iOS App of the Week: Adventure Time Game Wizard

Cartoon Network has released a lot of mobile games based on its popular series Adventure Time, but Game Wizard is the first title that allows players to build their own adventures. The game follows Finn and Jake as they take on an all-new villain named Doodle Wizard and his army of evil sketches. Players can explore the open world of the Land of Ooo in adventure mode, or design their own levels using a Pixel Press powered Create mode.

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Adventure Time Game Wizard is almost like getting two games in one. The first being a platform game where players can battle the Doodle Wizard after Finn and Jake use a magic pencil to draw themselves into a magic book. The platform part of the game includes different locations from the show such as the Grasslands and Candy Kingdom, and the ability to unlock all your favorite Adventure Time characters like BMO, Ice King, and Flame Princess. The game also features “Weird Al” Yankovic as the Doodle Wizard and all the original voices from the show.

5 Sports Questions to Ask Siri

People use Siri to varying degrees; while some depend on her for a majority of their daily iOS usage, others still consider the personal assistant a not-so-useful gimmick. Once you get to know more of Siri's functionality, its likely you'll end up consulting her quite a bit. If you are a sports fan, here are five questions you can ask Siri that will undoubtedly give you quicker answers than if you try to manually look them up on your iPhone's browser:

1. When's the next time Lebron James faces Miami? Siri will look this right up for you. You can also ask when two players or teams will face each other: "When will Tim Lincecum face Clayton Kershaw?" If it's on the books she'll give you an answer, if not you'll get web search results.

Sports questions to ask Siri.

How to Control Photo Access with Touch ID

Locking out parts of the iOS Photos app is now possible thanks to the jailbreak tweak Photego. With Photego installed, a variety of photo-related functions can be secured. Once they are locked, access to these functions is only possible by using Touch ID authentication. Photego is capable of preventing album access, photo deletion, sharing, and more.

iOS 8 Touch ID Photos app”  title=

Once installed, the tweak can be configured under Settings -> Photego. In addition to a toggle that disables the tweak entirely, Photego can lock out its settings pane for unauthorized users. The list continues from there, with an option to protect images and videos from being deleted. The Recently Deleted folder can also be protected from permanent deletion, and images in the Recently Deleted folder can be prevented from recovery.

Limited Edtion Borderlands Collection Comes with iOS Controlled Claptrap (Sold Out)

2K and Gearbox Software have just announced a extremely limited collector's edition for its Borderlands: The Handsome Collection coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The $400 "Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition" not only includes the definitive versions of both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but it also ships with a remote-controlled Claptrap.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition”  title=

The Claptrap figure features PCB gyro technology so it can balance on one wheel and a real working camera is his eye. Users can see Claptrap's POV from the camera and control it from any iOS or Android mobile device using the official Claptrap app. The Handsome Collection also ships with 12 exclusive lithographs and a collectible steel case.

Gameloft Officially Announces Dungeon Hunter 5

As expected, Gameloft has officially announced Dungeon Hunter 5 is "coming soon" to iOS and Android devices . The fifth installment of the franchise will be a direct sequel to Dungeon Hunter 4 picking up after the demon war. The game has been rebuilt from the ground up to "harness the power of new devices" and it will include a multuplayer mode where players can build their own dungeons.

Each player will have his or her own hideout that they must protect from other dungeon crawlers. They can do this by building their own dungeon with their own traps and minions. A player who raids another player will not only have to survive that person's dungeon but they will also have to defeat the player himself. Loot stolen from raids can then be used in the new fusion system. The fusion system will allow players to combine two different weapons to create a new and better weapon. This is important because a player's character will "outgrow" weapons as they level up.

AAPL Financial News Weekly Roundup: Shares Slip Again, More Apple Stores to Open in China and More

The roller coaster (albeit a tame one) continued last week as Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares once again fell several dollars. Stocks opened the week at $112.60 and closed on Friday at $105.99. It doesn't make all that much sense considering many analysts are expecting record numbers when Apple discloses its Q1 FY 2015 earnings next Tuesday.

More Apple stores to open in China.

The drop was due, in part, to Japanese securities firm, Mizuho, downgrading Apple from buy to neutral. The firm's analysts believe the Apple Watch will disappoint and that iPhone sales will drop off faster than they have in previous years.

Next Kingdom Rush Origins Update Coming in February

Kingdom Rush fans who were worried that the Endless Challenge in Origins would be the final update should worry no longer. Ironhide Game Studio announced that new levels are in the works and will be released in February. Hopefully, they were referring to Kingdom Rush Origins and not the first two games.

Kingdom Rush Origins”  title=

From Facebook:

For all the Rushers asking about our next update: February is the month. With new battles, new Hero, and a whole lot of new enemies ready to put your sword to the test.

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: WWE Immortals and More

There was a lot of App Store activity this week but before we jump in here are two quick news items. Touch Arcade discovered a countdown page and inactive mini site referencing Dungeon Hunter 5. The clock is counting down to January 12th, so expect more to be revealed about the game on Monday. You can watch the teaser video titled "Stand Against Chaos" in the trailers section below.

WWE Immortals”  title=

Microsoft is now offering the first month of Office 365 for free. The free month is available on both Personal and Home subscriptions. Users need an Office subscription to access the advance features on Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for the iPad and iPhone. Subscriptions can be bought through any of the three Office apps.

Add Settings Toggles to the iOS App Switcher

A new jailbreak tweak named Cobalia replaces the contacts icons in the App Switcher with Settings toggles instead. For those who find themselves never using the contacts icons, or have them switched off entirely, this real estate in the App Switcher can be put to better use. Sure, the Control Center is never far away, but having recently used apps and Settings toggles in the same spot will appeal to some users.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak custom switcher toggles”  title=

Once installed, Cobalia will add FlipSwitch toggles directly to the App Switcher. These will appear even if the favorites and recently used contacts icons are turned off in Settings. Configuring the tweak under Settings -> Cobalia -> Switches makes it possible to select which toggles are present in the App Switcher. Everything from Airplane Mode to Vibration and Respring is available, and will appear directly above the recently used app cards.

Reduce Clutter in the iOS App Switcher Automatically

Recently opened apps can pile up in the iOS App Switcher. Manually removing app cards from the App Switcher can be a time consuming process. What if there was a way to prevent apps from sticking around? WhitelistSwitcher is a jailbreak tweak that seeks to reduce clutter in the App Switcher automatically.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak custom switcher”  title=

Once installed, the tweak can be configured under Settings -> WhitelistSwitcher -> Allowed Applications. Specific apps can be selected to appear on the whitelist, which means only they will be allowed to stick around in the App Switcher. Any apps not whitelisted will not display cards when the App Switcher is invoked with a double press of the home button. This keeps only the desired number of apps accessible after they are recently used.

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