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Opera Reveals Ice Browser for iOS Coming Soon

Opera Software will launch a new mobile web browser based on WebKit dubbed "Opera Ice". The app will launch in both iOS and Android flavors, and provide a new design intended to simplify the smartphone web browsing experience. Opera's current app, Opera Mini will remain available in the App Store.

Opera Ice iOS app

Opera plans continue development of Opera Mini and use the software as a platform to introduce its users to new mobile apps. When it comes to Opera Ice, the browser will feature an optional home page much like the Speed Dial featured on Opera's desktop software. Users can set their favorite or most-used web pages into a grid of icons for quick access.

Report: Apple to Release iTunes 11 Within Days

After a delay last month, Apple is likely to release iTunes 11 before the end of November. This is according to a report in MacRumors that confirms the software launch will take place within the next few days. Apparently labels have been asked by Apple to submit photos and galleries of their artists.

iTunes 11 launch date

iTunes 11 will feature a redesigned music store layout, which is where Apple could feature the new artist images. Feiyr, a German music distribution service, sent an email to their artists requesting new art for the upcoming iTunes update. Their message stated that iTunes was coming within days and pointed artists to the Promotion section of their website to submit images.

Apple Working Around the Clock to Improve iOS 6 Maps

For those iPhone owners who aren't the biggest fans of Apple's home grown Maps application, take heart. The company has explicitly stated during its earnings call today that work continues on improving Maps. Apple made the decision to replace Google Maps with the launch of iOS 6.

iOS 6 maps features

The announcement came directly from CFO Peter Oppenheimer, who stated that Apple has "made a number of improvements to Maps over the past month and will work nonstop until Maps lives up to our incredibly high standards." No doubt Apple has Google in their sights and does not want to be considered the inferior solution.

iOS 6 Set to Impress With Flyover 3D Mapping

The images we've seen so far from Apple's 3D mapping software destined for iOS 6 are nothing less than stunning. AppleInsider gives us an in-depth comparison between Apple's Flyover maps and Google Street View, which provide more insight into how the new Maps app will look on the iPhone 5.

iOS 6 Flyover 3D maps

The level of detail in cities where 3D mapping and aerial photography data exist is much better in the Apple product according to screenshots. Although Google Street View lets us see everything close up from the ground level, the aerial view provided by Apple is continuous and still allows the viewer to look down individual streets for landmarks.

Major SMS Security Flaw Discovered on iPhone

Ever worry that someone is trying to spoof the origin of text messages on your iPhone? Well according to developer pod2g you should. Although the security flaw he cites is not capable of executing malicious code, it can be exploited to fake the origin of an SMS to an unsuspecting iPhone user.

SMS security hole iPhone

Pod2g is hoping Apple fixes the problem before the final release of iOS 6. If iOS dealt with incoming text message information properly, the message would display the reply-to (spoofed) phone number as well as the actual originating phone number. As currently configured, iOS only shows the reply-to number.


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