How to enable single sign-on with Apple TV

Apple TV content Single Sign-On

Single sign-on makes it easy to enjoy content from many different sources on the Apple TV without entering account information into every app. Participating TV providers automatically log in to every supported app requiring authentication. Single sign-on can also be configured on the iPhone for seamless viewing. Once the feature is set up on the Apple TV, a list of authenticated apps that are available can be accessed.

How to sync Notes across all your devices with iCloud

How to sync iPhone Notes with Mac.

Whether keeping track of a packing list for a camping trip, sketching diagrams for a shed, or jotting down ideas for a book, the utility of the Notes app improves when it is synced between all of your devices. Start a rough grocery list on your Mac, finish it on your iPad while standing in front of the fridge; jot down rough ideas on your iPhone while out and about, expand on them later at the office on your Mac. This can all be achieved by syncing Notes with iCloud. Here's how to do it:

Elago launches retro Macintosh stand for Apple Watch

Apple Watch W3 stand Macintosh 128k

Apple fans have a new way to dock their Apple Watch thanks to accessory maker Elago. The third stand in their Apple Watch series, the W3 brings the nostalgia factor into the office or bedroom. This silicone stand evokes the original Macintosh, which was introduced in 1984. The display of the Apple Watch lines up to show through as the screen of the vintage computer complete with floppy drive.

Everyone hates the new Mega Man titles on the App Store

Mega Man 2 Mobile

Instead of our normal App of the Week selection, we wanted to take the time to warn you that everyone hates the new Mega Man ports released this week to the App Store. Capcom has released six mobile versions of the original 8-bit Mega Man titles to iOS, and I have never seen so many review sites agree that something is so horrible. The six Mega Man games are the first games in recent memory to earn a 1-star review from Touch Arcade, and the reviewer, Shaun Musgrave, warns readers not to buy these titles, even for a laugh.

New app helps you locate your missing AirPods

Lost AirPods

Apple's AirPods became an instant meme thanks to the assumption that they would be easy to misplace due to their wireless design, but all jokes aside, losing a $160 accessory isn't really all that humorous. AirPods lack the wires that tether standard earbuds and other headphone accessories to their owners. This makes them smaller and easier to lose while you are on the go, exercising or performing other outdoor activities. The AirPods are also not tethered to each other, meaning you could misplace just one, forcing you to shell out $70 for an individual replacement. Luckily there is now an app available that helps you locate your missing AirPods.


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