AT&T reveals two new unlimited data plans

AT&T Mobility

iPhone users looking to sign up for an unlimited cellular data plan have two more options this week. AT&T Mobility plans to start two additional new plans on Thursday, dubbed Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice. The announcement comes just days after AT&T first joined the other major US carriers in offering unlimited data to smartphone customers.

How to improve your iPhone's AirPlay performance

How to improve AirPlay quality on your iPhone and Apple TV.

AirPlay is a convenient feature that allows you to stream audio or video to other devices using your Wi-Fi network. You could, for example, play The Expanse on the Amazon Prime Video app on your iPhone and use AirPlay to stream it to your Apple TV. It can be extremely frustrating, however, to start it up only to find pixellated or blurry video, stuttering audio, constant buffering, etc. Luckily there are many steps you can take to improve its performance and ensure you have a smooth AirPlay experience:

How to live stream the 89th Academy Awards on your Apple device

89th Academy Awards

Jimmy Kimmel will host the Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California on Sunday, February 26, 2017. Live red carpet coverage begins at 7:00pm EST on ABC or, followed by the awards ceremony at 8:30pm. Red carpet coverage will also be available through a variety of third-party apps, such as E! News.

iOS App of the Week: Storyo - instantly create video memories from your camera roll


The photo memory app, Storyo has been updated with a new group memory option that allows users to collaborate with friends and family to make video collages using their favorite photos. Storyo uses photo metadata to create "lifestory vignettes" of your family vacations or other favorite memories saved on your Camera Roll. The app also utilizes social media and other sources to add additional details to give each video its own unique story.

How to get AirPods in 58 different colors

ColorWare AirPods

Looking for a pair of AirPods? The standard white version currently ships in six weeks, as demand has outstripped supply. While Apple does not offer different colors at this time, anyone willing to wait an extra 4-6 weeks longer can fully customize their AirPods thanks to ColorWare. The company offers 29 solid colors, 29 metallic colors and two different finishes to choose from.


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