How do I delete a folder in the Notes app on my iPhone?

Delete Notes Folder iOS

Deleting a folder in the Notes app is as simple as swiping left on the folder you want to delete. In the Notes app navigate to the Folders section and swipe right to left to open the Delete option. Tap the "Delete" button and the folder will be deleted. Be careful that you have selected the correct option because once you have deleted a folder it will be gone forever. Only deleted notes are saved in the Recently Deleted section.


This is false. Of course, swiping left seems like the logical action, however, when I do that, absolutely nothing happens. I would like to delete a few folders (and have for a few years), but I have come to terms that it is not an option for some reason. Unless there's a setting or something that needs changed, this info is no good. Please help!!

Just tested it again and it works for both folders saved in iCloud and on your phone. What version of iOS are you running?