How can I download YouTube videos to my iPhone?

How can I download YouTube videos to my iPhone?

The YouTube iOS app is great when you have a data connection. What about when your iPhone or iPad is offline? There are several App Store apps that make it possible to download YouTube videos directly to your device for offline viewing anytime. Many third-party apps also have the benefit of other features not found on the official YouTube iOS application.

Here are some iOS apps that will download YouTube videos to iOS:

(Free) MxTube for YouTube [4.5 stars, 152 ratings]
(Free) ProTuber [3.5 stars, 406 ratings]

($1.99) PlayTube Pro [4.5 stars, 38 ratings]
($1.99) MyTube for YouTube [4 stars, 245 ratings]

($2.99) VIATube [4.5 stars, 10 ratings]



Great Information Best YouTube download for android.

to iOS actually
but the best is Softorino YouTube Converter, cuz it saves it to native video app in 2 secs
look it up

thanks a lot Julia
actually I'm using another Softorino's app - WALTR and it's great news to have YT Converter made by you!

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Thank u!

Most of those apps are not available in the United States

Try Softorino YouTube Converter
It`s a Mac app, that transferes YouTube videos to iPhone native videos app
works everywhere

Does the app
Work I don't see where you hit record

Tube2gram. com is much easier than downloading any app. you can do it on safari

I use free online service, it's fast and free.
1.Enter Video URL in the field above and press "Download video"
2. Select the format/quality and start download
Very simple!

How do you save it to you iPhone once it's downloaded???

i use

The ONLY option I've found that works for mobile is Go to, enter the video URL, enter your email, the service emails you the video (or audio). Fast simple and it works.

Here is how I do that:
First download YouTube video or MP3 from the YouTube site, then transfer the downloaded videos to iPhone via Wi-Fi. This is the simplest method I found out yet. More tutorials can be found out here:

You see: Top 3 Best YouTube Free Downloaders
Click here: