AT&T announces Stream Saver video throttling

AT&T Mobility Stream Saver

Starting next year, customers on the AT&T network will have an opportunity to reduce their data plan usage while streaming video. AT&T plans to reduce video quality when streaming video is detected, throttling video quality at around DVD-level (480p). The feature will be optional, however AT&T will enable Stream Saver by default as soon as the service launches.

Apple releases iOS 10.2 beta 3 with new 'Send with Love' screen effect and more

Apple TV App iOS 10.2

Apple today released the third iOS 3 beta to its public beta users. The update includes several improvements and new features. You can learn how to join the Apple Beta Software Program here. All you need to join is a supported device and a working Apple ID. Once you have enrolled in the beta program you can easily download all the new iOS features before they're released to the general public.

Here's what's new in iOS 10.3 beta 3:

How to enable single sign-on for your TV provider on your iPhone

With the latest iOS beta (10.2) Apple introduced the "Single Sign-On" setting, a convenience that has been a long time coming. It allows users to enter their cable provider information once and then uses it to automatically sign into any apps that might require it. If you are a Dish Network subscriber, for example, you won't need to sign in every time you want to watch it on your iPhone, nor will you have to constantly log into individual network apps that require a cable/satellite subscription.



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