Flickr iPhone App Gets iOS 4 Update

The popular photo sharing site Flickr first launched its native iPhone app in September 2009. The latest update, version 1.2, is now available on iTunes and takes advantage of new features in the iOS 4 operating system. Multitasking allows photo and video uploads in the background instead of preoccupying the iPhone until the task is complete. A badge on the app icon indicates how many uploads are processing.

apple iphone app flickr 1.2 iOS 4

Fast app switching means that every time you open Flickr, the app will remember exactly where you left off last time the app was used, and you can continue what you were doing. HD video upload capability will be useful for those iPhone 4 owners who enjoy recording 720p video on their devices. Hopefully Flickr will add high-resolution support for the Apple retina display in the next update.

Apple Launches iPhone 4 Antenna Website

In the wake of what Steve Jobs referred to as "Antennagate," Apple has launched an informational website to follow up on its Friday press conference on the iPhone 4. Much of the smartphone graphics and testing facility photos presented at the event are explained in detail on the new Apple pages. Pictured below is one of Apple's 17 anechoic chambers, which accurately measure antenna and wireless performance.

apple iphone antenna test chamber

Apple highlights the fact they have spent thousands of hours logging tests in special facilities like these and in the field with prototypes of the iPhone 4 and all of their wireless devices. These state-of-the-art facilities cost Apple over $100 million to design and build.

Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference: Free Cases For All

Apple, recently under fire for iPhone 4 antenna problems, publicly addressed the issue in a special press conference at its Cupertino headquarters today. Steve Jobs explained that the company isn't perfect, but they want to make their users happy. Over three million iPhone 4 units have already been sold.

apple iphone 4 antennagate press conference

According to Jobs, for 22 days Apple has been working non-stop on determining the root cause of the problem and coming up with a real solution. Reports have indicated that connecting a gap with your hand in the metal band around the outside of the iPhone 4 can cause a drop in signal strength. The media has affectionately referred to this hand position as the "death grip."

iPhone Firmware Update 4.0.1 Improves Signal Bars

Apple has released the first iPhone firmware update since iOS 4 was launched not even a month ago. The operating system officially went public on June 21 and has shipped on millions of iPhone 4 devices since then. iOS 4.0.1 is a minor update with changes to the cellular signal bars.

apple iphone 4.0.1 firmware update

Apple promised the update after the company discovered an error in the way that signal bars were representing signal strength in areas with poor reception. Apparently the iPhone was making the signal appear stronger than it actually was at the lower end of the scale.

Dev-Team Jailbreaks and Unlocks iPhone 4

Dev-Team member planetbeing has demonstrated the first unlocked US-purchased iPhone 4 in the world. With a custom-cut Rogers SIM card and some coding magic, his iPhone dialed Rogers customer service and displayed the Rogers carrier logo on the home screen.

apple iphone 4 unlock planetbeing

MuscleNerd and planetbeing are working simultaneously on two different unlock solutions, and plan to release the best one when the time is right. Apparently the software needs work even though the end result is functional. Dev-Team may wait until Apple releases iOS 4.1 before making the iPhone 4 unlock public.

Apple Launches iOS 4.1 Beta iPhone Firmware Update

Apple has launched the first beta version of iOS 4.1 to developers along with the updated SDK, which means it won't be long until the firmware is released to the general public. Several changes and improvements are included in the new version of iOS 4, although reports have indicated the operating system does not correct antenna reception issues.

apple iphone ios 4.1 beta sdk

The calculation method for displaying bars of cellular signal strength has been revised, and the bar graphics themselves are enlarged. Apple previously announced that the formula they used to convert signal strength to bars was misleading, tacking on extra bars in areas of weak reception. iPhone modem firmware is updated from 01.59.00 to 02.07.01 in the new operating system.

Consumer Reports on iPhone 4: One Thumb Down, One Thumb Up

The independent and nonprofit magazine Consumer Reports sent some mixed signals after testing the iPhone 4. Reception issues resulting from touching the lower left corner of the device have been verified in Consumer Reports' labs. First the bad news. The magazine said it "can't recommend" the iPhone 4 due to the problem, which they cited as a design flaw in the external antenna.

apple iphone 4 consumer reports magazine

When held so that a gap between the two antennas is covered the signal drops up to 20dB, which Consumer Reports explains is "enough to drop a call." Reception problems were improved with the addition of non-conductive tape to the affected corner of the iPhone 4, which prevents the metal from coming in contact with the user's hand.

iOS 4 Users Can Opt Out of Apple iAd Data Collection

Now that Apple's iAd mobile advertising solution has launched, some may be curious just how Apple intends to target customers with ads geared towards their personal tastes. Turns out that Apple will leverage data collected from 150 million iTunes users to help determine where to place ads.

apple iphone iOS 4 iAd logo

The apps you download, how long you use them, and which ones you delete delete are all known by Apple, as are any other purchases you make on iTunes. The company does not share this data with advertisers directly, but instead allows advertisers to select from different targeting options based on user preferences. Apple has already sold $60 million in mobile ads for its iAd system.

iPhone 4 Data Plan Works on iPad 3G (No Jailbreak!)

Ever wondered if you could swap out the micro-SIM card in your iPhone 4 to get free data from AT&T on the iPad 3G? Well stop wondering. Turns out a simple change to APN settings on the iPad makes it possible to use the iPhone 4 data plan on Apple's tablet. No jailbreaking or SIM card modifications required.

apple iphone data plan on ipad 3g

As the helpful folks over at TUAW explain, the procedure is quite simple but does involve many small parts. Carefully use a SIM removal tool or paper clip to open the SIM trays on your iPhone 4 and iPad 3G. Don't mix up the trays and keep track of which card came from which device! When the iPhone 4 micro-SIM is safely inside the iPad 3G, all you need to do is make a change to the APN settings on the iPad.

Fring on iPhone 4 Supports Cross-Platform 3G Video Chat

Watch out Apple, Fring has FaceTime in its sights and has launched a new version compatible with iOS 4. What this means for owners of the latest iPhone is they are no longer restricted to Wi-Fi only video chatting. Not only does Fring enable 3G video chat, the company is offering their software for multiple smartphone platforms.

apple iphone fring 3g video calling

Unlike FaceTime, which only allows video chat between two people who both own the iPhone 4, Fring makes it possible to video chat with anyone running the software and with those running Skype. Currently Fring is available on Android and Symbian phones as well as iOS 4.

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