iOS App of the Week: Rapala Fishing

Rapala Fishing

Comedian Steven Wright once said, "there's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot."

This is why staying home to enjoy the relaxing pastime of fishing is better than actually doing the real thing. All kidding aside, fishing enthusiasts can now experience the fun of pro-fishing anywhere on their iOS device thanks to GameMill Entertainment and Concrete Software. Rapala Fishing promises to deliver the most realistic fishing experience possible on a handheld device or tablet.

Apple multitouch gains added dimension in patent

Leap Motion

Apple took multitouch gestures to a new level with the launch of the original iPhone. The iPhone 6s brought the concept even further, adding 3D Touch to detect pressure. Now it seems that future iOS devices may include the space above the screen as another level of input. In a patent granted this week the company details methods for hover detection, which could be used to sense gestures made without contacting the display surface at all.

5 Best uses for 3D Touch on the iPhone

3D Touch iOS

The marquee piece of hardware Apple added to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is the pressure sensitive display included in both models. Apple coined it 3D Touch because the display can recognize multiple layers of pressure. While the technology is self explanatory, it still isn't clear exactly where you can take advantage of the feature while using your iPhone.

How to delete Safari history and website data on iPhone

Clear Safari history iOS

Web browsers are always collecting information, and Safari on iOS devices is no different. iPhone owners interested in enhancing privacy can use private browsing when opening a new Safari tab. But what about all of the cookies, browsing history, login data and other files that accumulate during a normal web session? There are two places in iOS where this information stored by Safari can be manually deleted at any time.

Second Nintendo mobile title to feature 'very familiar' character


Nintendo's relationship with mobile gaming has been odd, to say the least. The video game company for years refused to bring its popular titles and characters to mobile devices before finally teaming up with mobile game developer DeNA in 2015 to produce apps for "smart devices." Nintendo then disapointed fans by announcing Miitomo -- a social networking app where users could create a Mii avatar and communicate with other users.

Use iOS screen captures like sticky notes with Snapper

Snappy 2

The sequel to Snapper greatly enhances the built-in iOS screenshot taking feature. Snapper 2 makes it possible to grab a screen capture like normal, or to crop a subset of the display before the screen shot is saved. Besides just taking custom-sized screenshots, the real power of Snapper is on display when utilizing the cropped screen grabs (snaps) as a Post-it note. Multiple snaps can float on the screen when using another app, providing a window into the captured information from anywhere.

Apple prepping for 4-inch iPhone and iPad Air 3 launch in March

Tim Cook Keynote

March 15th is the new rumored launch date for the iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and new Apple Watch accessories, according to 9to5Mac. Rumors have been swirling that Apple plans to replace the iPhone 5s with a 4-inch device named the "iPhone 5se". The new iPhone is expected to ship with an A9 processor, improved cameras, Live Photos support and Apple Pay. The 4-inch handset will be available in 16GB and 64GB models starting at $450.

Apple patents high-resolution camera with concave image sensor

Apple concave photosensor lens array

Apple has been granted a patent titled "Small form factor high-resolution camera". While it may not sound like a departure from current iSight cameras found on devices such as the iPhone, this new design may have a significant design impact. By making the image sensor concave, Apple engineers are able to compress the entire camera assembly. The key to this design is that image quality is retained, with high-resolution image capture possible despite the smaller package size.

Samsung announces Galaxy S7 event

Galaxy Unpacked 2016

Samsung has sent out invites for its Galaxy Unpacked 2016 press conference which will take place one day before Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The event is being held on Sunday, February 21 at the CCIB, and it will be streamed live on YouTube at 7pm. Samsung is expected to announce its next-generation Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and rumored Gear 360 virtual reality camera during the event.

How to set a video as your Facebook profile picture on iPhone

How to use a video as your Facebook profile picture using the iOS app.

Facebook has been adding a lot of new features in recent months, including the ability to upload a short video (7 seconds, and it will loop) and set it as your profile picture. While this feature initially launched in early October for users in California and the UK, it is still rolling out and is currently only available on the iOS app. The feature is more widely available now and, thankfully, animated profiles will only show when people look at your profile page, so they won't clutter up News Feeds.


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