iPhone experiment yields unbelievable ski video

One of the selling points of the iPhone 6 camera is 240 fps slow motion video. Professional skier Nicholas Vuigner puts it to the test in this extreme downhill ski video. After two years of testing a 3D-printed iPhone mount of his own design, he dubbed the result Centriphone. As one can see in the video, the iPhone 6 is tethered by string and rotates around the subject at high speed.

How to share Live Photos on Facebook

How to post live photos on Facebook.

Apple enthusiastically introduced Live Photos last September along with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The feature allows users to create short videos around their stills by recording 1.5 seconds of video before and after the still image. The resulting three second clip adds an extra dimension to the image, giving life to the moment. While many consider it gimmicky (and a storage hog), the feature certainly has its place and, like any other photo or video, fans of it will want to share their moments.

Search from anywhere in iOS with TextSearchPro


Searching the web or finding the definition of a word on the iPhone most often involves opening Safari. Another way to find information fast is to ask Siri for help. Like many jailbreak tweaks, TextSearchPro seeks to streamline things using an Activator action. Once installed, searching for a word or term can be initiated at any time, from anywhere within iOS.

New app transforms your iPhone into a motion sensing camera

Motion Sensor

People recording their pet's activity while away from home has always been a favorite pastime of the internet, but how many hours of video does one person have to record to catch 20-seconds of their dog misbehaving? This is the problem app developer Appgr8 set out to fix when they created Motion Sensor for iOS devices.

WRBLS launches new Apple Watch band collection on Kickstarter

WRBLS Apple Watch Band

The young German fashion tech-label, WRBLS has launched a Kickstarter for its first line of "fashionable and functional" Apple Watch sport bands. WRBLS was created due to the lack of individual and affordable bands offered by Apple. The WRBLS team believes the Apple Watch is more than just a device that you wear on your wrist, and that it"represents a unique lifestyle and constitutes a sophisticated fashion item that lets its users stand out from the crowd." This is why the fashion tech-label has decided to use Kickstarter to launch its first three collections: Urban Stylers, Business Casual and Sporty.

Instagram now supports multiple accounts on iPhone

Instagram multiple accounts

Instagram now officially supports multiple accounts. The feature makes it possible to quickly switch between several different Instagram accounts, without having to log out. For many Instagram users who manage multiple accounts, this new capability will streamline the process and make jumping between different usernames much easier than before. Once more accounts are added, notifications for any account that has them turned on will appear on the iOS device.

How to share Live Photos on Instagram

How to share live photos on Instagram.

When the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus debuted last September, Live Photos was one of the highly touted new features that was introduced. The Live Photos camera setting allows users to liven up a photo and more fully capture a moment by recording 1.5 seconds before and after the still image. The three second clips are not so easy to share yet however, as viewing them currently requires an iOS 9 device.

Apple adds View-Master Virtual Starter Pack to online store

View-Master Virtual Starter Pack

Apple over the weekend started quietly selling a View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack through its online store. The smartphone accessory promises to deliver "immersive adventures in virtual reality," according to the official product description. The updated View-Master resembles the classic 3D stereoscope toy with the same name. It works with various smartphone devices, including the iPhone, and it is compatible with Mattel apps, such as View-Master Space.

AAPL Stock Weekly Outlook: Record dividend will top $0.52 per share

Apple Campus 2

Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) opened on Monday at $96.16, and during the trading day Google's parent company Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) briefly surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world. After Apple's earnings report hit, prices remained under $100. Alphabet also released a strong earnings report last week. Continuing the lackluster news for Apple, the company expects iPhone sales to decline year-over-year for the first time next quarter. Investors are concerned as the iPhone represents a majority of Apple's overall revenues. Both Alphabet and Apple are valued in the low to mid-$500 billion range.


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