Kingdom Rush Vengeance Achievements Guide

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Intro

Kingdom Rush Vengeance was released on November 21, 2018. The game follows the wizard Vez’nan as he embarks on a journey to get revenge on the King of Linrea, King Denas. Version 1 of the game includes over 50 achievements for players to complete. Below is a list of how to solve the Easter egg achievments, such as locating the T-800 or putting Borney to sleep. Please post your solutions in the comments. All achievements will be tested and added when confirmed.

App Store Description

Vez’nan the powerful almighty wizard has returned! Embark on an epic journey as you gather his army and fulfill his devious plans... muahaha. Get ready to show the Kingdom who the real boss is! Fight your way as you conquer the new and the good old realms. Face empires of mighty enemies and clash against supreme bosses in this classic tower defense full of humor and epicness!

Achievements 1

Far Over the Misty Mountains - Help Baldo sneak into the mountains

Baldo Door
At the Dwarven Gate (Level 2) tap the door on the left hand side of the mountain to help Badlo sneak in.

Morphball - Find all the armadillos

2 Armadillos

Tap the 3 armadillos hiding in the Corridors of the Old City (Level 3).

Mine Cart Carnage Help DK through the mines

Kazan Mines

In the Kazan Mines (Level 4), keep an eye on the mining track and tap the little cars when they come through. This will not only stop the soldiers from sneaking past your defenses, but it is where you can earn the Mine Cart Carnage achievement. DK is the little green dinosaur looking monster in one of the carts that come whizzing by.

Guac-A-Mole - Get rid of those annoying pests and whack 5 moles

You can also whack the 5 moles in the Kazan Mines (Level 4). Just keep tapping on the mounds of dirt in the middle of your screen and you'll eventually bop 5 moles.

Achievements 2

BUUURP! - Put Borny to sleep

Golden Brewery

Tap Borny a few times to serve him beers in the Golden Brewery (Level 5). He'll eventually get too drunk and pass out earning you the BURRRP achievement.

I'll Be Back - Melt the T-800

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Achievments

The T-800 is hiding in the kiln on the bottom left of the Clockwork Factory (Level 6).

My Precious! - Take the Ring back from Bollum before it's too late


Bollum can be found lurking at the Clockwork Factory (Level 6). Tap the Ring on the bottom right hand corner a few times until Bollum grabs it. Then tap Bollum until he falls into the lava.

Achievements 3

Curse Me Kilts! - Find Scrooge McDuck

Bolgur's Throne

Scrooge is hiding in the giant gold pit next to Bolgur's Throne (Level 7).

Achievements 4

Not My Tempo - Make the horn whisper a song

Northerner's Outpost

Keep tapping the giant horn in the middle of Northerner's Outpost (Level 8) until the viking plays a song.

You Didn't See Nothing - Find the secret agents

Frozen Rapids

Tap the penguins on Frozen Rapids (Level 9)

Let It Go! - Find Olay the Magical Iceman

OlayOlay is hanging out next the ice fishing hole at the Northener's Outpost (Level 8). Tap the snowman twice to unlock the achievement. This one is a bit confusing because up until now all the achievements have been listed in order by level. Also, if you do not see the snowman, try updating the game to version 1.5.2 or later.

Hold the Door - Fend off the draugrs

Northerner's Village

Help Hodor fend off the draugrs by tapping on the door of the hut at the Northerner's Village (Level 10).

My Watch Begins - Slay 300 draugrs (Northerner's Village is a good place to complete this achievement. Especially if you play the Iron Challenge)

Achievements 5

Eternal Bones - Help Bonehart come back

Dragon Boneyard

Tap the 5 bones and skull on Bonehart at Dragons' Boneyard (Level 11) to resurrect the dragon.

Skipped Champion of the Arena/Shadows/ and Mischievous Devil.

Achievements 7


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