How to Create an iCloud Email Alias

An email alias is simply a forwarding email address - anything sent to it will be forwarded to your main email address. Aliases are useful for organizing your emails and managing spam. For example, you might want to use your real iCloud email address for emailing friends and family, but use an alias for registering on various websites. Then you know that anything sent to the alias has to do with things you've signed up for around the web, and it can be easily separated from your more important emails.

iCloud allows you to have up to three aliases. Here's how to create one:

1. Sign into your iCloud account, head to your email and click on the "Actions Menu," which is the gear shaped icon in the bottom left.

How to create an iCloud email alias.

TextBlade Brings Bluetooth Keyboard to a New Level

There's a new Bluetooth keyboard in town, billed as the first Multi-touch keyboard ever. The TextBlade weighs only 1.5 ounces (42.5 g) and uses magnets to fold up for easy carrying. According to the manufacturer WayTools, eight physical keys use Multi-touch and MagLever technology to provide a precision touch-typing experience.

TextBlade mobile keyboard

Full-size 19mm key spacing and 2mm of travel make TextBlade keys the same as a standard keyboard. In addition to characters, the keys are MultiLayer, which provides access to symbols, editing shortcuts, and iOS-specific controls. The space bar contains a lithium polymer battery that charges in less than an hour and lasts up to a month.

Apple Patents Home Button with Joystick Mode

Imagine a future iPhone centered around mobile gaming. Press the home button down hard enough, and a joystick pops up right out of the device. This is the scenario pictured in the Apple patent application titled "Multi-function input device".

Apple patent joystick home button

The home button would have two modes, button mode (left) and joystick mode. In button mode, the home button would be flush with the surface of the iPhone and act as normal. Joystick mode pushes the home button up, so it rests above the display surface. This converts the button into a full-fledged gaming control stick for the thumb.

Apple Announces Apple Watch Shipping in April

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during the company's earnings call on Tuesday that the Apple Watch will begin shipping in April. Cook did not announce a specific release date, but now Apple fans can stop speculating on what "early 2015" really meant. Another important piece of information we still do not know is what the various watch models will cost. We do know that the basic models will start at $349, but it is unknown how much the other collections will sell for. Apple plans to release 18 different "Apple Watch" models, 10 different "Apple Watch Sport" models and 4 high-end "Apple Watch Edition" models. There will also be two sizes available, small (38mm) and large (42mm).

Apple Watch

There will be several bands available for the Apple Watch at launch, and users will have 11 digital faces to choose from. Other features include Apple Pay support, iMessage support, Siri support, a Glance feature and heart rate monitoring. The Apple Watch will need to be paired with an iPhone to work.

iOS 8.1.3 Kills TaiG Jailbreak

The jailbreaking community was spoiled in 2014 with not one, but two jailbreaks for iOS 8. The Pangu Team released the first iOS 8.0 jailbreak tool in October, before the TaiG team shocked everyone by releasing an untethered iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak on Black Friday. The TaiG jailbreak survived one iOS update before Apple finally killed it off today with the release of iOS 8.1.3.

iOS 8.1.3”  title=

iOS 8.1.3 is only a basic maintenance release to improve performance and stability. The release did not add any new major features, but it did patch the exploits used by the TaiG jailbreak tool, according to the official support page. This of course means anyone with a jailbroken iPhone or iPad should avoid upgrading to iOS 8.1.3 if they want to keep their device jailbroken.

Get More Dynamic Wallpapers on the iPhone

There are seven dynamic wallpapers included with iOS. Despite the fact that Apple releases new stills each year, dynamic wallpapers haven't been updated since their initial launch in iOS 7. This all changes with the theme Dynamics, which adds more animated background options to jailbroken iPhones.

Dynamics theme wallpaper

Dynamics requires WinterBoard, and HiddenWallpapers is recommended to provide access to five additional color options. Once installed, to get access to the Dynamics wallpapers the themes must be enabled via Settings -> WinterBoard. After respring, the new dynamic options can be selected from Settings -> Wallpaper.

Add Features to the Photos App with Photo Organizer 8

The iOS Photos app could use a boost. Knowing this, the developer of Photo Organizer has been working for some time to add new features to the stock Photos app. Now those with jailbroken iOS 8 devices can grab the latest version of the tweak, Photo Organizer 8.

Photos app tweak

Once installed, Photo Organizer 8 has no settings or options to configure. It will simply add new functionality and power to the existing Photos app. For starters, there's a sort option which can organize images by name, size, or date. This is just the beginning of what the tweak offers.

Troubleshoot iOS Crashes with CrashReporter

While jailbreaking can bring many benefits, sometimes installing a tweak compromises stability. Removing the offending tweak solves the problem, but the trick is to know which tweak causes the error. The tool CrashReporter can help those with jailbroken devices track down exactly what's causing iOS to crash.

log iOS crashes 1

CrashReporter comes in handy when there are many tweaks installed, or when a problem occurs and it's not obvious what is triggering the crash. Once installed, CrashReporter can be configured to send push notifications automatically when a crash is detected. Logs will showcase details related to the crash, including the responsible tweak and its install date.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3: He Will Come Back

Five Night's at Freddy's is not only one of the most popular games on Steam and the App Store, but it is quickly becoming one the best modern horror franchises. And like any good horror franchise it is pumping out the sequels at a rapid pace. Below you can watch the teaser trailer for Five Nights at Freddy's 3, which was released to YouTube on Monday.

The third game in the series takes place thirty years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has closed down and has become nothing more than a ghost story. New owners of "Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction" have decided to cash in on the legend by offering an "authentic" Fazbear experience using as many props they could find from the original location. The owners went through great lengths to locate a few items such as a few "empty shells, a hand, a hook and an old paper-plate doll." Then one night a single animatronic mysteriously shows up in the attraction.

iOS 8 Adoption Rate Slows at 69 Percent

The iOS 8 installation rate continues to tick upward ever so slowly. Upgrades have slowed since late last year, with 69 percent of compatible devices currently running iOS 8.0 or later. Two weeks ago the number stood at 68 percent, which points towards a plateau in updates to iOS 8 amongst iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

iOS 8 adoption statistics

Apple's App Store Distribution page illustrates current iOS usage in a pie graph, with iOS 7 at 28 percent and previous versions comprising just 3 percent of the total. All of the statistics were collected as of January 19th, 2015.

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