How can I mass delete all of my iPhone camera roll photos?

Looking to clear up some space on your iPhone camera roll? Deleting multiple photos is great, until you need to delete thousands of photos in one shot. So how can you clear out the camera roll and remove a batch of photos and videos?

To select and delete some or all of your iPhone camera roll photos, you must use an application on your computer with the iPhone connected via USB.

On a Mac, you can use the application Image Capture. This will show all of the photos on your iPhone camera roll. Image Capture can be used to import the photos to your computer or delete multiple pictures all at once.

On Windows, freeware called iExplorer can be downloaded (available for Mac as well).

Once installed, connect your iPhone to the computer and open iExplorer. Photos can be found on your device in the directory Media/DCIM. You will see one or more folders titled "100APPLE". The images and videos stored in these photos are on your camera roll. Select multiple images then click the Delete button to remove them all at once.

UPDATED for iOS 8: Learn the fastest way to delete multiple photos from your camera roll using the Photo app here, or you can try third-party apps like Purrge.

did that with iexplorer and the images are still in camera roll??
bad quality images, but there still there
need a working solution

I always forget about Image Capture - thanks for the tip!

I just did this using Image Capture on my Macbook Pro. You have to make sure that you click the box "delete after import" in the lower left corner of the screen. I had over 5000 pics and videos on my iPhone 5 camera roll. Took over one hour to download, but now I have 8 GB of space on my phone!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Don't get iExplorer, not worth it and the free demo doesn't really work. Apple is a little cryptic, but use Image Capture.

Here is how:

If you wana delete a lot but not all photos try this: plug in iphone open iphoto (there's probs a similar option on windows, someone, please confim if you know) import the photos you want to DELETE from iphone, when it's done the option comes up 'delete or keep imported photos on iphone' click delete - done!

why dont i have permission to delete

iTunes on a Windows PC - if like me you've been struggling to find a way of mass deleting your photos from your iPhone camera roll (iPhone 4S/5S & Windows 7) you can use Windows own photo editor - Windows Live Photo Gallery -
I've never used this program for anything else and like you have been extremely frustrated by Apple's lack of support for owners of their expensive phones who prefer not to use their mac hardware. (Before any die-hards jump up and squeal, I use macs extensively through work but prefer PC for personal use at home).
With your iPhone connected to your PC, start up the Windows Live Gallery, make sure your phone is shown as one of the devices connected. Select 'Import'
In the 'pop-up' window select the phone, the program will search for all relevant files i.e any images.
Check 'Import ALL new items now' but also open the 'More options' link at the bottom left of this pop-up. In here you can decide where to import the images (I make a new folder via the Browse button)
BUT more importantly there is an option here to 'check' the 'Delete files from device after importing'!!

This is what you've been looking for :) it's the option Mac users have with their iPhoto etc
Now you can go ahead, safely clear your phone of thousands of images safely in the knowledge that you have them backed up to your computer/alternative storage (I suggest transferring to the PC internal hard disk, i.e a folder within 'My Photos' first, then afterwards move them to external hard drive simply for speed of transfer, otherwise you may have to leave your phone connected for ages if data 'write' speeds are too slow getting to an external storage).

Unfortunately this is not common enough knowledge, most official Mac technical help people are not aware of it either because generally they're only trained up for Mac advice. So spread your own knowledge now when you can.

I was trying to set up a new iPhone 5S from my 'back-up' on iTunes but was furious that all the images from my old phone insisted on living on the new one as well, no end of checking/unchecking boxes in sync options etc was helping, so I was ending up with a brand new phone already full of data. So, yes, you do begin with a load of images to delete from a new phone if you've just restored it but at least now you know how to clear them off and start afresh..... now make a new back up of your new phone but with a nice clean Camera Roll.

Excellent resource--thank you!

You sir, are a genius! Exactly what i was looking for. Let the force be with you.Cheers!

Thanks for these info, I want also share with you in the same domain how you can delete your iPhone photos by using Windows PCs, Mac, and your iPhone camera roll, also how to delete synced photos and more....

What do I do if Image Capture does not see the images on my iPhone? To clarify: Image Capture tells me that the iPhone 5 connected to my Mac has "0 images", but there are 259 photos still on my iPhone 5