AT&T In-Flight LTE Network Takes Off in 2015

AT&T Mobility will soon be dedicating a portion of its spectrum to an LTE air-to-ground network, keeping customers connected in-flight. The service is planned for launch in late 2015. Airline passengers will be able to keep in touch with reliable, high-speed data service via Wi-Fi at 35,000 feet.

AT&T in-air LTE

Currently, Gogo offers in-flight Wi-Fi services for air travelers across the US. The company has fitted thousands of aircraft with its technology, however its stock took a dip after the announcement from AT&T. The planned network will also provide improved connectivity for aviation customers, such as better cockpit communications and crew services.

Sprint Adds 70 New Markets to its 4G LTE Network

Sprint announced today that its 4G LTE network now spans 70 new markets. The large list of Sprint LTE-enabled cities now includes major additions such as Green Bay, San Diego, Little Rock and Orlando. You can see a complete list of all the cities now covered by Sprint's LTE network below.

Sprint LTE

Sprint also recently announced that its Sprint Spark would soon be available on Samsung Galaxy S 4 handsets. Spark is an enhanced LTE network which allows tri-band devices to move seamlessly between spectrum bands. Sprint promises its new Spark network will help devices like the Galaxy S 4 reach "unprecedented speeds" and improve in-building signals and call quality / clarity. Spark is also the first network to reach 1GB download speeds over-the-air, according to Sprint.

AT&T Brings 4G LTE Online in 30 New Markets

The original iPhone data carrier continues to improve its LTE and 4G service with numerous investments in network technology across the United States. AT&T has recently announced 4G LTE service in 30 new markets across the country, steadily rolling out the fastest data service to more customers.

ATT more LTE markets

Although Verizon Wireless is ahead in the coverage game with more markets on LTE nationwide, speed tests are different. AT&T dominates as the fastest mobile data service, according to independent tests by Consumer Reports, PC World, and Rootmetrics. So where can AT&T subscribers begin enjoying these fast LTE speeds on their iOS devices?

AnandTech: iPhone Data Speeds are Not Throttled by Apple

A recent report accused Apple and wireless carriers of purposely slowing down data speeds on iOS devices. The controversy revolved around so-called "throttle coding" in carrier files used for network provisioning. The site AnandTech has now published a thorough report explaining why this is not the case.

Speed Test iOS

Not only does Apple have no incentive to limit data speeds on iOS devices, but traffic is better managed on the network as opposed to locally on individual iPhones. AnandTech also throws cold water on the concept that installing modified carrier files can "magically" increase data speeds on iOS. Basically, nothing on Apple's mobile devices prevents the iPhone or iPad from utilizing whatever is provided by the cellular network.

AT&T Continues 4G LTE Network Expansion

Wireless carrier AT&T is making progress on its goal to deliver 4G LTE service to over 300 million people by the end of 2014. The latest announcement brings the total number of markets with 4G LTE availability to 190 nationwide. LTE service has been expanded in Denver, Colorado, Louisville, Kentucky, Mount Vernon, Washington and Oxford, Mississippi.

ATT mobility LTE

For customers in six other cites, LTE has been switched on. These include Flint, Michigan, Kokomo, Indiana, Morgantown, West Virginia, Petersburg, Virginia, Shelbyville, Kentucky and Springfield Missouri. AT&T continues to be the second largest wireless carrier in the US, six years after it first launched the iPhone in an exclusive agreement with Apple.


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