Apple Featuring 'Games with No In-App Purchases" On App Store

Apple has dealt another blow to freemium games by adding a 'Pay Once & Play' section to the UK App Store. The new section highlights paid games that do not feature in-app purchases, such as Leo's Fortune.

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While freemium games rake in a lot of money for both developers and Apple, a lot of hardcore and casual gamers despise so-called "free-to-play" games. Hardcore gamers claim that they rather pay a onetime download fee rather than suffering through timers and in-app purchases, and casual gamers are tired of being misled by the promise of a "free" game that actually cost money to play.

How to Autofocus Video on the iPhone 5 / 5s

Ever notice the focus stays fixed when recording video on the iPhone 5s? In fact, the only iOS devices that automatically adjust focus while recording are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. While this feature was not added to the stock Camera app on older iPhones, those with jailbroken devices can now get a piece of the action.

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The free jailbreak tweak AFVideo does the trick. Normally, refocusing a video while recording on the iPhone 5s / 5c or earlier requires a tap on the screen. Once AFVideo is installed, there are no options or settings to configure. The stock Camera app will simply begin to focus automatically, on the fly while video recording is in progress.

What to Expect from iOS 8.2 Through iOS 9.0

Apple is not only working on iOS 8.2, but the company released the first beta of iOS 8.3 to developers on Monday. Apple is also simultaneously working on iOS 8.4 and iOS 9.0, according to a report from 9to5Mac. iOS 8.0 was released on September 17, 2014, two days before the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple called it. "the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the App Store," but the OS stumbled out of the gate shipping with a bug that caused issues for HealthKit-enabled apps. iOS 8.0.1 was released to fix the HealthKit related bug, but the update caused some users to lose access to their cellular data and Touch ID. iOS 8 finally got rolling a few days later with the release iOS 8.0.2.

iOS 8

iOS 8.1 was eventually released to add Apple Pay support for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and iOS 8.1.3 launched a few weeks ago to improve stability and performance.

Apple seeded the fifth beta of iOS 8.2 on Feb. 2, 2015. The next major update is mostly focused on the Apple Watch. It will include Apple's WatchKit API for app developers and a few bug fixes. iOS 8.2 also reintroduces blood glucose tracking in the Health app. iOS 8.2 is expected to launch in late-March or early April before the release of the Apple Watch.

Apple Automotive Project to 'Give Tesla a run for its money'

At least that's how one unnamed Apple employee feels, according to his email to BusinessInsider. He says that "Apple's latest project is too exciting to pass up," and he thinks "it will change the landscape and give Tesla a run for its money." He also says that Tesla employees are leaving their company to join Apple because of it.

mysterious Apple car sightings

There has been a lot of speculation recently over what "it" may be, especially after the recent rash of Apple minivan sightings. The minivans are loaded with cameras and other equipment and have been spotted around the Bay Area, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Texas, New York and even Panama. This has fueled rumors


Better Call Saul Pilot Now Free on iTunes and Amazon

The pilot episode for AMC's Better Call Saul is now available for free on iTunes and Amazon Prime. The Breaking Bad prequel nabbed the highest-rated series debut in cable history, and it was also met with positive reviews from both critics and fans.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul was watched by 6.9 million viewers while earning an important 4.4 million in the adults 18-49 demo. The show premiered on Sunday after The Walking Dead, which also has an impressive midseason return with 15.6 million viewers.


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