How can I delete individual / multiple texts in iOS 7 Messages?

How can I delete individual / multiple texts in iOS 7 Messages?

The process to delete messages in iOS 7 has changed. Sure, you can swipe from right to left in the Messages list to delete all messages from a particular contact or group. What if you only want to delete one text or iMessage from a sender? What if you want to select only a few messages to delete?

Follow these steps to remove a text, photo, video or iMessage from the Messages app in iOS 7:

1. Tap and hold the message you wish to delete.
2. Touch More... from the pop-up menu.
3. The message will be selected (you'll see a blue circle with check mark).
4. If needed, select additional messages to delete.
5. Tap the trash can icon at the bottom left to remove the selected message(s).



Maybe it's just me, but when I tap and hold a message on my iPhone (ios7), I done see "More." When I first tap "Edit" (upper right corner) I get a pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen that has "Mark," "Move," and "Trash." But there's no "More." When I do not tap "Edit" at the beginning of the process, and I tap and hold a message, the message opens with the flag, folder, trash can, curved arrow, and the icon for starting a new message. What should I do to see "More?"

It's crap I have none either.. Just blue dots and single file trash!! Woop woop. It's stupid.

true. This 8 version is crap. I don't have a trash can. Have to delete conversation!

same here!!!

I have 8.1 version and it works just like the article states. You must be doing something wrong.

No, I am having the same issue! No trash can. Used to have trash can and arrow to forward but now it just stays on typing a new message, not good!

It did it to me too! Then I went on my computer and deleted all of the messages from the email server and tried again. This time it worked. And another way is try Safewiper iPhone data eraser to wipe iPhone clean, it can help delete messages, contacts, photos and more data without recovery.

Well, the Erase ll of iPhone will not completely overwritten your personal data on iPhone, but just make it inaccessible. However what if the hacker crack it?!!!
To ensure the infos secure, we'd better totally overwritten them, like what iMfone Umate Pro does.

Why not try Safewiper iOS Data eraser app?

I used it to completely erase data from iPhone, iPad and iPod without recovery, simple deletion will not completely erase data from iPhone, it still remain on your iPhone,

Safewiper iOS Data Eraser can deeply scan your iPhone and completely erase them.

There is not doubt that you can delete messages from iOS , but the simple deleting is not enought far, i means that you need a iOS data eraser software to do that , it is capable of deleting contacts videos ,photos,text messages and other data from iPhone ,iPod,iPad ,i did it with this eraser tool

No trash box appearing when I hold more n tick individual message?

I don't either

I've been tryin 2 delete multiple messages 4 a cpl days now. I've done exactly what the instructions say 2 do & no where, not once, have I saw the word "More".

I woM'dear if it is different between phones. I just updated to latest ios8 on iPhone 5 and only have "delete conversation" option whereas girlfriend with iphone6 has ability to trash individual or multiple messages, weird.

Is there a procedure to delete all sms messages.?? I have almost 1500 and would like to wipe them all

I had difficulty at first, but then found that the instructions relate to the first part of the message. Tapping further down didn't work for me.

Shut the app down by double click home button then slide Message app up. Then reopen from home page. Did this and the trash can came back.

This one worked for me! I was only seeing the option of clear all conversation and then I did this and the trash can appeared to delete individual messages!

Was having the same issue - no trash can on bottom left when trying to delete a message. Followed this advice and it worked, trash can is now back. Thanks so much for your help!

I get 'more' but trash can icon doesn't come up

I had these same problems -my phone would only let me delete the entire conversation.. bizarre but following steps above, I force closed messaging, then opened it again, and then the trash can icon was there again, allowing me to delete individual messages instead of the whole conversation.

Delete individual text is easy, the problem is what if i have over 100 texts to delete? In fact, i want to sell my iPhone, and for privacy protection, i need to clear all my personal infos, i also to make sure that these infos won't be recovered by recovery software. So at last, i choose iMyfone, as it promise all the data erased are 100% Unrecoverable.

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