AAPL Stock Weekly Outlook: Fiscal Q1 earnings report hits

iPhone 6s tumble

The Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) rally seen on Friday held prices over $100 into Tuesday this week. After the markets closed on January 26, Apple released their highly anticipated fiscal Q1 earnings report. Wednesday trading reflected investors' concerns over flat iPhone sales, despite a record-setting holiday quarter. AAPL slumped on Wednesday, only to bottom out at $92.39 on Thursday morning. Thanks to a small bounce on Friday, shares closed at $97.34 going into the weekend. Overall, a drop in price for Apple shares of $4.18 (-4.12%) occurred over the week.

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: Last City and more

Last City

The latest Five Nights at Freddy's title, FNaF World, was pulled from Steam due to negative reviews. Developer Scott Cawthon said he was unhappy with the type of "reviews and ratings" the game was receiving. Cawthon decided to pull the title, offer full refunds and release the current version of the game to GameJolt for free. Cawthon said he plans to improve the game and release a new version with a full 3D overworld in the future. He did not mention if he still plans to release FNaF World to iOS. You can read Cawthon's post about his decision to pull the game on the Steam forums.

Clex music controller updated for iOS 9


Music controls can normally be accessed from anywhere in iOS 9 using the Control Center. Developers have taken this concept and run with it, creating many alternative music interfaces for jailbroken devices. The latest iteration of Clex continues the trend, opening up a whole new world of music control. Different parts of the tweak are invoked by swiping directly from the left or right edge of the iPhone screen. Besides a play button, vast amounts of information regarding the currently playing music is accessible.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: Earnings report, iPad 3 details revealed

iPad 3 colors

With the first earnings report of fiscal 2016 in the rear view mirror, Apple and its investors are looking forward to future products. The next generation iPad is rumored to be coming in March, and details on hardware upgrades in the pipeline have surfaced. In addition to iPad 3 rumors, analysts have published more speculation on the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. In other news, many Netflix fans will see price increases later this year, as the company phases out grandfathered subscription rates. See below for this week's highlights, and beware the Crash Safari website on iOS devices!

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone and why you should do it

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone.

Wi-Fi calling is a service that allows phone calls and text messages to be routed through Wi-Fi networks instead of cellular networks. Though it made its debut on the iPhone with iOS 8, some carriers have been slower than others in supporting it, and many consumers are only vaguely aware of it, if at all. If you have an iPhone with Wi-Fi calling capability and a carrier that supports it, it would behoove you to turn it on for a number of reasons.

Report: iPhone 7 Plus to feature dual-lens LinX camera

LinX camera modules

There is no doubt that Apple plans to improve camera technology on the next generation iPhone. The question is, how significant will the changes be? According to a report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (KGI Securities) and detailed by MacRumors, the upgrade to the iPhone 7 Plus could be significant indeed. Kuo predicts that a dual-lens rear camera is in development, basing this assertion on Apple's acquisition of LinX imaging last April.

iOS App of the Week: Hinge - Date through your extended social network


Hinge is another dating app that allows users to swipe through other single people in their area, but it takes it one step further by searching for matches who share a common Facebook acquaintance. The app doesn't tell you how you're connected through Facebook, but receiving matches through your extended social network helps cutdown some of the randomness of the entire online dating process.

Change the iOS 9 app switcher with Griddy

Griddy settings

Modifying or improving the iOS app switcher has been a favorite pastime of jailbreak developers over the years. Griddy is no different, bringing a grid-styled organization to the app switcher. This tweak provides a variety of customization options, but fundamentally it seeks to replace the overlapping app cards layout featured in iOS 9. Instead, Griddy puts app cards next to each other with the most recently used apps shown first. Once installed, the settings provide a built-in guide on how to use the tweak along with a bevy of different options.

Pocket Mortys Guide: Complete Mortys checklist

Pocket Mortys

Besides defeating the council and recovering your portal gun the main goal of Adult Swim's Pocket Mortys is to collect all 82 Mortys. There are two main ways to do this. You can capture Mortys in the wild with a Manipulator Chip after hunting and wearing them down in battle, or you can use coupons to win random Mortys at Blips and Chitz. Coupons are available as IAPs or you can win them throughout the game for defeating other trainers and by completing side quests. You can also combine two of the same Mortys to evolve them into a new Morty. This is a great way to add higher level Mortys to your roster and unlock Mortys that are not so common in the wild. You can learn more about evolving Mortys by visiting our Combination Guide. Below is a complete checklist of all the available Mortys in the Pocket Mortys universe and tips on how to find and collect all the different types of Mortys.

Netflix to increase prices for HD streaming plans

Netflix iOS

Two years ago, Netflix froze pricing for existing HD users at $7.99 per month. These rates are set to expire in February, ending the grandfathered pricing plan. This means all Netflix users will have to start paying $9.99 per month, or downgrade their plans. Currently, the standard plan for $9.99 includes HD video and allows two different screens to be watched simultaneously. The downgraded basic plan comes at $7.99, however HD video is not available and only one screen can be watched at a time.


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