Turn Your Old iPhone into Cash with HelloTotem

The folks behind cash4iPhones.com and cash4BlackBerrys.com have launched a new, comprehensive site called HelloTotem.com that promises to pay you top dollar for your old, unwanted iPhone. HelloTotem wants to send you cash for that iPhone that's been collecting dust on your desk since you upgraded. HelloTotem is currently offering payment, often issued the same day your device lands at HelloTotem, for many different models of outdated smartphones including devices from Apple, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, LG and BlackBerry. Every model of iPhone Apple has produced, save first generation iPhones, are exchangeable for what HelloTotem promises are the most competitive prices in the industry. HelloTotem also has plans to start offering cash for tablet devices, such as the iPad, in the near future.


The process is incredibly straightforward. Simply visit HelloTotem.com and enter your device and it's condition right on the homepage. You'll get an instant quote, a quote which Totem indicates is reliable 98% of the time. The other 2%, when quotes change, are typically from customers drastically overstating the condition of their device. According to Nicholas Fiorentino, Totem's CEO, in some cases customers understate the condition of their device and actually receive payment that exceeds their quoted offer. Once you accept Totem's quote, you'll receive a postage pre-paid mailer that you simply put your device in and ship back to Totem. Once Totem receives and processes the device, they issue payment.

iPhone iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak Released by Dev-Team (redsn0w / PwnageTool)

iPhone Dev-Team is celebrating the third anniversary of their PwnageTool with the release of an untethered jailbreak solution for the latest Apple firmware, iOS 4.3.1. The new version of redsn0w will jailbreak all devices that support iOS 4.3.1 except for the iPad 2. Apple got smart with the iPad 2, and the device can't be compromised by the limera1n or SHAtter exploits used on other devices.

iPhone Dev-Team jailbreak PwnageTool icon

The current jailbreak was made possible by developer Stefan Esser (@i0n1c) who has a long history of researching security on Apple products. Redsn0w is available directly from the iPhone Dev-Team for both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. PwnageTool is also available for Mac OS X and required to jailbreak the second-generation Apple TV.

iPhone 5 Next Generation Camera Rumors Surface

Two interesting new rumors have surfaced surrounding future iPhone camera designs. The first involves a leak from Sony regarding an 8 megapixel camera the company manufactures that sounds like it's headed for the iPhone 5. 9to5 Mac reports Sony CEO Howard Stringer explained how their best image sensors are produced at a factory that was affected by the earthquake in Japan.

Sony iPhone 5 camera 3D rumor

He noted that this problem will delay shipment of images sensors to companies like Apple. The only thing is that Sony doesn't make image sensors for Apple... yet. The Street reported in April of last year that Apple would be moving away from current supplier OmniVision for the iPhone 5, and going with an 8 megapixel Sony component instead.

Hasbro Announces MY3D Viewer and Apps for iPhone

Hasbro is launching the MY3D handheld viewer this weekend for the iPhone and iPod touch. The accessory converts your mobile device screen into a three-dimensional entertainment and gaming platform thanks to stereo viewing. Eight free apps from Hasbro are already on the App Store and can be used with the MY3D.

iPhone Hasbro MY3D viewer apps

The concept is a 21st-century version of the View-Master 3D viewer from Fisher-Price. The View-Master has been around for 65 years, and features circular reels of 3D scenes. MY3D takes advantage of the accelerometer and graphics capabilities of the iPhone to produce a 360-degree 3D viewing experience. The apps simply render graphics in stereo vision, and the viewer tricks your eyes into seeing in three dimensions.

Dev-Team Working on Untethered iPhone iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak

Good news is here for those anxiously awaiting an iOS 4.3.x untethered jailbreak solution. Ever since Apple stepped up the cat and mouse game by patching recent exploits, the development community has been working hard to find a new way forward. As it turns out, developer Stefan Esser (i0n1c) found a new exploit and has already put it into the hands of the iPhone Dev-Team for testing.

iPhone Dev-Team jailbreak PwnageTool icon

He recently posted a video of the untethered jailbreak in action on an iPod touch running iOS 4.3.1. All eyes are now on the Dev-Team, awaiting confirmation that the method will be incorporated into existing tools and released to the public.

Watch and Edit Videos With the Vimeo iPhone App

Video and film enthusiast site Vimeo has developed its own iPhone application, available for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The application is free and includes features such as access to your Vimeo account, browsing videos, and editing and sharing video created on your mobile device.

iphone vimeo app

Many of the features of your Vimeo account can be opened from the iPhone app, such as liked videos, account information and access to the huge library of Vimeo content online. What makes the app different is the video shooting and editing features built into the software. Vimeo has come up with a credible free video editing alternative to the $4.99 iMovie app from Apple.

More Reports of Delayed iPhone 5 Launch

AppleInsider predicts that Apple could wait until October or later to release the fifth-generation iPhone. Apparently the company has not ordered any parts for the iPhone 5 yet, making a summer launch unlikely. According to the report, the iPhone 5 will launch during the first half of Apple's 2012 fiscal year, which starts at the end of September.

Apple WWDC 2011 iPhone 5 delay

Putting off the iPhone 5 until after the holiday retail season could cost Apple sales during a season when consumers are typically anxious to spend money on new gadgets. Rumors of a September iPhone 5 launch surfaced previously, however the iPad 2 did not get released over the summer as some had anticipated.

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.1 Security and Maintenance Update

The latest firmware from Apple is already here. Just over two weeks after the release of iOS 4.3 for GSM iPhones, Apple has added bug fixes and other minor updates to iOS 4.3.1. The update was made available on iTunes earlier than expected. Verizon iPhones (CDMA) will remain at iOS 4.2.6 for the time being.

iOS 4.3.1 firmware update iTunes

This update is also designed for the iPad, iPad 2 and fourth generation iPod touch. Although the update is relatively minor, if you are one of the users affected by issues addressed in the update you'll want to install the new firmware right away.

iPhone Radiation Monitor App Rejected by Apple

The fact that cellular devices emit radiation is nothing new, and the debate over how much exposure is harmful is far from settled. Tawkon has developed an app for BlackBerry and Android devices to help those concerned about the issue. The company was hoping to bring an iPhone version to the App Store but the software was rejected by Apple.

apple iphone SAR radiation monitor Tawkon app

Tawkon has made the app available on the Cydia app store for jailbroken iPhones and is appealing to customers to help urge Apple to lift the ban. Reports have indicated Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself responded to the company with a short email stating simply, "No interest."

Microsoft Updates Bing Mobile for iPhone Browsers

Bing has further improved its mobile search tools thanks to better HTML5 support and some other refinements. The new version is available using mobile web browsers on both iOS and Android platforms. Microsoft's own Windows Phone 7 will have to wait until the Mango update later this year, which will add HTML5 compatibility.

apple iphone microsoft bing

In a bonus for iPhone users, searches will now automatically show relevant App Store applications in addition to normal results. Microsoft previously added an iPhone apps tab to its visual search on desktop web browsers. Top apps can be browsed by category or organized by search criteria.


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