Will the iPhone 7 feature Smart Connector charging?

iPad Pro Smart Connector

According to recent leaks, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will feature slightly larger battery capacities than the current iPhone lineup. While this could mean longer battery life, there's a more exciting change in the pipeline. A few weeks ago, photos of an iPhone 7 Smart Connector surfaced. The Smart Connector made its debut on the iPad Pro, ostensibly to connect Apple's Smart Keyboard.

MARVEL Contest of Champions updated with Civil War content

MARVEL Contest of Champions

Kabam's fighting game for mobile devices, MARVEL Contest of Champions, has been updated with Civil War content as a tie-in to the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War. The game now features special Civil War events where players can join Team Cap or Team Iron Man, and compete in new solo events. Players can also earn faction-specific Shards, daily prizes, Milestone Rewards and compete for Rank Rewards.

Apple News of the Week: AMC app lands on Apple TV, Apple Watch 2 untethered

AMC Network app Apple TV

Looking to watch The Walking Dead or The Night Manager on Apple TV? AMC has launched its official tvOS app for the fourth generation set top box. Fans can now stream all of AMC's original series with a TV provider login. In other news, the next Apple Watch could utilize cellular data to gain independence from the iPhone. Speaking of iPhone, demand for the iPhone SE continues to exceed supply. Read on for these stories and more.

The best video editing apps for iPhone

Video editing apps iOS

It wasn't long ago that the idea of editing video on a mobile phone was absurd. The iPhone has changed the game in so many areas and mobile video editing is no exception.

There are, however, some obvious difficulties that go along with mobile video editing. The screen size is the first thing that comes to mind. Sure, iPhone screen sizes received a significant bump a few years ago, but the size is still less than ideal for full on video editing.

5 dominant new Hearthstone cards you must have

Hearthstone iOS game

Hearthstone fans rejoice! The popular card game’s latest expansion (Whispers of the Old Gods) is upon us, and with it comes 134 new cards to play with.

While this number is certainly exciting, it’s also somewhat intimidating. Resources for acquiring new cards in Hearthstone are always low (unless you happen to not be opposed to spending a lot of money on the game) meaning that being able to acquire all of these new cards will take some time.


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