Leaked iPhone 5 Case Previews Complete Redesign

Apple can't keep a lid on the latest case designs according to Mobile Fun, who claims to have two independent sources with iPhone 5 case plans. If the leaked designs are legit, it would appear the iPhone 5 is due for release in just weeks. Of course, the cases themselves are not as important as the future devices they will protect.

iPhone 5 case reveals complete redesign

As seen above, the design of the iPhone 5 will not be simply an update of the iPhone 4 that some are calling the iPhone 4S. What appears in these diagrams is a radical departure not only from the iPhone 4, but possibly the most significant redesign of the iPhone since its original 2007 launch.

Researchers Create Transparent Battery For Transparent iPhone [Video]

Remember how long you had to wait for a white iPhone? Well a transparent iPhone is probably many, many years away, if even possible, but one researcher has gotten a step closer by creating a lithium-ion battery that seems invisible.

transparent iphone

The transparent battery features overlapped electrodes that make the battery invisible to the naked eye. Developers Yi Cui and Yuan Yang created the battery at Stanford and say they would like to talk to Steve Jobs about creating a transparent iPhone some day.

Apple Releases Another iOS Update To Patch New Security Vulnerability

Apple has released iOS 4.3.5 to patch another security hole. The last update released only a few weeks ago patched the PDF exploit used by hackers to release the latest jailbreaking tool. This update is to stop "an attacker with a privileged network position" from stealing your data while you're surfing the web. If your iPhone or iPad is jailbreak free, or you don't plan on jailbreaking it in the future, accepting the update is probably a good idea. However, the current redsn0w 0.9.8 jailbreak hack still works with the update.

ios 4.3.5

Just connect your device to your computer and "check for updates" to download iOS 4.3.5 for your iPad, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPhone 3GS. The Verizon update is labeled 4.2.10.

Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch Into a Universal Remote

The VooMote converts your iPhone or iPod touch into a universal remote for all your electronic devices including your TV, DVD player, stereo system and so on. It may be a horribly named iPhone accessory, but it sounds like a great gift for people who are always losing their remote controls.

VooMote iPhone remote control

What separates the VooMote from other iPhone universal remote adaptors is the "Room Control" feature. This allows you to set up individual room profiles on the device. For example, you can have a bedroom setting and living room setting to make it easier to turn on your TV without getting confused. The "One View" feature makes switching from device to device easier, allowing you to mute your stereo so you can quickly turn up your TV, or DVD player. This sounds like a great tool for people who like to watch sporting events muted while doing other things. No fumbling with various remotes while trying to catch the latest injury update.

Photography Gets Better with iPhone iOS 5: A Complete List of New Features

The iPhone has already surpassed other cameras on photo-sharing sites like Flickr, and iOS 5 and the next generation Apple iPhone are sure to accelerate this trend in the fall. Many improvements are in the works for iPhone photography in the next generation firmware.

iOS 5 photography enhancements

Not only this, but the iPhone 5 hardware will likely include an 8 megapixel sensor from suppliers OmniVision and Sony. So what improvements have already been seen in the beta versions of iOS 5? Read on for a complete list.

iOS 5 iPhone Voice Control Feature 'Assistant' Leaks

Sure the iPhone already has voice control commands, just hold down the home button and tell your device to call someone or play a tune. iOS 5 could bring voice control to a whole new level of integration if recent reports from 9to5Mac come true.

iOS 5 voice control integration

Apple has driven speculation that it is bringing improved speech-to-text technology or even voice navigation to iOS 5 since its 2010 acquisition of Siri and recent partnership with Nuance. Both companies currently have free applications in the App Store that heavily utilize voice recognition technology.

Get iPhone iOS 5 Features Now: Access Camera from Lock Screen

One of the more useful features coming to iOS 5 in the fall adds a camera button to the iPhone lock screen, speeding up access to the Camera app. Missing a photo because you need to unlock, enter your passcode, find the Camera app and snap the picture can be a drag. If your iPhone is jailbroken, a free tweak called CameraLock simplifies access to the photography app of your choice right now.

CameraLock Cydia tweak install

CameraLock has a few adjustable options, including Bypass Passcode and Don't Lock Back. If Bypass Passcode is set to ON, tapping the camera icon from the lock screen will immediately open the Camera app. Don't Lock Back is set to OFF by default, so that when you're finished shooting photos the iPhone automatically returns to the lock screen.

How to Get Unlimited Skips in Pandora

Pandora users are limited to the amount of times they can skip a song depending on what type of account they have. This restriction can be annoying by causing you to get stuck listening to songs that you don't care for or heard too many times. Luckily there is a way to get unlimited skips thanks to Cydia.

Pandora skips hack

Due to the terms of Pandora's music licenses, Pandora One listeners are only allowed to skip 6 songs per hour (per station). Free listeners are limited to 12 skips per day. Giving a song a "Thumbs Down" or "I'm tired of this song" rating after it is finished, does not count as a skip. But if you truly grow tired of a song, and decide to make it official while its playing, it will cost you one skip.

Did Google Pull Google Books From the App Store?

The Google Books app has been missing from the iTunes App Store for about a week. 9to5Mac reached out to Apple and Google on Thursday, but no answer from either party has left them wondering why it disappeared. Google Books was just launched last year, and received an update this past April. Why do all that work to only pull the plug a few months later? Or did Apple kick them out?

Google Books

9to5Mac points to Apple's new TOS that gives them 30% of all sales (they also mention Harry Potter, but what did he ever do to Apple?):

iOS 5 Beta 4 Update Released Over-the-air (OTA)

The first iOS 5 beta update to be seeded OTA was released today by Apple to developers everywhere. Beta 4 requires iTunes 10.5 beta 4 to sync and adds wireless syncing support on Windows machines.

iOS 5 beta 4 released OTA

When it comes to the OTA update, the process only upgrades iOS 5 beta 3 from the Settings -> General -> Software Update menu. Some developers have reported problems with over-the-air updating but the firmware can be installed manually if necessary.


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