Personal Data Compromised by iPhone Worm

Jailbroken iPhones have been attacked again. iBotnet.A is the latest in a string of attacks to exploit the root password common to iPhones running SSH. The only way to insure security (besides NOT jailbreaking your iPhone) is to change your root password.

iBotnet.A (also known as Ikee.B or the "Duh" virus) spreads from iPhone to iPhone across the network sending personal data to a server located in Lithuania. Address ranges from service providers in Portugal, Hungary, Australia and the Netherlands have been targeted.

Analyst: T-Mobile iPhone in 2010

Speculation has been rampant over a Verizon Wireless iPhone, however a simpler path for Apple to expand its iPhone market would be to offer the device to T-Mobile. Doug Reid, an analyst at Thomas Weisel, sees this move as a logical step.

Apple already offers the iPhone through Germany's T-Mobile unit (T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telekom). The carrier has compatible wireless technology to AT&T and wouldn't require any hardware changes to the iPhone, unlike any move to Verizon Wireless.

Qualcomm Wants the Verizon iPhone

Qualcomm is talking to Apple about its new hybrid mobile chipsets going into future iPhones. These chips would make it possible for one iPhone to work on several different carriers, including Verizon and AT&T.

The chips are not expected to make it into the summer 2010 iPhone release, as they are too new to have been properly field tested. DigiTimes is reporting that Qualcomm is looking for a deal with Apple for "future cooperation".

iPhone Makes a Splash in South Korea

Unlike Apple's lackluster product launch in China, South Koreans are going crazy for the iPhone. Long lines were seen in Seoul overnight and 65,000 people pre-ordered the device.

KT Corp is the country's second largest mobile carrier. The company expects the iPhone to boost their subscriber base and they hope to sell up to 500,000 units. Only one percent of mobile phones in South Korea are smartphones.

Microsoft Silverlight Coming to iPhone

Microsoft is adding iPhone compatibility to Silverlight and has already demonstrated the technology. No modifications to Safari are necessary, as the software will send video in an iPhone-compatible H.264 stream just like YouTube and other streaming sites do currently.

Content providers will have the option of making their Silverlight streaming video iPhone-compatible now that Microsoft has added the feature on the server side.

Apple Testing Next Generation iPhone

Apple is right on schedule to release the next generation iPhone in summer of 2010. Unreleased iPhone hardware version 3,1 has been logged by PinchMedia this month in San Francisco. This means the company is already field testing hardware for the next model iPhone.

In the past, Apple has field tested other iPhone models 6-8 months before release. The jump in hardware designation from 2,1 to 3,1 indicates the hardware update from the 3GS to the next model will be significant.

iPhones Generate Half of All Mobile Ad Requests

For the first time, iPhones have taken a solid 50% share of global AdMob traffic. This means that iPhone users generate more requests more often than any other smartphone in the world.

This has been the case for some time, as the iPhone has consistently outperformed its actual hardware market share. Although iPhone users demand more bandwidth than average smartphone users, the platform also offers many apps with plenty of room for advertising.

Analyst: AT&T Exclusive iPhone Deal Up in June

Fans of other wireless carriers can rejoice. The end is near for AT&T's exclusive deal with Apple to offer the iPhone in the US. Broadpoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall claims the expiration date is June 2010.

AT&T is said to be in negotiations to extend the deal through 2011. The iPhone deal could be of even greater importance to the carrier since Verizon will have LTE (4G) technology up and running in 20-30 markets in 2010.

Avoid the Crowds With iPhone Mall Maps

Looking to get in and out of your local mall as quickly as possible this holiday season? A new iPhone app from Medl Mobile will give you the tools to buy the goods and plan your escape. No more wandering, window shopping or searching for a map.

Mall Maps is worth $2.99 if you're looking for an efficient shopping experience. The Mall Maps database contains over 1,000 shopping centers in 50 states across the US. If you can't find the mall itself, this app will let you know where the closest malls are using GPS and give you directions.

Your iPhone Speaks Klingon

Klingons are jerks. Now you can communicate with them using your iPhone. Don't be at a loss for words after some kid wearing tights grunts in your general direction.

iphone app klingon

Now you can tell him to go away in his favorite fictional language. Ultralingua offers a complete Klingon language suite on the Apple app store for $11.99.

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