Transparency Tweak Turns Your App Icons Invisible

The Transparency tweak from Cydia allows you to change your app icons by adding a new control panel in the Settings app. As you can see from the example below, the tweak's primary function is to turn your icons invisible. There is also a shadow option and a way to turn off the icon labels. I guess this will be a great tweak if they ever invent that transparent iPhone, otherwise this is just a fun and simple way for people to mess around with their icons.

iPhone Tweak

Transparency is free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The tweak will automatically turn your icons invisible after it's downloaded and installed. Just open your Settings app and locate the Transparency panel to play around with the different looks, or to turn your icons back to normal.

Cydia Updated to Remove April Fool's Joke

Last Year's April Fool's joke reappeared in Cydia today, thanks to code that checked for the date and displayed a Twitter-inspired Quick Bar. Saurik explained that the prank was intended to emulate the discontinued Twitter iPhone app feature, which received poor reviews. The Quick Bar automatically displayed promoted tweets.

Cydia QuickBar April Fools Update

The feature was renamed the "dickbar" by some frustrated users before it was eventually removed by Twitter. Saurik realized that some people might get confused by the feature reappearing every April 1st, so he removed the code once and for all. Cydia 1.1.6 incorporates this change and can be updated using the Cydia app.

Lock Rotation in Landscape Mode on the iPhone

Locking the rotation with iOS comes in handy on the iPhone, preventing the orientation of the screen from changing unexpectedly when reading, for example. Accessing the rotation lock button from the home screen is simple, just bring up the multitasking dock by pressing the home button twice. Scroll from left to right and there's the orientation icon.

Cydia Tweak SwitcherLand landscape

Apple has limited this feature to locking the orientation in portrait mode only, and the multitasking dock won't appear at all in the landscape orientation. Developer BTPankow has put an end to all this, releasing SwitcherLand to add horizontal orientation lock to the iPhone. This tweak makes it possible to bring up the multitasking dock even when using an app in landscape mode.

1-Bit Camera App Snaps Retro iPhone Photos

Now you can warp back to 1998 and take 1-bit photos on your iPhone, much like the Game Boy Camera of yesteryear. The images are saved directly to your camera roll in stunning 320 x 480 resolution black and white. Officially, that's more than 150 kilopixels, or by a more familiar measure 0.15 megapixels.

1-Bit Camera iPhone App

To get the image just right, there are high and low contrast modes and two dithering options. When it comes to dithering, you can choose Atkinson (used on the original Mac in 1984) and Bayer (Nintendo Game Boy) for two distinctly unique styles. The flash or front facing camera can be used for those with newer iPhones.

Jailbreak Apple TV 2 Running iOS 5.1 With Seas0nPass

Owners of the second generation Apple TV (ATV2) are in luck today, as FireCore has released an updated Seas0nPass jailbreak. Updating the ATV2 to iOS 5.1 brings users the brand new Apple TV interface along with additional features. If you were waiting to update to iOS 5.1 until the jailbreak was released, now the coast is clear.

Seas0nPass Apple TV

The Apple TV was recently updated to third generation hardware, with several improvements including a single-core A5 processor and 1080p HD support. At this juncture, ATV3 owners must remain patient while developers work on a jailbreak solution for their devices, which are shipped with iOS 5.1 preinstalled.

iPhone 4S iOS 5.1 Jailbreak Update

Those waiting for a jailbreak solution for A5 devices running iOS 5.1 will have to be patient, according to the latest Twitter updates from developer pod2g. The good news is that work is underway, and parts of a userland jailbreak have already been found.

Cydia jailbreak app store

Even though three different jailbreaks were confirmed on the new iPad, developers MuscleNerd, i0n1c and Chpwn have not signaled when these might be ready for public use. In the meantime, iPhone 4S and iPad 3 owners running iOS 5.1 have no jailbreak option available.

Second Person Sues Over Misleading Siri Commercials

Is Apple misleading customers by advertising a beta product on TV? Two different iPhone 4S owners think so. Frank Fazio filed the first California class action suit against Apple for "false and misleading" advertising, and now a second person has also filed a claim.

Siri icon class action lawsuit

According to the Los Angeles Times, David Jones filed a new suit in a U.S. District Court alleging "Apple disseminates false and deceptive representations regarding the functionality of the Siri feature."

Zeppelin Super Set Gives You Over 230 Carrier Logo Options

Zeppelin is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to change your carrier logo to different icons made by the jailbreaking community. Cydia is full of new logos and more and more are being added everyday. In fact, there are so many Zeppelin updates they're easy to miss. That's why the Zeppelin Super Set is great for Zeppelin junkies. The set offers the biggest collection of Zeppelin logos ever collected. There are over 230 Zeppelin icons to choose from, and hopefully more to come. It's a great alternative to downloading individual logos one at a time.

iPhone Jailbreak Tweaks

You can see from the small sampling above that the Zeppelin Super Set features sports teams, Angry Birds, clothing logos and much more. The set is available in Cydia via the ModMyi repo. It's free to download.

Edit the iPhone Clipboard With This Cydia Addon

As you might imagine from its name, ClipboardEdit for Notification Center makes it possible to edit the contents of your iPhone clipboard. The clipboard will contain the latest text that was cut or copied on your iOS device. ClipboardEdit actually adds a widget to the Notification Center that displays the text (if any) stored in your clipboard.

ClipboardEdit tweak Cydia

From there, you can edit the text in the clipboard or type something new and it will automatically be saved. The next time you use the paste function, your new clipboard text will be pasted. ClipboardEdit requires iOS 5 or later and a jailbroken device.

Clear Annoying iPhone App Badges With BadgeClear

Those red numbered badges on the iPhone home screen can be helpful, indicating new text messages or unread emails. Sometimes they can be irritating, especially when there's no easy way to tell an app to stop nagging you with its badge. One example is the Apple firmware update, which will appear as a badge on Settings until you update iOS.

BadgeClear tweak Cydia

Jailbreakers know that updating iOS to the latest version isn't always a good idea if you're interested in keeping your Cydia apps and tweaks. Thankfully, developer John Heaton has created the BadgeClear tweak so that annoying icon badges can be easily wiped away. No options or settings are added to your iPhone by the tweak, just added functionality on the home screen.


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