How to Convert Voice Memos into iPhone Ringtones

Sometimes the best ringtones are those that have been recorded directly on the iPhone. What's better than a unique, homemade ringtone that also costs nothing to add to your device? Since the stock iOS audio recording app is Voice Memos, here are instructions on how to convert a voice memo recording into a ringtone. Start by recording the voice memo you wish to convert to a ringtone.

iOS voice memo to ringtone 1

Limit the voice memo to a length of 40 seconds or less, otherwise iTunes will not sync this ringtone to the iPhone. Once you have selected the voice memo, tap the share button in the lower left corner. Email the voice memo to yourself, so the file can easily be transferred to a computer. After the voice memo file has been emailed, follow these steps to convert the track into an iPhone ringtone:

UBS Lauds Apple's Tim Cook, Advises Wall St. to Buy

In a note to investors obtained by AppleInsider on Wednesday, investment firm UBS analyst, Steve Milunovich praised Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook's vision for the future of the company.

UBS praises Tim Cook

In the recent Q3 earnings call, Cook envisioned iOS 8 becoming ubiquitous - carried by everyone in their iPhones, at work on their Macs and iPads, in their cars with CarPlay, in their living rooms on Apple TV, and worn on their wrists as the iWatch. Milunovich refers to this ubiquity as the "Applesphere," and he believes it is the key

How to Colorize iOS Lock Screen Notifications

Customizing the colors on iOS lock screen notifications just got easier thanks to the jailbreak tweak xNotiLockColor. While the name might sound complicated, changing the colors for all aspects of lock screen notifications is simple with this package.

iOS 7 jailbreak xNotiLockColor

Once installed, components of the notifications can be colorized from Settings -> xNotiLockColor. The individual parts that can be customized are Primary, Secondary, Subtitle, Time/Slide, and Seperator. Colors take effect immediately when the next notification comes through, no respring required.

Add an Equalizer to the iOS Control Center

Audio lovers will enjoy the iOS jailbreak tweak EqualizerEverywhere. Not only does this package add an easily-accessible equalizer to the Control Center, but the sliders will adjust audio from any app, including phone calls. Once installed, EqualizerEverywhere provides frequency adjustments as well as buttons for Flatten and Presets access.

iOS 7 jailbreak EqualizerEverywhere

There are several included presets including Earbuds, Pop, Reggae, Techno, Full Bass, and more. Your own presets can be saved to the list, and any unwanted presets can be deleted with a swipe. Choosing which preset to listen to from the Control Center makes it easy to quickly adjust the flavor of the audio to suit a specific genre.

Add a Search Shortcut to the iOS Action Menu

Searching for text on the iPhone can involve a cut and paste into the web browser, which can be inconvenient. To achieve this in just one step, jailbreakers can install the Action Menu add-on PopSearch. For those without Action Menu, this tweak will automatically install when downloading the free PopSearch package from Cydia. So what does PopSearch bring to iOS?

iOS 7 jailbreak PopSearch

Once installed, the menu item Search+ will appear in the action menu when text is selected in any app. Tapping Search+ immediately displays a list of options, including Google, Bing, Wikipedia, and Amazon. Once the desired search mode is selected, a web browser window pops up and displays results without ever leaving the current app.

Resume Stopped Tracks in the iOS Music App

Ever notice that interrupting the stock Music app in iOS resets playing tracks? After closing the app or respringing the device, Music restarts all tracks from the beginning. Now with the free jailbreak tweak BookSong, track positions can actually be bookmarked to resume later.

iOS 7 jailbreak BookSong

With no options or settings to configure, BookSong adds the ability to resume where you left off to the stock Music app. Once installed, when a track is interrupted, the exact position when play was stopped is saved.

Yelp Adds Video Support to Mobile App

Yelp updated its iOS app to version 8.1.0. The update allows users to upload short videos of businesses to their Yelp reviews. This will help users share aspects like "ambiance, lighting and noise level" with other users, according to Yelp. The new video feature is not intended for posting video reviews, instead users are encouraged to only post 3-12 second long clips from their point-of-view.

Yelp Version 8.1.0

To upload a video, just open your Yelp app then click the star icon at the bottom of your display and then select the purple "Photo or Video" option. This will open a search page for local businesses if you have location services enabled. From here select or search for the business you want to review and then select the video camera icon to start recording your video.

Kingdom Rush Endless Challenge Trailer

Ironhide Game Studio released a new teaser trailer for Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers. The video shows the new endless challenge modes coming to both games. The Frontiers' level seems to have an Egyptian theme. You can see the bottom of a pyramid and Anubis-like bosses in some of the gameplay clips. It is also nice to know that Ironhide Game Studio took the time to add new enemies instead of just recycling the old ones. This is what makes Kingdom Rush and Frontiers two of the best tower defense games ever released.

It is still unknown if this will be the last update for the franchise. Developers typically only release an endless mode when they are finished with a game. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because the ending of Frontiers does hint at a possible third game. It is also hard to imagine that Ironhide will abandoned the popular franchise since they have been adding fresh content since Kingdom Rush was originally released in 2011.

AAPL Financial News Weekly Roundup: Q3 Earnings Report, Apple e-Wallet, R&D Spending Up and More

Trading volume picked up a bit last Wednesday, perhaps in reaction to the good news that was divulged when Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) announced its third quarter earnings last Tuesday via a conference call with CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri. Shares finished last week at $97.67 (after opening the week at $94.99) and, as of this writing, are at a 52 week high of $98.88.

AAPL stock news roundup and outlook.

Once again, the quarterly numbers were up year-over-year. The company posted a revenue of $37.4 billion and quarterly net profit of $7.7 billion, up from $35.3 billion and $6.9 billion in the year ago quarter. Much of the success was due to iPhone sales, which broke a third quarter record, despite falling off from the second quarter. iPhone sales in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) were up 55%

Apple to Acquire Swell, News and Podcast App for $30 Million

With its Beats Electronics and Beats Music acquisition recently approved by the European Commission, Apple plans to further bolster its streaming radio services by purchasing the news / podcast app Swell, according to Re/code. The deal worth $30 million will nab Apple the app which carries news from NPR, ABC, ESPN, BBC, CBC, TED and more. The Swell app will also be pulled from the App Store sometime this week.

Swell Radio

Apple bought Beats Electronics, along with the Beats Music for $3 billion back in May. Apple plans to offer Beats Music as its own separate service instead of incorporating it into its own upstart iTunes Radio. The Beats Music app is still available on the App Store for free, but it requires a $10 monthly subscription fee to access its features. iTunes Radio will remain Apple's free music streaming option through the stock Music app available on all iOS devices.

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