Time Change Reveals More iPhone Alarm Clock Bugs

The iPhone has mishandled another time change as clocks across the continent were set forward one hour this weekend to mark the beginning of Daylight Savings Time (DST). Reports have surfaced on Apple forums, Twitter and other venues of frustrated iPhone owners missing appointments and experiencing strange behavior on their devices.

apple iphone alarm spring forward bug

The DST bugs run the gamut from iPhone clocks jumping backward instead of forward by one hour, alarms going off an hour early, and phones switching to DST properly but later in the day undoing the change. Apple has not announced an official reason for the clock problems, but they are easily fixed.

Leaked Drawings Show Larger iPhone 5 Screen

iDealsChina has released more iPhone 5 images depicting a larger display on the next generation device. They claim the renderings are mold engineering drawings intended for case manufacturers that detail the design of the iPhone 5. Pictured below, these computer renderings show what looks to be essentially the iPhone 4 profile with a larger screen.

apple iphone 5 leaked CAD drawings big display

The display comes right up to the edge of the device, whereas with current iPhone 4 models there's a black gap between the screen and silver antenna frame. Reports have speculated that Apple intends to compete with several Android devices recently launched with 4-inch displays. The purported leaked images seem to match photos of a iPhone 5 bezel also showing a larger screen opening.

Experimental Adobe Wallaby Converts Flash for iPhone

It may be experimental and reference an animal you've never seen, but Adobe has released Wallaby to help developers convert Flash content into HTML5. In theory this allows the Flash content to be viewed on iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad. Apple has been clear about it's dislike for Flash technology, and will not allow plug-ins to view Flash content on its devices.

adobe flash apple iphone mobile safari

Steve Jobs claimed the technology was outdated and inefficient, and Apple has much to gain from its own App Store content. Adobe has been battling the Flash restrictions from the beginning. The company has been working on Flash app development tools, which were stalled temporarily when Apple changed the terms of its developer agreement to ban the tools.

Report: Apple to Launch White iPhone 4 in April

Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told AppleInsider that Apple is getting ready to ship the mysterious white iPhone 4 to AT&T customers starting no later than April. Apple finally solved manufacturing problems plaguing the device and with the help of a Japanese company has developed a new paint material.

apple iphone 4 white in production

Problems with paint thickness and the white iPhone 4 not meeting quality standards resulted in many defective units, although some iPhone users have acquired the white version. Customization kits and modifications that violate the Apple warranty have also appeared on the market to simulate the white iPhone 4 look with replacement parts.

iPhone 5 to Feature Aluminum Back, New Antenna?

Previous reports have indicated the iPhone 5 will be completely redesigned by Apple. Now Economic Daily News, a Taiwanese publication, cites sources who say the next generation iPhone will have an aluminum back. This would bring the iPhone 5 in line with recent iPod touch and iPad 2 designs and highlight one of Apple's favorite materials.

apple iphone 5 rendering aluminum back

A move back to aluminum would also reduce durability problems experienced by users of the iPhone 4 and its glass back. The conceptual rendering above by Taiyo-Fujii is unrelated to statements by Chinese manufacturing insiders, however it clearly receives its cues from the iPad 2. The original iPhone featured an aluminum back along with a plastic bottom to help alleviate reception issues with the internal antenna.

Apple Highlights Ringtone Purchasing in iOS 4.3

Need a ringtone on the fly? If you don't mind spending money for a 30-second ringtone, Apple has you covered in iTunes. The latest iOS 4.3 release is the gold master and this firmware brings ringtone purchasing to the foreground. The update will be available to AT&T iPhone users starting on March 11, 2011.

apple iphone ringtones store

Currently if you're interested in buying a ringtone from Apple, you have to find the ringtone collection within the iTunes app. To navigate there now and preview ringtones you must open the iTunes app, select More from the bottom menu and choose Ringtones. Not difficult, however many iPhone users forget the feature is even an option.

Will the White iPhone 4 Ever Launch?

Things are not looking good for the mysteriously absent white iPhone 4. With the Verizon iPhone launch six months after the iPhone 4 first became available and an iPhone 5 announcement looming, will Apple even bother? Since the first white iPhone 4 pre-orders were cancelled, the release date for the white iPhone 4 has been moved forward several times.

apple iphone 4 white

The latest we heard from Apple was the white iPhone 4 was coming in Spring. The season officially starts in just two weeks and Apple has been silent on the issue. Another white device has dominated the news, with Apple announcing the iPad 2 will ship in white and black next week.

AT&T Confirms iPhone iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot, Pricing

AT&T will charge $20 per month for iPhone 4 users to take advantage of the iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot feature. The carrier has confirmed that full support for the Personal Hotspot will debut when Apple released iOS 4.3 firmware on March 11, 2011.

att iphone personal hotspot launch march 11

The native Wi-Fi hotspot has been available on Verizon iPhone 4 models since launch in early February. The feature allows up to three devices to simultaneously connect to the iPhone's cellular data connection via Wi-Fi. Additional devices can use the connection via Bluetooth and USB for a total of five at once.

Apple Reveals iOS 4.3 Features Coming March 11

Just in case you haven't heard, Apple announced a little product called the iPad 2 earlier today. Also discussed in the talk was a listing of the new features and software coming to iOS devices with firmware version 4.3. This operating system will be released on the iPad 2 shipping date, currently scheduled for Friday March 11, 2011.

apple iphone iOS 4.3 features improvements

So what comes with the iOS 4.3 update for iPhone owners? Mostly improvements to current features, such as a speed boost for the Safari web browser. Apple has implemented the Nitro JavaScript engine, which should make Safari twice as fast as the current iOS 4.2 browser.

Verizon to Stop Offering Unlimited iPhone Data Plans

Well it was nice while it lasted. Just like AT&T dropped unlimited data plans in June 2010 for its iPhone customers, Verizon will cap data in the coming months. The switch to tiered data plan offerings is expected to happen this summer, in advance of the iPhone 5 launch.

apple iphone verizon wireless unlimited data plan

Verizon CFO Fran Shammo announced the plan to move ahead with tiered data plans on the iPhone during an investor conference. Shammo also explained that consumers might not be thrilled when they're stuck with an iPhone 4 contract after the next generation device is launched by Apple.

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