New image shows off all rumored iPhone 8 features

iPhone 8 Larger

Apple isn't known for being first. The iPhone-maker is known for its patience in launching new technologies that have already been tested by its competition. This is what makes Apple products standout from the rest. Your iPhone may not be first to ship a new cutting edge technology, but it will feature the best version of of that technology when Apple decides to adapt it into its hardware or software.

How to use Background App Refresh

How to manage background app refresh on iPhone and iPad.

Starting with iOS 7, iPhone and iPad apps have been able to run in the background, refreshing even while not in use (prior to this only location services and music playback would run in the background). This allowed apps to update often instead of only updating when opened, so for example, you could get notifications from apps like Twitter and Facebook Messenger without having to launch them.

iOS App of the Week: Family Guy- Another Freakin' Mobile Game

Another Freakin' Mobile Game

It's always disappointing when a new game based on your favorite television show is announced and it is revealed to be a match 3 title. Match 3 games can be tedious if not done correctly, and they tend to be a lazy way for some developers to make a quick buck. I'm not going to claim Jam City isn't guilty of cashing in on the Family Guy name with another uninspired match 3 title, but I do have to admit that I play it a lot.

Another Freakin' Mobile Game is a bit like Look Who's Talking... Yes, the 1989 Kirstie Alley and John Travolta movie starring a talking baby. On paper the game and movie both seem like horrible ideas, but I keep finding myself drawn to each of them.


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