Smallthing Games releases first trailer for spiritual sequel to 1942

Smallthing Games has released a teaser trailer to its "spiritual sequel" for the classic video game, 1942. The vertical shooter was originally released to arcades in 1984 by Capcom. The goal of the game was to fly a plane dubbed the "Super Ace" to Tokyo and destroy Japan's entire air fleet. 1942 was eventually remade as 1942: Joint Strike in 2008, but it was mostly met with negative reviews.

5 features you can't disable in iOS 10

App Drawer iOS 10

A few months ago we looked at some of the features you can disable in iOS 10, but there are also some new features you're stuck with. For example, some iPhone users were disappointed to realize that there is no way to disable the Handwriting option in the Messages app. It was also discovered that you can stop receiving or sending all screen effects by disabling the the Reduce Motion slider under Settings > General > Accessibility . However, this caused some confusion since most people already had the slider disabled which blocked them from sending both bubble or screen effects after they installed iOS 10.


Leading iMessage sticker pack 'Phoneys' to be pulled

Phoneys sticker pack

After just one week in the iMessage App Store, the sticker pack titled Phoneys has shot up the charts to number one. Instead of sitting back and enjoying his success, developer Adam Howell is now faced with an ultimatum from Apple. Despite the fact that Phoneys was approved by the company's app review process, it will be pulled from iMessage unless Howell makes substantial changes to the design.

5 ways Kongregate can improve Animation Throwdown on iOS

Animation Throwdown

Kongregate's Animation Throwdown sounds great on paper. Who doesn't want to play a collectible card game featuring all the main and side characters from Fox's most popular animated series? The game includes characters and locations from King of the Hill, Family Guy, Futurerama, Bob's Burgers and American Dad, but unfortunately Animation Throwdown falls flat in all the key areas.

Instead of highlighting a new app for our App of the Week, we are going to look at 5 ways Kongregate can save Animation Throwdown before mobile gamers lose interest and move onto a new CCG.

Capture RAW images with Adobe Lightroom and iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus camera

Adobe Lightroom has long provided iOS users with the ability to edit professional-quality images directly on the iPhone. The latest update brings new features designed to take advantage of iOS 10 and even more so the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Hot off the presses, Lightroom 2.5.2 adds RAW capture support from directly within the app.


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