Fleksy Keyboard Gets Major Update, Now Features GIF Support, One-handed Mode and More

It is going to be tough to convince some iPhone users to leave their stock iOS keyboard for a third-party offering, but Flesky is determined to do just that. The Flesky Keyboard for iOS 8 devices, which already offers plenty of themes and extra features, has been given another major update today. Version 5.0 of the app brings more extension options such as GIF support and a one-handed mode. Users can use extensions to easily add or remove new features they enjoy to their keyboard, like adding a fifth row for numbers. The update also includes new themes and some bug fixes.

Fleksy Keyboard

Flesky claims to be the fastest keyboard in the world with its accurate auto-correct and easy to use gesture controls for adding punctuation, deleting words and more. The app also includes plenty of fun themes, like The Hunger Games, 800 Emojis and the ability to earn bagdes and rewards.

Apple Wins Billion Dollar iPod Antitrust Suit

A jury on Tuesday unanimously found Apple not guilty in the decade old antitrust suit that accused Apple of creating a monopoly through iTunes updates that disallowed music purchased from competitors.

Apple wins iPod antitrust suit

At issue were iPods issued from 2006 through 2009, which the plaintiffs argued would only play music purchased on iTunes or downloaded from CDs, not music purchased from competing services. Apple argued that its updated iTunes version found on the devices aimed to increase security and create a better experience for iPod users.

Apple Pay Support Growing in Leaps and Bounds

On Tuesday Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) reported that dozens of companies have signed up for Apple Pay over the past several weeks. The list of companies accepting Apple's e-wallet, which started with financial giants Visa, Mastercard and American Express among others, has grown continuously since the project began in early 2013. When it went live in October, over a million credit cards were registered within the first three days, which rocketed its status to the largest mobile payment system in existence.

The list of Apple Pay supporters continues to grow

According to The New York Times, recent sign-ups including Barclaycard, SunTrust, USAA and ten banks, including TD Bank, all support the payment system as of today. Other new additions include Staples, which now accepts Apple Pay at 1,400 of its locations, grocers Winn-Dixie and Albertsons, and the AmWay center, home of the Orlando Magic. A list of financial institutions that already support Apple Pay can be found here.

Apple Online Store in Russia Temporarily Closed

Large swings in the value of Russian currency have prompted Apple to stop sales on its online store in the country. An Apple spokesman told Bloomberg the company was going to "review pricing" after the ruble plummeted almost 20 percent yesterday.

Apple Store Russia

While there are still no retail stores in the country, the Russian Apple Online Store has been in business since June 2013. The suspension of sales is not the first time Apple has taken currency-related action. In November Apple increased iPhone prices in Russia after monitoring changes in the ruble.

Preview CarPlay Directly on the iPhone

Jailbreak developers are working hard to bring CarPlay functionality to devices running iOS 8. One such project, named CarPlay iOS, is available on Cydia as a preview of what's to come. While the tweak is not sophisticated, CarPlay iOS provides basic Music functionality with the CarPlay interface right on an iPhone or iPad.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak CarPlay iOS”  title=

Once installed, a CarPlay iOS app icon will appear on the home screen. Opening this app reveals the main CarPlay screen, in this version limited to Music and Now Playing. Listening to a track reveals oversized, high-contrast play controls. This is the essence of what makes CarPlay useful, providing the operating system for in-dash displays and CarPlay-enabled radios.

How to Tap Hidden iOS 8 Settings

There are tons of settings and adjustments hidden within iOS 8. The jailbreak tweak AdvancedSettings8 makes it possible to explore these settings and customize every nook and cranny of the system. The word advanced in the title is an understatement. Once installed, users can start playing with values and sliders, viewing the results immediately without a respring.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak settings”  title=

Settings -> AdvancedSettings8 only contains a toggle to enable or disable the tweak in its entirety. The real magic happens with a long press on the Settings app icon on the home screen. This will bring up a list of around 20 items that contain submenus capable of changing things like gravity, elasticity, mass, and stiffness - just the tip of the iceberg.

AAPL Financial News Weekly Roundup: Share Prices Continue to Slide, MobileFirst Apps Debut and More

Apple shares (NASDAQ: AAPL) continued to slip last week, closing at $109.73, almost ten dollars below the all time high close of $119 on the day before Thanksgiving. In fact, the share price has dropped about 8% since then. There is no clear reason as to why this is happening, as profits have certainly not slowed, holiday sales are in full swing, and the Apple Watch is just around the corner. Perhaps some investors just want to cash in on some of the big earnings Apple has seen in 2014. Analysts aren't panicking and neither should you.

AAPL stock news roundup and outlook.

One of Apple's new products that could be a boon for business is its joint venture with IBM, MobileFirst for iOS. The two companies announced the first generation of MobileFirst apps last Wednesday. The project aims to attract enterprise clients with industry specific applications specifically made for iOS devices. As part of the agreement, IBM will sell both iPhones and iPads to clients.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: iOS 8.1.2 Released, Tim Cook Named FT Person of the Year and More

No major news came out of Cupertino last week, but there were several noteworthy items. Topping the list was the release of iOS 8.1.2 on Tuesday, which fixed a bug that caused purchased ringtones to disappear from people's devices. Although Apple has not divulged the update's security content (if there was any), it apparently did not patch the TaiG jailbreak.

Tim Cook named Financial Times Person of the Year

A day after the 8.1.2 update, Apple released the iOS 8.2 beta 2 to developers. The update mainly pertains to the WatchKit SDK, including some new features for the API and some bug fixes.

T-Mobile Will Answer Your Questions Live During Dec. 16 Un-carrier 8.0 Event

It's unclear why anyone would want to watch a live webcast of T-Mobile's Un-carrier 8.0 event, but the option will be available to those who do, thanks to Yahoo! News. The event will take place on December 16, at 10:30am EST / 7:30am PST. T-Mobile CEO John Legere will be answering questions live during the event. You can visit newsroom.t-mobile.com for a link to the live webcast starting tomorrow morning, and tweet your questions to @TMobile with the hashtag #Uncarrier8, once the event kicks off.

UnCarrier 8.0

T-Mobile promises to deliver all the details on their "next market changing move" during the live event.

“Uncarrier 8.0 is ready to roll, and you’re invited to join us for the unveiling of one of our biggest and boldest moves yet. This one is so big we had to keep it a surprise.”

Get the Verizon Data Usage Widget for iOS 8

Verizon Wireless customers with devices running iOS 8 can now get data plan usage statistics right in the Notification Center. The latest version of My Verizon Mobile, available free on the App Store, provides a data usage widget. Once the widget is added, current data usage for the billing period is displayed when Notification Center is invoked.

iOS 8 widget Verizon Wireless

My Verizon Mobile already provides many functions for iPhone and iPad users looking to pay their bill, check voice calling and text message statistics, and manage features on their accounts. Getting the data meter is as simple as updating the app to version 3.13.4 or later, and then adding the widget to Notification Center.
Click here for more information on how to add widgets to Notification Center.

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