How to repeat a song / album playing in the iPhone iPod app?

How to repeat a song / album playing in the iPhone iPod app?

Songs or albums can be set to repeat from the Now Playing screen in the iPhone iPod app. To set a song or album to repeat, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the iPod app.
2. Play a song.
3. On the Now Playing screen, you will see play and volume controls at the bottom of the screen. At the top is track information. Under the album title is a scrubbing bar that indicates the time remaining in the song.
4. A small icon that looks like two circular arrows is on the left side below the scrubbing bar. Tap this icon once to repeat the album. The icon will turn blue when repeat is activated.
5. Tap the icon again to repeat the current song. The icon will change to show the number 1 inside a blue circle.
6. Touch the icon a third time to cancel any repeat. The icon will turn white when it's deactivated.


That option is NOT available longer 2013-02-05

Tap on now playing will show buttons .

My iPhone 4 shows orange arrows. White, orange, and orange with a 1. And no, I'm not color-deficient.
No, you're not smarter than me, and smug comments will only prove that fact.

Many thanks the songs in my playlist & albums loop ok now.
Kind regards Chairman Rao

that option does not appear on my iPod Touch 5 as 12/18/15