All Capable Sprint Phones and Tablets to be Unlockable After February 11, 2015

Starting on February 11, 2015 Sprint will "provide any applicable MSL Code" to any customer who requests that their smartphone or tablet be unlocked so it can be used with another carrier. The change in Sprint's unlocking policy was spotted today by Android Police, and comes after the Federal Communications Commission pressured all five major U.S. carriers to give customers the choice to unlock their devices and switch mobile providers as they see fit.

Sprint Unlock 2015

Sprint notes on the company's unlocking FAQ page that "not all devices are capable of being unlocked," and that some devices will not retain all their functionality. For example, all iPhone models and other "devices manufactured with a SIM slot within the past three years cannot be unlocked to accept a different domestic carrier's SIM for use on another domestic carrier's network," according to Sprint. Your device and all its functionality will also need to be supported by the carrier you wish to switch to for it to work on that carrier's network.

iOS 7.1.1 Brings Touch ID Improvements and Bug Fixes [Changelog]

Apple has released its first iOS update in over a month. iOS 7.1.1 brings "further improvements" to the Touch ID fingerprint recognition sensor on the iPhone 5s, and it fixes two keyboard bugs. The minor update is available now for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4, iPad Air and iPad mini models.

iOS 7.1.1

iOS users can access the OTA update by navigating to Settings > General > Software Updates. You should avoid iOS 7.1.1 if you have a jailbroken device and want to keep it that way. Here's the very brief change log for the iOS 7.1.1:

How to View Exif Photo Metadata on the iPhone

Every photo taken by the iPhone contains Exif metadata, which details everything from an image GPS location to camera and exposure information. The stock Photos app in iOS 7 will organize photos by date and even display them on a map, however the Exif data is hidden. Viewing all of the Exif metadata or GPS coordinates for a particular photo requires a third-party app.

view Exif data iPhone

Exif Wizard is free on the App Store and covers the basics with a simple interface. To view Exif photo metadata on the iPhone, first install Exif Wizard. Once installed, run Exif Wizard and when prompted, give the app permission to access your photos.

Apple Expands Free Recycling to All iOS Devices, Macs and PCs

Apple is celebrating Earth Day by launching a revamped reuse and recycling program for used electronics. The company is also highlighting its environmental focus in a new film titled Better. While the film mostly shows off Apple's large-scale solar arrays, the expanded recycling program continues to divert used electronics from landfills worldwide.

Apple Earth Day 2014 Recycling

The recycling program is divided into two parts. The iPod and Mobile Phone Recycling Program will accept used iPods and any manufacturer's mobile phone free of charge. Bringing an iPod to any Apple store for recycling qualifies the customer for 10 percent off the purchase of a new iPod. Apple will also pay for packaging and shipping for those who mail the iPod or mobile phone out for recycling.

Add a Wallpaper Image to the iOS Control Center

Customizing the Control Center has become a favorite pastime for iOS jailbreak fans. There's already a plethora of ways to change the appearance of the Control Center, however none quite like the jailbreak tweak CCBackground. What CCBackground brings to iOS 7 is the ability to place any image as wallpaper behind the Control Center toggles and sliders.

iOS 7 jailbreak Control Center Background

Once installed, navigating to Settings -> CCBackground -> Enable will switch on the tweak. Tap Select Image to choose a photo from the Camera Roll. Tapping the Done button in the upper right will respring the device immediately. Simply bring up the Control Center to see how your wallpaper selection rates.

How to Share Any File Using AirDrop

Expanding the capabilities of AirDrop is not on everyone's priority list. After all, the default list of items that can be shared between iOS devices with AirDrop is pretty extensive. Photos, videos, voice memos, Safari links, Map locations, Passbook passes and Contacts are all supported. In fact, anything that appears on a share sheet can be delivered wirelessly via AirDrop, provided both devices support the feature.

iOS 7 jailbreak AnyDrop

Developer Majd Alfhaily decided to expand this list further with the jailbreak tweak AnyDrop. Once installed, native AirDrop capability can be used to transfer any file stored on the iOS filesystem. One caveat though, both devices must have AnyDrop installed for this to work. The AnyDrop app installs on the iOS home screen, requiring no configuration to start sharing.

AAPL News Recap 4/13 - 4/20

AAPL shares value had a relatively uneventful week last week, opening at $521.68 on Monday 4/14 and closing at $524.99 on Friday. This week should be more eventful since Apple will be releasing its Q2 FY 2014 earnings report at 5 PM Eastern this coming Wednesday, 4/23. You can access an audio webcast of the announcement at Apple's Investor Relations page.

Apple expected to report decline in iPad sales

Apple's Q2 guidance that was released in late January (and promptly caused the stock price to tumble) called for revenue between $42 and $44 billion. Fortune's poll of analysts returned an average revenue estimate of $43.5 billion. Many of

Keep Track of Location Services in the iOS App Switcher

Worried about privacy or battery life issues due to built-in GPS on the iPhone? Checking to see which apps are using Location Services in the background is normally a multi-step process. Opening Settings and navigating to the correct section of the Privacy menu gets the job done, but now there's an easier way. The free tweak Location Sentry brings this information to jailbroken devices without any hassle.

iOS 7 jailbreak Location Services Privacy

Once installed, Location Sentry lets you know which apps are using Location Services directly in the app switcher. Each app card that is tapping into the device's current location is marked with a location icon in the lower right corner. Scrolling through app cards will paint a complete picture of which apps are potentially tracking your position and contributing to battery drain.

Get the iOS 7.1 Power Off Slider on iOS 7.0

Anyone with a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 7.0.x is missing out on the refinements Apple delivered with iOS 7.1. The latest version of iOS not only patches the vulnerabilities exploited by the evasi0n jailbreak, it also adds circular buttons and sliders to certain iOS screens. While jailbreak fans might be stuck at 7.0.x they can now install the iOS 7.1 power off slider with the tweak BetterPowerDown.

iOS 7 jailbreak Better power down reposer

BetterPowerDown updates the slider that appears when powering off the iPhone to match iOS 7.1. But this feature is only the beginning. Reverting the look backwards to iOS 6 is also possible, matching a variety of classic tweaks that are now available on Cydia. Although the tweak costs $0.99, it also includes the functionality of another tweak known as RePower.

Google Glass to Display iOS Text Messages

After offering Glass to the general public for $1,500 during a one-day online sale, Google has announced that it will be rolling out a new update to its wearable device. The upgrade will add the ability to display iOS text messages on Glass, but "due to some limitations," users will not be able use Glass to respond to any iOS messages. Glass users will be able to enable the new SMS for iPhone feature by navigating to their Bluetooth settings and turning on “Show Notifications”.

iPhone 6 mockup rendering

Google is also adding a new Calendar Glassware tab in MyGlass, which will allow users the ability to see their agenda on their home screen. Users will also be able to tap a calendar card to change the title, time and location. Both new Glass features will be available in the "next few days," according to the official Google+ announcement.

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