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Developers are starting to catch up on updating their apps with 3D Touch features now that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been out for a few weeks. Big names like Facebook have added Quick Action and Peek and Pop options to their iOS apps. Here are a few apps that have been updated with 3D Touch features:

- Facebook (Free) Shoot and upload photos and videso from the Home screen.
- Instagram (Free) Post images from your Home screen and view images within the app using the Peek feature.
- WhatsApp (Free) Features Peek and Pop pictures, videos, links, contact cards, and locations.
- Magic Piano (Free) Control the volume of each note by applying more force.
- CARROT Weather ($3.99) Search for a new location or bring up one of your saved locations from the Home screen.
- Dropbox (Free) Preview files and folders within the app using the Peek feature.
- Shazam (Free) Identify a song or artist from the Home screen.
- Pinterest (Free) Open pins with a firm press.

How to Jailbreak iPhone 6s / iOS 9 with Pangu

Pangu 9 tutorial

Pangu Team has released their latest creation, a jailbreak tool opening up iOS 9 on the iPhone 4s and later to mods, tweaks and apps not found on the App Store. Much like previous versions, the free software brings untethered jailbreaking to compatible devices with a streamlined process. While the procedure itself is simple, some preparation is required to make sure Pangu 9 works properly.

The 5 best 3D Touch functions for the iPhone 6s

Quick Action menu for Camera app.

3D Touch technology, which debuted with the iPhone 6s models, gives the touch screen another dimension of functionality, allowing users to perform the usual soft taps, and adding two levels of harder taps to activate "Peek and Pop" features. While Apple hails the technology as "the next generation of Multi-Touch," some lament it as simply right-click functionality that could have been achieved with a long press (which will very likely show up as a jailbreak option for older iPhones).

Halloween App of the Week: Count Crunch's Candy Curse

Count Crunch's Candy Curse

Count Crunch's Candy Curse is the perfect side-scroller for mobile gamers who are looking for a spooky casual platformer to pay this Halloween. The game follows Skeleton Boy on Halloween night after he opens a familiar looking box of cereal and accidentally curses his town. Skeleton Boy must use his enchanted glow stick to blast candy-filled monsters and stop the evil Count Crunch, who is hellbent on ruining Halloween.

Pangu and Cydia Substrate updated to fix iOS 9 jailbreak issues

Cydia Substrate v.0.9.6010

Team Pangu today released version 1.0.1 of their jailbreak tool. The updated fixes a "bug that leads to 0A error code" and a problem that was causing a loading failure on some computers. The changelog also notes that a Mac version of Pangu 9 is "coming soon". If you were having issues installing the iOS 9 jailbreak tool on your device, you can try again by downloading Pangu v.1.0.1 through Pangu 9 is currently only available to Windows.

Take better iOS photos with Top Camera 2

Top Camera 2 main menu

There are many third-party camera apps for iOS. While most users are happy with the stock iOS Camera app, developers can add many features to streamline the image capture process. Top Camera 2 from Lucky Clan revamps their long-running Top Camera app, and updates the interface for iOS 8 users. The new version integrates various shooting modes, filters, and editing functions for stills and video into one place.

WhatsApp gains Peek and Pop 3D Touch features

WhatsApp 3D Touch

The popular messaging service WhatsApp joined the list of 3D Touch-enabled apps like Facebook, Dropbox and Shazam. WhatsApp version 2.12.8 adds "Peek and Pop pictures, videos, links, contact cards, and locations," according to the changelog. The update does not add a Quick Action menu from the Home screen.

New zombie fighting game coming to iOS and Google Play in October

Dr. Carver Zombie Deathmatch

In the year 2036 a genetically engineered serum has turned some humans into zombies. The government eventually captured all the undead and locked them within some of the largest cities, and that's when mob bosses like Papa Rainbow took advantage of the situation turning zombies into cage fighters. That's the basic story behind Zombie Deathmatch -- an all-new fighting game launching this October.

The game follows an immune human who sets out for revenge after Papa kills his zombie friend Brock because he wouldn't sign with his roster of fighters.

Facebook adds 3D Touch features to iPhone app

Facebook Quick Action Menu

Facebook has updated its iOS app with a Quick Action menu for uploading photos and writing status updates on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The Quick Action menu features three options: Take Photo/Video, Upload Photo/Video or Write Post. To access the menu iPhone 6s owners can firmly press the Facebook app icon on their Home screen.


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