iPhone Users Report 3.1.3 Update Problems

Well it didn't take long to hear from iPhone owners who tried the 3.1.3 firmware update to fix their existing battery problems. Some people are reporting the same problems, if not worse after updating to 3.1.3 from 3.1.2 or earlier iPhone OS versions.

Previously, many users updated to 3.1 software so they could take advantage of MMS functionality on AT&T and found that an unwelcome side effect was shortened battery life on the iPhone 3GS. (Learn how to turn on MMS without updating your 3.0 firmware here. Some have speculated this has something to do with the iPhone losing and acquiring the 3G signal repeatedly which drains the battery.

Expand Your iPhone With an Apple-Certified SD Card Reader

Ever wish you could access some files from your iPhone on-the-go without syncing to a computer? Maybe your 4GB iPhone needs some more space? ZoomMediaPlus starts shipping their SD card reading iPhone accessory in April.

apple iphone sd card reader

The adapter plugs directly into the bottom of the iPhone and accepts an SD or SDHC card. The files can be accessed from the iPhone using this Apple-approved device. The free zoomIt app makes it possible to access, rename and delete files.

iPhone 4G Part Photos Show New Dimensions

Will the next iPhone model be taller than its predecessors by a quarter inch (6 mm)? If these photos are to be believed, iResQ has received fourth-generation parts that show an iPhone with additional space at the top of the device.

apple iphone 4G parts

iResQ acquired the parts as a sample from what they describe as a "reputable source" and note the fact that Apple could still change the design of the next generation iPhone before official release. Pictured above are parts from a 3GS on the left and a 4G iPhone on the right.

Dev-Team Jailbreaks iPhone OS 3.1.3 Update

Five days after Apple released the 3.1.3 iPhone OS update the Dev-Team has countered with PwnageTool version 3.1.5, making a jailbreak of the latest firmware possible. This software currently only runs on Mac OS X, and works by updating your firmware to 3.1.3 with a custom IPSW file.

If you are already running the official 3.1.3 firmware on your device the jailbreak will not work. Dev-Team also reports that unless you have a problem with the reporting of your battery percentage, there's probably no good reason to update. If you're already jailbroken/unlocked with 3.1.2 you can use PwnageTool to safely update to 3.1.3.

iPhone 3.1.3: The Battery Fix We've Been Waiting For?

Apple has made the iPhone OS 3.1.3 update (7E18) available and as usual users can update their iPhones and iPod Touch devices via iTunes. The list of bug fixes and security improvements includes this item: Improves accuracy of reported battery level on iPhone 3GS.

Could this mean that users plagued with widely reported battery problems have finally received a fix from Apple? Ever since the 3.1 update, some users have complained of drastically shortened battery life on iPhone 3GS models. Maybe the meter is the problem- we will keep you posted.

Get More Home Screens on Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Apple has limited the number of home screens on the iPhone to 11. Even though that adds up to a total of 180 applications including the dock, some users want more space. This is possible on firmware version 3.1.2 thanks to a trick that doesn't require jailbreaking.

Follow these steps to get more than 11 home pages on your iPhone:

Get the iPad Wallpaper for your Desktop

The newly launched site The iPad Guide recently posted the previously hard to find iPad Wallpaper, sized for the iPhone. According to The iPad Guide, the the iPad Wallpaper for the iPhone was downloaded over 5,000 times in the first day it was posted.

ipad wallpaper for your desktop

Earlier today, The iPad Guide posted the equally sought after and hard to find

iPhone 4G Could Feature Apple A4 Processor

One of the highlights of Apple's iPad announcement was the heart of the device, the custom system-on-a-chip (SoC) now known as the Apple A4. This mysterious chip spawned from Apple's longtime partnership and 2008 acquisition of PA Semi.

apple iphone ipad processor A4

The A4 is a power-sipping, high speed 1GHz processor with an integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) that runs Apple's multi-touch iPhone OS like nothing else. According to Steve Jobs, the iPad will play video for 10 hours before its battery is exhausted.

Google Voice Comes to the iPhone

Apple told Google that its Voice app was not welcome in the App Store, to the chagrin of many users of the service. Google did not give up, it went ahead and developed a web app that works on any handset supporting HTML 5.

apple iphone google voice

Now iPhone users can get Google Voice using the web app. Simply browse over to m.google.com/voice in Mobile Safari to access the service on your iPhone.

AT&T Improving 3G Network as it Retains Exclusive Deal With Apple

The predictions that Apple would announce a multiple-carrier model for the US did not come true on Wednesday at the iPad special media event. In fact, Apple made a deal with the carrier to provide data services to iPads, and didn't mention any changes in the exclusive iPhone deal with AT&T.

apple iphone att exclusive deal

For its part, AT&T has announced major improvements to the range, speed and strength of its 3G wireless network. The company currently provides service to twice as many smartphone customers as its nearest competitor.

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