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New App Makes Turning Your Bluetooth On and Off Much Easier

A new jailbreak-like app has snuck its way into the Apple App Store. Bluetooth OnOff allows you to activate or deactivate your bluetooth just by launching the app. This is much better than having to go to Settings/General/Bluetooth/Toggle to switch your bluetooth on and off. However, the app does access iOS settings which is a violation of Apple's app guidelines. This means it will probably be pulled.

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You can download the app for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store while it's still available. Bluetooth OnOff is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. It requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Apple Releases Cards and iBooks App Updates

iOS fans watch out. Apple has just launched updates to their own mobile applications, iBooks and Cards. Although the iBooks update is relatively minor, version 2.1.1 will solve an annoying problem that some users have experienced. The main bug addressed by the update is an issue where iBooks prompts you to sign in with your Apple ID at unexpected times.

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Fans of Cards will be happy to install version 1.1 which brings all kinds of new options. Not only are there now letterpress cards specifically designed for Mother's Day coming up on May 13, but Apple has added additional cards for birthdays and more. Other improvements include new Get Well card designs.

Top 8 Instagram Alternatives for iPhone Photography

So you've decided to close your Instagram account and save your retro photos from the clutches of Facebook. Many users have enjoyed the creative filters on Instagram, which are known for giving the images an analog, film-like look.

iPhone retro photo apps

The good news is there are many photography apps in the App Store with even better filters. Many of these photo apps are free and provide several options for sharing and showing off your pictures to friends. Here are 8 of the top alternatives to Instagram available on the iPhone.

How to Save Photos and Close Your Instagram Account

Now that Instagram has been acquired by Facebook for a cool $1 billion, users are concerned about changes to the service. Even worse, some iPhone owners are concerned that Instagram will soon be inundated by advertisements or modify its privacy policies.

Instagram acquired by Facebook

Even though the official statement by CEO Mark Zuckerberg explains that Facebook is "committed to building and growing Instagram independently," this hasn't alleviated everyone's privacy concerns. Luckily for them, there's still time to download all Instagram photos and quit the app forever.

Facebook and Dropbox iOS Apps to Get Security Fixes

Both Facebook and Dropbox raised eyebrows this week when a security flaw was discovered that could reveal iOS users' personal data. The good news is that both companies are working on a patch to correct the security hole. In addition, the threat of your information actually being stolen is low.

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The flaw enables access to personal data only if the malicious person going after your data has physical access to your iPhone or iPad. When it comes to Facebook, the issue revolves around use of a plain text file known as a .plist to store sensitive login information. Copying the file to another iOS device enables access to the victim's account using the Facebook app.

AppMosaic Makes Finding Popular Apps Easier

iDownloadblog got an early look at a new and interesting app coming to Cyida. AppMosaic makes finding popular apps easier by displaying the top 400 applications and games in the Apple App Store.

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The jailbreak tweak separates the apps into two columns: the top 200 paid apps on the left, and the top 200 free apps on the right. The app's name and developer info is displayed on a panel at the bottom of the screen when you tap any of the 400 listed icons. You can then load the app's official App Store page by tapping the displayed info.

View and Launch Apps from the Lock Screen With Headphone Launcher

HeadphoneLauncher is a new tweak that allows you to view and launch apps from the Lock Screen. The tweak launches the selected apps every time your headphones are plugged into your iPhone. You can choose and rearrange the order that the apps appear by using the Headphone Launcher panel under Settings.

iPhone Cydia Tweak

HeadphoneLauncher will also display the media controls on your Lock Screen. This is a great tweak for people who like to listen to music while walking. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work with Siri Board which would've been a nice bonus.

Dolphin Browser Adds Siri-Like Voice Control

The popular third-party browser Dolphin has been updated with a new voice-control feature. Dolphin Sonar allows users to search the web and navigate websites by using simple voice commands. Downloading version 4.0 adds a familiar looking microphone icon to the bottom left of the browser. Users can can easily access the Dolphin Sonar by tapping the icon or shaking their iPhone. The new voice control system eliminates the need for typing while searching Google or messing around on Facebook. Just tell Dolphin Sonar where you want it to go and it will lead you there.

Dolphin Browser Version 4.0

The Dolphin Browser also features a magazine reader Webzine, one-click sharing for Twitter and Facebook, and Gesture, which allows you to create a personal symbol to access the websites you like the most. Dolphin Browser is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later.

How to Fix Twitter App Problems on iPhone

Twitter has taken off lately with native iOS integration in Apple's latest firmware. The Twitter app is also available for free on the App Store, providing an easy way to access the service on the go. Lately some users of the app have experienced an issue where the Connect tab does not show @mentions.

Twitter app error iPhone

Mashable explains that the mystery bug is affecting Android users, too. Although Twitter has not released a fix yet, there is a simple workaround that should solve the problem on your iPhone. Reinstalling the app or rebooting your iPhone is not necessary.

Send Secret Text Messages With Black SMS

Ever send a message with invisible ink to a friend? Now with the Black SMS app, text messages can be encrypted and decrypted easily by any iPhone owner with the right password. Once Black SMS is installed on your iPhone, the secret message is simply typed into the app and a password assigned.

Black SMS app App Store

Copy and paste the message into an SMS or email message, then send away. Just make sure you share the password with your recipient, because otherwise nobody will be able to read your message. Black SMS uses Advanced Encryption Standard for serious security, even though the app is simple to use and only costs $0.99 in the App Store.

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