More Record iPhone Sales at AT&T

AT&T beat its previous iPhone sales record by activating 5.2 million iPhone units during the third quarter of 2010. A whopping 3.2 million iPhone were activated in the previous quarter with the launch of the iPhone 4. A full quarter of iPhone buyers this time around were new customers to AT&T.

att iphone sales record

Overall, the company activated 8 million smartphones including the iPhone. AT&T now has 92.8 million subscribers in the US, but still lags behind leader Verizon Wireless. Over 57 percent of AT&T customers carry a smartphone or other device with a full integrated keyboard.

BGR: New iPhone 4 Model Launches Soon

Sources at Apple have told the Boy Genius Report that a revised iPhone 4 model is currently in the final phases of field testing before release. This model revision is known as "iPhone3,2" and may be launched ahead of Apple's typical summer iPhone refresh cycle. Speculation is rampant over exactly what revisions are coming to the iPhone 4.

apple iphone 4 white CDMA new antenna

The leading contender is a CDMA-compatible version of the iPhone 4, which could be offered by either Sprint or Verizon Wireless in the US. Although this would make sense given the impending end of AT&T exclusivity, BGR also reports that the new iPhone 4 retains a SIM card slot. SIM cards are used on GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile.

Limera1n and Greenpois0n iPhone Jailbreak Tools

The jailbreak community has been active lately. Thanks to a surprise release of the limera1n jailbreak tool from Geohot, the release of Greenpois0n was delayed. Now both hacks use the same unpatchable bootrom exploit and are available to the iOS device-owning public.

apple iphone jailbreak limera1n geohot comex

In the meantime, the SHAtter exploit initially planned for Greenpois0n has been shelved for future use. Apple will surely fix the bootrom exploit in the next round of iOS hardware, however this time the jailbreak developers have a countermeasure ready for action.

Panasonic iPhone Dock Includes Digital Media Frame

With Panasonic's MW-20 digital photo frame, you can show off the photos, videos and music on your iPhone in style. The MW-20 stands in portrait or landscape orientation on a flat surface or can be mounted to a wall for that hanging picture effect.

apple iphone dock photo frame panasonic

The iPhone docks and shares content with a nine-inch high-resolution LCD screen, and a built-in 5.6mm speaker provides audio. The MW-20 also includes two GB of internal storage and fifteen different display patterns for photos.

Your iPhone Apps are Watching You

You've probably never asked the question, "What is an Apple UDID?" This acronym stands for Unique Device IDentifier, and every iOS device has one. The UDID itself is a 40-character string including numbers and letters that is unique to your iPhone hardware. Apple sets standards for how the UDID should be used by application developers to protect user privacy.

apple iphone app privacy security UDID

A new study by Bucknell University security researcher Eric Smith has found that third-party app developers may not be following the rules. Some apps send private data such as name and location data from your iPhone in plain text along with the UDID. Some secure the transmissions with SSL, however this also means that the data being sent to external servers is unknown.

Dev-Team Jailbreaks Apple TV: iPhone iOS 4.1 Next

We know that MuscleNerd was showing off his brand new jailbroken iPod touch 4G the other day. Looks like the same iOS vulnerability has just been used to jailbreak a second-generation Apple TV. After successfully using the SHAtter exploit MuscleNerd posted video of the Apple TV being accessed with ssh.

apple TV dev team jailbreak

SHAtter tricks the Apple TV into restoring with a pre-jailbroken IPSW from PwnageTool. The same exploit should work across all iOS devices including the iPhone 4. Chronic Dev Team members are developing jailbreak tools for public release based on the SHAtter bootrom vulnerability. This method will be much more difficult for Apple to contend with, as a firmware update can't prevent the issue.

Use Your iPhone as a USB Drive (No Jailbreak!)

Your iPhone has plenty of storage space, only thing is every time you connect it to your computer iTunes runs the show. Wouldn't it be great to carry your files around with you and not have to worry about a separate USB drive? iPhone Explorer is free software for Mac and Windows that makes this possible.

apple iphone explorer free usb disk

The application opens up the flash memory of your iPhone into simple-to-use drag and drop folders. Files can be transferred to and from your computer hard drive right over the USB connection. iPhone Explorer is compatible with all iPhone models and works with OR without a jailbreak.

Updated PayPal iPhone App Will Scan Checks

The PayPal iPhone app already makes it convenient to access your account and transfer money on-the-go. Two people can even bump iPhones to exchange currency between two accounts. Now PayPal will add check depositing capabilities to an impending app update.

apple iphone app PayPal

By simply taking a photo of your check with the iPhone camera, you'll be able to deposit the money directly to your PayPal account. Of course PayPal isn't the first to launch this technology in an iPhone app. USAA Bank and Chase have both integrated check scanning into their mobile apps.

Will the iPhone 5 Recognize Your Face?

Apple as usual has made a business decision that could lead to exciting new features on the next generation iPhone and beyond. The company has acquired Swedish company Polar Rose, known for its mobile face recognition technology FaceLib among other similar products.

apple iphone polar rose face recognition

With full face detection and tracking of faces in video, the solutions Polar Rose delivers could change how you interact with your iPhone. Now that the iPhone 4 has a front-facing camera, passcode lock could end up going the way of the dinosaurs.

Future iPhone Features Revealed in Apple Patents

Every time a new Apple patent goes public it sets off waves of speculation about the next iPhone. The latest round of patents is no different, and some features are already expected to debut on the iPhone 5 next summer. Two of these patents would make for some interesting changes in the next iPhone and beyond.

apple iphone patent flash redirect

One patent shows a redirecting flash. Apple just added an LED flash to the iPhone 4 and the company is already looking to improve this feature. A redirecting flash would be capable of aiming and focusing light to specific areas in a photograph to help properly expose the scene.

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