Why is LTE Equipment Popping Up In Apple Stores?

BGR, the tech blog who announced that the iPhone 5 would be here in a few weeks, dusted off an old iPhone rumor by claiming they got their hands on an internal iOS test build that features property list files for LTE.

BGR says Apple's carrier partners are testing LTE capable iPhone models, much like Sprint employees are testing the iPhone 5. And the LTE rumors didn't stop there. Today, Engadget fueled the fire by publishing an image of 4G LTE equipment inside an Apple store.

4G LTE iPhone

The Engadget tipster revealed that AT&T installed a piece of equipment that supports 700MHz and AWS bands in an unnamed Apple store. In March, AT&T revealed its plans to use T-Mobile's 700MHz LTE spectrum if their merger ever went through.

iOS 5 Features Now: Install Notification Center

Apple plans to release the iOS 5 Notification Center this fall, which makes it possible to easily access information from the lock screen or anytime with a simple gesture on the task bar. Fortunately for those who have already jailbroken their iOS devices similar functionality already exists. All it takes is a properly installed and configured tweak called LockInfo.

iOS 5 Notification Center now Cydia

Although LockInfo costs $7.99, the app is worth the price for the new features it makes possible right now. It also comes with a 14-day free trial so you don't have to commit before trying out the app. If you don't think it's worth the money Cydia can easily remove LockInfo before or after the free trial ends. To install and configure LockInfo follow these steps:

iPhone 5 Roundup: Ignore These Silly Rumors

Sometimes the Apple rumor mill spins out of control. Way out of control. The hype surrounding the iPhone 5 is no different, but lately we've seen some stories surface that are complete speculation or absolutely bogus. Separating the wheat from the chaff can be tough, but other times it's so easy we have to laugh.

Apple iPhone rumors out of control

First of all, for those expecting a September 7th Apple event you can cancel the party planning. Japanese site Kodawarisan first brought up the date after being told by "a source in the know" but we're not buying this. The Loop has confirmed with their Apple sources that the company has no such plans. Given The Loop's track record it would appear that the first Wednesday in September will be boring after all.

iOS 5 Features Now: Improved Push Notifications

Push notifications are great, except when they constantly interrupt what you're doing on the iPhone. Luckily for iPhone owners with iOS 4.0 or later developer Peter Hajas has released a tweak that greatly improves iPhone notifications. In fact, Apple has even hired Peter to implement his MobileNotifier software in iOS 5.

improved notifications MobileNotifier Cydia

If your iPhone is jailbroken you can install this tweak and start enjoying the benefits of MobileNotifier immediately. To get started, open Cydia and follow these instructions to add a repository.

Rumor: iPhone 5 Delayed Until March 2012!

Just when I thought late October would be the last invented iPhone 5 launch date, KitGuru comes along and extends the possible release window to March 2012! According to the rumor mill, this means that the iPhone 5 could be launched sometime between late August and March of 2012. So basically, us tech bloggers have spent the last few months telling you that Apple will most likely release another phone after the iPhone 4, possibly sometime between today and the end of time. You're welcome!

iPhone 5

On Friday morning, the Japanese website Kodawarisan announced that Apple's Fall Event would be held on September 7th. This event is normally reserved for iPod news, but Apple is expected to switch gears and announce their next-generation iPhone. However, KitGuru reports that a "slimmed down, cheap version of the iPhone" will be announced instead, and go on sale around October 1st. This supports the Wall Street Journal's latest report that a new iPhone will be available sometime this October.

New Apple Patent Hints at Global iPhone

A newly discovered Apple patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office outlines a new method for iPhone users to determine carrier rankings.

Global iPhone

The filing, submitted in April of last year, and discovered by Apple Insider this week, would allow iPhone owners to search for competing carriers and service plans directly on their phones. In 2010, Apple was rumored to be working on an embedded SIM iPhone service that would allow users to shop for a plan on their device, instead of dealing directly with the carriers. This angered European carriers who threatened to cut subsidies if Apple went ahead with their plan.

iPhone 5 Renderings Based on Leaked Case Designs

You may have heard that past results do not indicate future performance. Well when it comes to leaked iPhone case designs the track record is relatively good. That's why MacRumors decided to hire some professional designers to speculate on what the iPhone 5 might look like.

MacRumors designs iPhone 5

Pictured above is one of the renderings, based directly on leaked Chinese iPhone 5 case designs. Measurements were taken to reverse-design the Apple device that would fit inside these cases and the result is an iPad-like refinement of the fifth-generation iPhone.

Facebook: A Faster and Easier Way to Send Messages With Your iPhone

Facebook rolled out a new messaging system for iPhones and Android devices on Tuesday. The new Facebook messaging app simplifies the way you stay in contact with your friends and family by offering an extension of the Facebook messaging feature.

iPhone messaging

Facebook Messaging is a separate app that allows you to use one click to receive or send messages that are sent through notifications or texts, making it easier for you to connect with your friends on facbook or in your phone's contact list. The app saves all e-mails, texts, and messages so you can keep track of conversations on your mobile device or computer.

iOS 5 Beta Reveals Integrated Speech-to-Text Functions

Apple is set to release iOS 5 this fall and with it a long list of new features. Some of these have been announced by Apple while others have been discovered by developers. One major change on the horizon falls into the latter category: deep voice recognition integration with the entire iPhone iOS system.

iOS 5 beta 5 voice to text

New screenshots have been revealed by 9to5mac showing how speech-to-text functionality is built into iOS 5. Although speech transcription has been rumored for some time, it's possible these screenshots show parts of iOS 5 that will not be released by Apple in the final version.

Get iPhone iOS 5 Features Now: Use FaceTime Over 3G

iPhone 4 owners who use FaceTime are no doubt familiar with the FaceTime Unavailable message: Turn on cellular data or use Wi-Fi to use FaceTime. Reports indicate that Apple may be planning to enable FaceTime over 3G with the release of iOS 5. This is a welcome change however some wireless carriers might not allow the practice, especially with unlimited data plans.

FaceTime error Wi-Fi only

Fortunately you can ensure 3G access to FaceTime right now with a jailbreak Cydia package called My3G. We've featured My3G as a must-have app in the past and for $3.99 it's still worth every penny. Not only this, but My3G will also allow other data apps to use the 3G connection instead of operating on Wi-Fi only.


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