Last Chance to Buy Apple's iPhone 3G

It's only happened once before, but another iPhone model is about to become history. The iPhone 3G was launched on July 11, 2008, meaning early adopters of the model will see their two-year service contracts expire just as their devices become one step closer to obsolete.

apple iphone 3G sold out

Apple recently announced the original iPhone (iPhone 2G) would not be supported in iPhone OS 4, the latest and greatest iPhone operating system coming this summer. Although no such announcements have been made about the 3G model, supplies are said to be short and reports have indicated that Apple has ceased shipments of the device.

AT&T iPhone ETF Jumps 86% on June 1st

AT&T Wireless plans to increase their early termination fee (ETF) on all smartphones from $150 to $325 starting on the first day of June. For those who are happy with their service and plan to keep their iPhone there's no reason to worry. If you're interested in breaking your contract before two years is up, there's less than a week to act before you pay 86% more.

att early termination fee ETF

Verizon Wireless recently jacked up their own ETF charges to $350 for smartphones. The reason why many carriers charge this fee in the first place is to help recoup their investment on subsidized mobile phones. If customers bought a cheap phone and immediately quit their contract, the wireless carrier doesn't have time to make up the difference in monthly service profits.

Chinese Manufacturers Waste No Time Ripping Off Apple iPhone 4 Designs

Sure the next iPhone could be revealed in a few short weeks at WWDC in early June, but why wait when you can get one now? Apparently it doesn't take long to manufacture a complete knock-off of the iPhone 4 after a few photos hit the Internet.

apple iphone 4 clone china

This incredibly un-iPhone like iPhone clone has features that Apple's official devices lack, such as dual SIM card slots and a removable battery. Shenzhen City is notorious for it's electronics cloning industry and over 400 companies are said to participate in the business.

Report: Apple Orders CDMA (Verizon) iPhones

Apple's iPhone 4 is about to make news on a whole new network. While only 12 percent of global mobile phones support CDMA, Verizon Wireless uses the standard and remains the largest carrier in the US. Some iPhone fans have been clamoring for a Verizon-compatible version for years.

apple iphone verizon carrier

If the latest reports out of Taiwan can be believed, Apple is about to take the CDMA plunge in a big way. Manufacturer Pegatron landed a contract to manufacture the devices, which DigiTimes claims will net the company new revenues starting in August or September. The publication expects the CDMA iPhone 4 will reach 10 million units shipped annually.

SquareTrade iPhone + iPad Warranty Giveaway Ends Today

Need protection against drops and spills for your iPhone AND iPad? SquareTrade insurance plans add accidental damage to your device warranty. Right now, The iPad Guide is offering a free SquareTrade warranty for both devices to the next winner of the May iPad Accessory-A-Day Giveway.

SquareTrade iPhone insurance

Entry in the contest requires no obligation whatsoever. It's as simple as clicking a button to enter and your email address will never be given, traded or sold to a third party. SquareTrade is the nation's largest independent warranty provider. Not only does a SquareTrade warranty extend basic protection, unlike AppleCare it covers accidental damage such as drops and spills.

The iPad Guide May Contest: More Free iPad Accessories!

Just got that iPad 3G off the FedEx truck? How about entering to win some free accessories? Six days a week during the entire month of May, The iPad Guide is offering a May iPad Accessory-A-Day Giveway. Cases, screen protectors, insurance policies and more were given away to winning contestants across the US last month. Now it's your turn.

Apple iPad Contest Free Accessories

Featured products in May come from M-Edge, Hard Candy, Griffin Technologies, ZAGG, Gelaskins, SquareTrade, Worth Ave Group, Speck, Proporta, BOOK and iWrap. Readers have up to 10 chances each day to enter the contest.

Spirit Untethered iPhone Jailbreak Released (3.1.x)

The Spirit jailbreak has arrived. Users can now jailbreak any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with one-click. The result is an untethered jailbreak that provides access to unauthorized hacks, apps and tweaks. A carrier unlock is not included.

apple iphone comex spirit jailbreak logo

Developer @comex announced that Spirit worked on iPhones and iPod Touch devices running 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 firmware, as well as the iPad running 3.2. The software is available from the Spirit jailbreak website along with more details and a donate button.

Now iPhone Owners Can Run Android OS

iPhone Dev-Team member David Wong (aka planetbeing) has successfully installed the Android operating system on a first-generation iPhone. In fact, when booting the iPhone you can choose between iPhone OS and Android. The frankenphone makes phone calls, receives messages, plays music, and connects to Wi-Fi networks among other things.

The camera doesn't work and it may be a little bit buggy, but the fact that it works is impressive. That is, if you're impressed by that sort of thing. Many users looking to run unauthorized software on their iPhones simply resort to jailbreaking the iPhone OS, not installing an entirely different operating system!

BigBoss Warns Against Fake iPhone 3.1.3 Jailbreaks

Fake jailbreaking tools are cropping up on the web and unsuspecting iPhone owners can easily be fooled into thinking they are downloading the real thing. The BigBoss repository is now warning against two programs that have hit the web, Thunderst0rm and TurboSn0w2. This software is fake and will not jailbreak your iPhone running 3.1.3 firmware.

apple iphone jailbreak thunderst0rm turbosn0w2

In fact, this software will not jailbreak anything. iPhone hacking website modmyi has proven just how useless these two programs really are. There was speculation they might install spyware but it seems they are just annoying fakes.

Original iPhone (2G) Reaches End of the Line

Must be sad to be an old iPhone, or an original iPhone user for that matter. After almost three years in circulation, the aluminum-backed iPhone is officially obsolete. Apple's iPhone 4 upgrade will not run on the earliest iPhone hardware at all.

original 2G apple iphone

Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed that the company would cease support for the original iPhone in an email this week. When asked if the device would see any future updates he simply replied, "Sorry, no."

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