Apple highlights new Apple TV features at WWDC

Apple TV updates Music

At the WWDC keynote earlier today Apple revealed a collection of updates and improvements to tvOS in the works. Apple TV fans will see a variety of new features, including an iPhone app that can replace the Siri Remote. While a release date for the tvOS update has not been announced, the new firmware is expected to launch in the coming months. Here are a few highlights of the changes coming to the fourth generation Apple TV.


How to stop Facebook from listening to your conversations

How to stop Facebook from listening to your conversations.

Facebook's regard for its users' privacy has once again come into question after a communications professor from the University of Southern Florida suggested that the media giant's mobile app could be using the iPhone's microphone to listen to conversations to glean information for advertising purposes. This would explain recent claims that ads pertaining to subjects that are spoken about while the app was open are showing up in people's feeds.

5 Battleplans tips that will lead you to victory

Battleplans iOS

The brilliant fantasy warfare game Battleplans has finally made its way to iOS devices. This innovative strategy game features strategy elements that make games like Clash of Clans so popular, but manages to stand out from the leaders of the genre based on its greater emphasis on defensive strategy and troop management.

iOS App(s) of the Week: Build Away, Heroes of Loot 2 and more

Build Away

There are more than 1.5 million apps available on the Apple App Store. Not only does the sheer amount of App Store options make it hard for developers to get their apps noticed, but Apple doesn't make it any easier for consumers to discover new apps with its confusing App Store interface. Today we are going to look at 5 apps, instead of one, to shed some light on the variety of noteworthy apps and games released this week.


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