Can I transfer my AT&T iPhone to the Verizon Network?

Nope. Unfortunately, some information found on Verizon's website has potentially confused some unhappy AT&T iPhone owners into thinking they can jump ship with their current iPhone and not have to buy a new iPhone for the Verizon network.

This isn't the case, you cannot use an AT&T compatible iPhone 4 on the Verizon Wireless network. Your current iPhone 4 in use on the AT&T network uses GSM / HSDPA technology and is not compatible with the Verizon Wireless network. The Verizon Wireless network compatible iPhone 4 is a 3G CDMA version of the iPhone 4.

This is Verizon's loss if the are not making same net work, i know lots of people want change the the company but they cant.

I agree with you. I'm totally dissatisfied with AT&T. I'm researching now if I can keep my phone but change companies. Seems I'm out of luck on this one ://

You can if you unlock your phone. Google how to unlock phone, wipe your att iphone, unlock it, give it to your friend on verizon good to go.

No, That is not the case. It will still be a gsm phone. Unlocked, it will still only work with companies who use gsm networks. Cdma and Gsm are different technologies.

That's not true. iPhone 4S uses both gsm and CDMA . I have sprint iphone and am using it on the AT&T network. Works perfect

Yes, you can switch over an LTE iPhone from any network. More than likely if you are switching to a new carrier and want to keep your iPhone, they will unlock it for you to activate on their network. I just switched my 5s from Verizon to ATT with no problems. They just switched out the sim card.

Can you explain to me how? I have a sprint iphone 4s and cant get anyone to unlock it or anything I'm about to take this phone and stomp on it. I have att and need to figure this out. No one is willing to help me im about to lose it

How did you do this? I'm transferring my verizon number onto an AT&T iPhone 4s but would like to keep using Verizon.

Being a CDMA network, Verizon reserves the rights to allow whichever devices they want to use their service. Verizon chooses to only allow Verizon branded devices on its network. The issue does NOT have to do with hardware or device capability, but rather Verizon wanting you to buy a device from them!

you idiot. it has everything to do with hardware lol. if a phone is GSM it can't connect to verizon. the modem in the phone has to be able to support those bands. do your research before you go trolling around giving people false answers. people like you are why other people do everything wrong.