AT&T?

You are getting the notorious exclamation point when you try to send an MMS on your iPhone 3G or 3GS. There are a few steps you can try to fix the problem before you contact Apple or AT&T and they give you the same advice.

iphone att mms failure

First check your AT&T Wireless account and make sure you have an active iPhone text plan. You can check this online and you should see a 200, 1500 or unlimited messaging plan on your account.

Can I get MMS on my iPhone without firmware 3.1 (with firmware 3.0)?

The answer is yes. International users already know this fact. In the US, you can update the AT&T carrier file to version 5.5 without updating your iPhone to firmware 3.1.

There are reasons not to update to iPhone OS 3.1. Many users are complaining about decreased battery life and other problems. Here's how to get MMS on your 3G or 3GS without updating the firmware.

AT&T 3G MicroCell Hits the Streets

How about making iPhone calls on your own personal cell tower? AT&T has test launched its femtocell solution for individual users, dubbed the MicroCell. This device is compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

iphone att 3g microcell

MicroCell data speeds will be slower than the 7.2 Mbps the iPhone 3GS is capable of delivering, however they will achieve 3.2 Mbps, matching standard 3G speeds. The device allows users to make calls and send text messages using a 5,000 square foot local 3G network.

Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.1 Update

Only two weeks after releasing iTunes 9, Apple has released an update with numerous bug fixes and improvements. One notable change is that the green zoom button brings up the mini-player, just like it did before iTunes 9 took that away.

iphone itunes 9.0.1

Another issue resolved by iTunes 9.0.1 is the ordering of podcasts. Some users were complaining that these files were not sorted properly in version 9.

AT&T to Notify iPhone Users of MMS Activation

This Friday AT&T is expected to text its iPhone customers in groups every hour, notifying them that MMS is finally ready for action on their iPhone. Some reports have indicated this process could start as early as 10AM Eastern Time.

iphone att mms

MMS will be activated by a carrier settings update from iTunes. The service will make it possible to send photos and videos along with text to other mobile devices without using email. MMS will not be supported on the original (2G) iPhone.

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