Banners Up for WWDC, Live Stream Coming Monday

Apple's next keynote event will take place on Monday, June 2 at 10am Pacific time. Expectations of what the company plans to reveal have ranged from iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 to new Macs and even an iWatch. While nothing has been confirmed, anyone looking to watch the event can see it live streaming on iOS devices, Macs and PCs.

WWDC iOS 8 keynote

Leaks of iOS 8 screen shots have pointed towards some interesting possibilities, such as a Healthbook app and a mobile version of TextEdit coming to iPhones. While the iPhone 6 is not expected to make its debut at WWDC, the device could launch as early as September, which means another keynote will be coming soon.

How to Access the iPhone Camera from Anywhere

Quickly opening the camera app can be the difference between snapping a great iPhone shot and losing that moment forever. The camera shortcut on the lock screen helps when the device is locked, however jumping to the camera when using other apps takes time. The jailbreak tweak quickCam eliminates this problem by making the camera available from anywhere.

iOS 7 jailbreak camera tweak

Once installed, there are no settings to configure. QuickCam works by adding an Activator option that opens quickCam. Just about any gesture can be set to open quickCam from anywhere. For example, quickCam can be invoked from within an app by swiping on the status bar.

Foxconn to Manufacture 4.7" and 5.5" iPhone 6

With the iPhone 6 launch date approaching, likely around mid to late September, Apple is getting its supply chain in order. According to Taiwanese electronics newspaper, DigiTimes, the Cupertino giant will employ Taiwanese manufacturing company Foxconn Electronics to handle the bulk of production.

iphone 6 mockup rendering

The report says that Foxconn will be responsible for 70% of all 4.7" models in 2014 and 2015, while Pegatron Corporation, also headquartered in Taiwan, will handle the other 30%. Manufacture of 4" models (iPhone 5) will be outsourced to

iPhone 6 Backlight Panel Photos Leaked

More alleged iPhone 6 parts have surfaced on China's version of Twitter. A Weibo user posted several photos of what appears to be the next generation display backlight. According to the design of the leaked backlight matches current parts from the iPhone 5s, except for one thing.

iPhone 6 backlight leak

The ribbon cable position and connector have been updated, indicating changes to the part. While the original poster claims the backlight is indeed 4.7 inches diagonal, the origin and size of the part could not be independently confirmed. Assuming the backlight is real, production of the larger iPhone 6 handset must be in full swing.

Refunded iOS Apps No Longer Updatable

Getting a refund for an app purchase that didn't work out? If the refund is granted, don't expect support for any copies that remain installed. Until recently, App Store customers who received a refund for a particular app could still download updates and even reinstall the app

App store refunded apps

This is no longer the case, as Apple now prevents an Apple ID that has received a developer refund from receiving updates or redownloading the "returned" app. App Store refunds can easily be requested for a variety of reasons, ranging from accidental purchases to poor functionality. Once approved, the purchase price is returned to the payment method on file.


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