AppleCare+ for Watch and iPhone Offers Combo Deal

Apple has announced a special deal along with standard AppleCare+ pricing on Apple Watch. iPhone owners without AppleCare+ will have the option to purchase an AppleCare+ combo plan with their watch, covering both devices for two years. While the plans cost the same as purchasing both plans separately, there is an advantage to the combo deal.

iPhone Apple Watch combo”  title=

iPhones up to six months old can be covered at the time of Apple Watch purchase for two years. This is in contrast to standard policies, which require that AppleCare+ be purchased within 60 days. Covering both devices will run $149 with an Apple Watch Sport, $169 for Apple Watch, and $1600 for Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watch Edition owners get three years of coverage with AppleCare+.

How to Add Trash as a Swipe Option for Mail (You Want This)

If you haven't set up swipe options for your Mail app on your iPhone or iPad (with iOS 8) or if, like me, the recent upgrade to iOS 8.3 returned them to default, then you definitely want to set them up again. Adding "Trash" in particular is, well, I don't know how I managed email on my iPhone before I had it. With it, you can send unwanted emails directly from your inbox to the netherworld with a mere flick of your finger. Unfortunately, it is not at all obvious how to set it as a swipe option. If you haven't done it before or you need a refresher, here's how:

For setting swipe left as trash

1. Head to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar and choose the email account you want to set it up on (likely you want it on all of your accounts so you'll have to do this on each).

How to set Trash as a swipe option in iOS 8.

Upgrade Reachability with this iPhone 6 Tweak

The jailbreak tweak OneHandWizard replaces default Reachability behavior with a completely new interface. This interface is designed to knock the socks off of Reachability, providing robust features for those with larger devices like the iPhone 6 Plus. Once installed, OneHandWizard will appear using the same home button double tap used by Reachability.

iOS 8 reachability alternative”  title=

What happens next is completely different. A full-screen interface of the iPhone screen is displayed, reduced in size to accommodate one-handed use. Swiping on the background moves this interface to the left or right side of the display, making it customizable for right or left handed usage. The interface can also be adjusted in size, by simply grabbing the corner of OneHandWizard.

Add True Multitasking to iOS 8 with Multify

Multify adds a quick app switcher and true multitasking to iOS 8 devices. Jailbreakers can use several different modes to run multiple apps simultaneously. The key to this function is Edit Activation which allows the user to place windows for running apps anywhere on the screen, and resize them. These windows will function independently, with each running app being fully accessible just like on a desktop computer.

iOS 8 multitasking”  title=

The Launch Activation feature provides access to the Multify launcher, where favorite app icons can be placed at the top of the screen. Running apps from here will keep them open in the background, which makes switching between apps quick and convenient. When app windows are small, the keyboard will automatically expand to make typing in the selected app perform as normal.

How to Theme the Control Center and Notification Center

Theming the iOS home screen with the help of tools like WinterBoard is a favorite pastime of jailbreakers. The tweak Vex brings customizations specifically designed for the Notification Center and Control Center. Using these themes can dramatically change this part of iOS 8.

iOS 8 Vex themes”  title=

Vex comes with a list of included themes for each section. For example, Notification Center comes with Classic, Default, Modern or Wood themes. When it comes to the Control Center, there are 10 options, including throwback Classic and iOS 7 options. Themes are previewed right in the Settings under Vex -> Configuration.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: Apple Watch Pre-Order Begins, iOS 8.3 Released and More

Among the more notable news items from last week, Apple began taking pre-orders for its highly anticipated Apple Watch at 12:01 AM Pacific time on Friday. As many pundits expected, the demand exceeded the initial supply and all models quickly ran out of stock, pushing estimated shipping times to 4-6 weeks for about half and to June for the other half. The pink band watch was even pushed back to July. The first unboxing video also emerged last week. Additionally, the Apple Watch became available for personal demos at many Apple Stores on Friday (by appointment), though it can only be ordered online.

Apple Watch 42mm Space Black model.

Also of note last week, Apple released iOS 8.3 on Wednesday. The upgrade features a new emoji interface plus several hundred new emojis, and the ability to change the ethnicity of the human emojis. Siri's voice was tweaked to sound more natural and she received several new languages. Message filtering for SMS/iMessages was introduced and a new setting allows you to download free


New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: Mortal Kombat X and More

The second wing of Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain adventure opened this week. The new level called Molten Core, features fiery elemental minions and the bosses Garr, Baron Geddo and Majordomo Executus. Players can unlock the new wing for 700 in-game gold or $6.99 USD. The next level Blackrock Spire should be available soon.

Mortal Kombat X Selfie Fatality

Touch Arcade has learned that Backflip Studios is developing a new game called G.I. Joe Strike for mobile devices. The game will star Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and it will feature "cinematic action" and "responsive touch controls. The news was announced at G.I. Joe convention in Springfield, Illinois.

Should I upgrade to iOS 8.3?

After a public beta that began in mid March, iOS 8.3 was officially released on Wednesday. It offers several new features, including a new emoji keyboard, and a plethora of bug fixes and improvements. If you are thinking about upgrading, beware that users have been reporting several bugs over the past few days.

iOS 8.3 features new emojis and a new interface.

The most notable feature of iOS 8.3 is the new emoji keyboard that includes several hundred new emojis. The interface is different - you can now seamlessly scroll left and right through all of the emojis and tap category icons at the bottom to quickly skip through. You can also now change the ethnicity of the human emojis and there are many new symbols as well, including, of course, the Apple Watch.


Apple Watch Already Out of Stock for at Least a Month

For those of you who haven't been drooling over it, the Apple Watch became available for pre-order today (4/10) at 12:01 AM Pacific time. As many suspected, it wasn't long before shipping times for certain models started being pushed back. If you haven't ordered one at this point (frankly, if you didn't order almost immediately at 12:01), you won't have it until well after launch date, which is just two weeks away on April 24th.

The 38mm Apple Watch with a soft pink band and modern buckle won't ship until July.

The Sports Edition models sold out the quickest and are now all backordered until June. The most expensive Apple Watches, the Edition line, are also now listed with estimated shipping times in June. Many of the standard Apple Watch models are still available to ship in 4 - 6 weeks. In fact, it looks as if the 42mm display models were more popular than the 38mm watches (if you assume

iOS App of the Week: Tygo - Stream NBA Games, Highlights and Recaps

The NBA playoffs are right around the corner and right now the best place to get all your NBA news and highlights is from a new app called Tygo. The app was created by an NBA fan who wanted a place where he and other fans could view all the best NBA highlights and live streams on the internet.

Tygo - Ball is life

The app features three categories; Fresh, Hot and Scores. The Fresh and Hot sections include links to trending video clips, memes and stories in an easy to use news feed. The Fresh section allows users to scroll through newly added content, while the Hot section offers a look at the most up voted videos and news of the day.


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