How to add Live Titles to Clips videos on iPhone

How to add Live Titles to your Clips projects on iPhone and iPad.

Live Titles is a feature of the Clips app that allows you to quickly add text to the frames in your projects, so they can be understood with or without audio just like subtitles. For example, you could use a Title Card to introduce your video, then use Live Titles to describe each clip within the video. They can be dictated as well, so adding them is not at all a tedious process. Here's how to add Live Titles to your Clips videos:

How to generate app-specific passwords for your Apple ID

How to generate app-specific passwords for iCloud on iPhone and iPad.

Beginning on June 15, any third-party apps that use your iCloud account will be required to employ app-specific passwords in order to beef up security around your Apple ID. This includes any mail, contact or calendar services that use your Apple ID login to access your iCloud data, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. On June 15, you will automatically be signed out of any apps that you are signed into with your Apple ID and you will need to create a password specifically for the app in question.

How to use iCloud Photo Sharing on iPhone

How to use iCloud Photo Sharing on iPhone and iPad.

Sharing photos with friends and family is arguably the main reason people take photos in the first place. There are countless methods of sharing photos - you could share a folder of photos on Dropbox, upload to Facebook or Flickr, add to your story on Instagram, and the list goes on. Each has its own take on photo sharing and some may suit you better than others, but if you have an iPhone or iPad, iCloud Photo Sharing is an excellent option.

32-bit apps may slow down your iPhone, here's how to check if you have any

How to identify which apps are 32-bit with iOS 10.3 on iPhone and iPad.

Since 2015, apps have been required to run on 64-bit systems to be approved for the App Store, hinting that Apple plans to eventually drop support for 32-bit applications altogether in favor of the 64-bit architecture that was introduced with the iPhone 5s. iOS 10.3 leaves no doubt that this is Apple's intention, as it comes with a tool that identifies 32-bit apps and explicitly says, "these apps may slow down your iPhone and will not work with future versions of iOS if they are not updated.


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