Apple iPhone June 29th 6pm Release Seeming More Legit

iphone11.jpgIt has been widely reported, based on Steve Jobs' comment at the 2007 WWDC, that the Apple iPhone will go on sale on Apple's Online Store at 6pm. However, due to the lack of timezone information and a "questionable tone" in Jobs' delivery, speculation ensued as to whether or not the six o'clock time was more of a joke than a reality.


iPhone Wranglin', the CNET Way

iphone812.jpgLike everything Apple iPhone, there has been endless speculation about exactly how available the iPhone will be come release day on June 29th. Initially, there were rumors about midnight iPhone parties at official Apple retail stores (which still aren't completely ruled out). There have been predictions of endless lines outside AT&T retail stores as they prepare to open their doors for business on that fateful day.



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