Review: TICKR X Fitness Tracker

Wahoo Fitness TICKR X workout tracker.

It should be said right off the bat that Wahoo Fitness' TICKR X is much more than just a heart rate monitor. It is more of a complete workout activity tracker/training assistant that lets you monitor your heart and calorie burn rates, as well as both the motion and intensity of your workouts. We recently picked one up to see if it is a worthwhile investment.

Google Maps iOS update features offline navigation

Google maps spoken alert

Hot on the heels of last month's Google Maps update, the company has brought several new features to iOS users. While the last update added spoken traffic alerts to navigation, the most significant new change isn't even listed in the official change notes. Looking at the Google Maps iTunes preview, it's clear the company has added popular business hours and real-time gas prices. But in addition to bug fixes, version 4.13.0 gets offline navigation capability.

How to import photos directly to iPhone with iOS 9.2

Lightning photo import iPhone

The iOS 9.2 update featured a long list of improvements, bug fixes and new features. While Apple Music, News, and Mail Drop made headlines, photographers will enjoy one important item buried in the list. Apple's $29 accessory, the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter is now compatible with the iPhone. Until the iOS 9.2 launch, the cable could only be used in conjunction with an iPad.

How to add Apple Music to your Sonos wireless speakers

Apple Music on Sonos

The first official public beta of Apple Music on Sonos is now available for owners of Sonos wireless speakers. This marks the first time that Apple's new music streaming service can be used as a third-party application on a non-mobile device. Apple Music on Sonos will also replace the Beats streaming option currently offered on Sonos products.

Get an Android App Drawer on the iPhone

Android App Drawer iOS 9

iPhone owners may not be familiar with the App Drawer or App Tray found on Android devices. In a nutshell, the App Drawer provides a central location to view and launch all installed apps. Now iOS 9 users can enjoy this same convenience using the appropriately named jailbreak tweak AppDrawer. Once installed, a single app icon labeled Apps appears on the iOS home screen.

Fern launches apps from anywhere in iOS 9


App launchers are a popular category when it comes to jailbreak tweaks. Fern throws its hat in the ring with a two-part launcher, providing easy access to favorite apps. The launcher is invoked with an Activator action. Once displayed, swiping left or right on Fern will display the favorite apps or the complete app list.

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: Apple TV report card and more

Apple TV App Store Pricing

The Apple TV 4 has been available for a little over a month and there have already been conflicting reports about the success of its App Store. AppFigures, a reporting platform for mobile app developers, has been tracking the progress of the Apple TV App Store since its launch in October. The company has released a report detailing how many Apple TV apps have been launched, average pricing and more. "There are currently 2,624 apps available for download in the Apple TV App Store," according to AppFigures. At this rate AppFigures estimates that there will be 5,000 Apple TV apps available by the end of 2015, and around 10,000 apps in early 2016.

iOS App of the Week: Apple's Best of 2015

Apple's Best of 2015

Instead of our normal individual App of the Week, we're going to take a look at Apple's Best of 2015 list. Every year Apple picks its favorite iPhone and iPad apps and games released to the App Store. This year Apple selected Twitter's video streaming app Periscope as the App of the Year and Square Enix's Lara Croft GO was picked as the Game of the Year. iPhoneFAQ also selected Lara Croft GO as one of our Apps of the Week in September. You can read our review here.

Use Spotlight search from anywhere in iOS 9

AnySpot Spotlight

Spotlight on Apple mobile devices received a major upgrade with the launch of iOS 9. As usual, users can swipe down on the home screen to invoke Spotlight. With iOS 9 installed, a more detailed search screen can be displayed be swiping left to right. Spotlight provides everything from Siri app suggestions to news and specific search results by category, such as nearby food and shopping. Wouldn't it be great to have access to Spotlight from anywhere in iOS 9?


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