How to add filters and effects in Clips

How to add filters and effects in Clips for iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Clips, the company's new social media app for iPhone and iPad that focuses on video sharing, has many of the same tools you would expect from similar apps. Like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, Clips lets you augment your videos with a variety of filters and effects. Once you have created a project, you can apply them. Here's how to do it:

How to start photo and video Clips projects on iPhone

How to start photo and video Clips projects on iPhone.

Apple's recently released Clips app for iOS is designed to let users easily edit and share photos and videos. A relatively straightforward interface allows you to trim videos, add various filters and animated titles and captions known as "Live Titles," and add a variety of effects including animated backgrounds, soundtracks, emoji, animated symbols and more. Once your video is finished it is easy to share via Messages, or send directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media sites.

How to set up Amazon Drive on iPhone

How to set up Amazon Drive on iPhone and iPad.

Amazon Prime is widely known for its member benefits that include free two day shipping, access to extensive movie and music libraries with Prime Video and Prime Music, unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos, access to a variety of deals and discounts, access to a library of audio books, free grocery and restaurant delivery in certain locations, and more.

How to send Starbucks gifts through your Messages app

Starbucks Gifts iOS

Developers have been taking full advantage of Apple's new iMessage App Store introduced in iOS 10. iPhone and iPad owners can now download and send Stickers, and even play games within their Messages app. Starbucks has taken the feature even further by introducing a new way to send Gifts through iMessage with Apple Pay. Anyone who sends $5 through the Starbucks app will also receive $5 until April 23rd (or until 45,000 gifts are sent). Here's how to send Starbucks Gifts through your Messages app:

How to set up Signal on iPhone

How to set up Signal Private Messenger on iPhone and iPad.

Online privacy and security is a constant concern that continues to grow and evolve with new technologies and policies. The government clearly aligns with big business on privacy issues, as evidenced by the recent repeal of the FCC privacy rules that would block ISPs from selling their customers' data without consent. While many turn to VPNs to bolster their online privacy, there are still concerns over call and message privacy.


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