How do I downgrade an iPhone app to a previous version?

How do I downgrade an iPhone app to a previous version?

So you were tired of those home screen badge numbers showing up on the App Store icon and you updated your iPhone apps on the go. Now whenever you use one of these updated apps it doesn't work properly or you don't like the so-called improvements made by the developer. How can you downgrade to the previous version?

1. Delete the app from your iPhone.
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.
3. Do not update your apps in iTunes. Back up and sync your iPhone using iTunes.
4. When the sync is complete, click your iPhone in the left iTunes menu under DEVICES. Click the Apps tab at the top of the iTunes window. Find the app you wish to downgrade under Sync Apps.
5. Make sure the box is checked next to the app you wish to downgrade. Click the Apply button.
6. The old version of the application will be copied from your computer to the iPhone.

If you have already updated the application on your computer, or synced your iPhone before deleting the new version of the app you must follow this step first. Open the trash can or recycling bin and look for the older app version (this file will end with the suffix .ipa).

Drag the old app file into the iTunes window. iTunes will ask if you want to replace the app with an older version. Confirm and begin from step one above. If the old version is not in your trash can you cannot access the older version of the app.


Will it work with the latest itunes anyway it isnt working for me :(

Please Reply!! :)

It work with the latest itunes. So just upgrade your itunes.

Thanks for the solutions.. it works awesome...

Also, when you update an app in iTunes, it moves it to the Recycle Bin (on Windows) so you can get it back from there.

hey, I am trying to downgrade my whatsapp ,cos I do not like the new whatsapp version its ugly and I want the old version back. I have tried to back up and sync ,but I cant find " sync apps " ..I'd appreciate if you helped thank you.

Hey did you find a solution for this?

hey, i cant found it in recycling bin :///

I deleted the app. When I sync after my phone without the app there is no app, so how I can find the app that I already deleted ? I think I should go to itunes without sync. Now is to late I guess?!

Worked great for me! There were a couple differences, however.

1. In order to get a file out of the recycle bin, there are 2 options: Cut and Restore. Restore will put the file back to where it was before it was "deleted". Restoring the file will put it back into the iTunes folder location in the harddrive, but iTunes doesn't recognize it. So Cut it out of the recycle bin and paste it to another location on the harddrive.
2. I had to first delete the existing version of the app out of iTunes. Until I did that, iTunes wouldn't let me drag the old version onto it. Once I deleted the newest version from iTunes, I was able to drag the desired version onto iTunes, and it installed.

Sometimes you have to trick iTunes into accepting the older app by renaming it as the newer version, and then installing via iTunes.

i stupidly did not read all of your suggestions above and got too eager and restored instead of cut :/ so now its in itunes folder in harddrive. can i find it! hope so :(

OKAY so one main question:
If i downgrade and app will I receive an update for it again? My new update is not working at all!

Did anyone answer this question yet. I have the same question.
I do not want to update
An app how do i make the app store stop the update the app.
I do not want to accidentally or someone els in my phone to hit update all and have the update put on. I never want to update the app as the new one will stink to high heaven

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I have a mac and the previous app isnt in my trash like it would be on windows, any advice? I followed the instructions but since I hadn't had the old app synced to my computer yet, there was nothing there to reinstall

This worked for me! It was just a minor change; but it makes me feel happy to see my favorite app the way it used to be...thank you!

Video Tutorial


Thank you for your help. I did find that I could not drag an app directly out of the trash and into iTunes. I had to move the app out of the trash first, before moving it into iTunes.

This did not work at all 10/10 would not recommend.

In fact, I am really upset because I lost all of my information in my app following your advice.
At least with the new version of the app that I disliked, I still had all of my information in it, following your advice made me lose everything.

Thanks a lot. I wished I did not see this page.

you're an ingrate in addition to being an idiot. nice combination!

Hello all of you that already did this!

My problem is that I already empty my trash can weeks ago before I even updated my facebook app. So therefor I can't find anything there. Is there any possibility that I can still make it work? I really dont like this new version of the app also it makes some of my friends don't show when they are online/last seen online and even read the messages. Does someone know what to do about this also?

Thanks for all the answers! :)

I cant find the sync apps part , kindly help me. I hate the new whatsapp so much. I found where its written devices and I clicked iphone but I cant find sync apps

Will I keep all the data afterwards.

Mine won't install on my iPhone 4, plus i'm jailbroken

THANKS, WHOEVER POSTED THIS is the best guy ever, it worked like a charm.

Thanks again.

thankx man its work,you saved my life,respekt ;)

Worked for me after this: I had to drag the old app out of the trash, but iTunes would not let me drag it into the Sync Apps page. The solution was to bring up the Library/Apps page of iTunes and drag it there. (I had also cut/pasted the app from the trash to a folder on my hard drive.)

Hi everyboby,

I've an old ios 4.21, no update is allowed on my phone, is it possible to install an old Whatsapp or any other compatible app? Somebody knows how to do it?

You just download the app onto your computer iTunes. Then, the app is already associated with your account. After that, try again downloading the app. It should have an iCloud downloading symbol. It will say that the latest version is not compatible with your iOS, but that you can download the most recent version compatible with your version. This worked with iBooks on my iPod 4. The latest version for that app required iOS 7.0, and the iPod 4 only has iOS 6.1.6.