Sprint Moves Closer to T-Mobile Buyout Deal

Another merger is getting closer to reality with news of the latest negotiations between Sprint and T-Mobile making headlines at Bloomberg. Sprint looks to acquire T-Mobile in a $32 billion deal that would create the third largest wireless carrier in the US.

Sprint acquisition T-Mobile

The two carriers would boast 99 million subscribers combined, falling in behind AT&T's 108 million and Verizon's 120 million customers. SoftBank, which owns 80 percent of Sprint, is looking to create a more formidable competitor in the market. The news comes as other consolidation deals are being scrutinized in the industry, including AT&T's planned buyout of DirecTV.

Razer Announces New Mobile Game Controller for the iPhone

The popular hardware company Razer has announced a new MFi (Made For iOS) gaming controller for the iPhone. Razer describes the "Junglecat" as a "light weight and ultra-slim" gamepad case for hardcore gamers. The controller is designed with portability in mind measuring in at only 20mm thin so it can easily fit in your pocket. The Junglecat also features a slide-out tray that houses its D-pad, ABXY action buttons and bumpers, which makes it around the same size as a standard iPhone case when it is closed.

Razer Junglecat

What separates the Junglecat from other MFi controllers on the market is its companion app which allows users to customize their experience. For example, gamers can use the app to adjust the sensitivity of each individual button and remap them anyway they want. Razer also promises that the Junglecat will deliver the full "tactility and precision of a full-fledged" gaming controller.

iOS 8 Keyboard to See Major Changes this Fall

The iOS keyboard made a star appearance at this year's WWDC, and for good reason. Not only does iOS 8 promise to bake new functionality into the virtual keyboard, but developers can release third-party keyboards for use on any iOS 8 device. Rumors of Swype integration with iOS were floated last year and now it looks like Swype will be just one of many custom keyboards available.

iOS 8 keyboard third party improvements

While Swype's patented tech allows for typing with one continuous gesture, examples of possible keyboard tweaks have been available in the jailbreak community for some time. From cosmetic keyboard changes such as Bloard to functional improvements like SwipeSelection the sky's the limit.

DuckDuckGo Added to Safari Search Options in iOS 8 and OS X 10

Apple has added DuckDuckGo as one of its search engines options in iOS 8 and OS X 10 Yosemite. The privacy-focused company said they were "thrilled to be included in Safari" on their official blog announcement posted on Tuesday. DuckDuckGo was designed to be an alternative to other search engines such as Google who are known for tracking its users.


The addition of DuckDuckGo is also another chapter in the long running feud between Apple and Google. Apple has been purging itself of Google products since it ditched its stock YouTube and Google Maps app with the release of iOS 6.

iOS 8 Brings Improved Zoom Feature to the iPhone and iPad

As usual Apple did not cover everything iOS 8 has to offer during its public keynote on Monday, but the company did display a graphic detailing the less important features at the end of its preview of its new operating system. One of the listed features that flew under the radar was "improved zoom for accessibility". Currently in iOS 7 users can navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility to activate the "Zoom" option which allows you to use a three-finger tap to magnify text on your display. In iOS 8 the Zoom settings will now allow users to open a magnify glass that can be positioned anywhere to enlarge a specific area of your display.

iOS 8 Zoom

The magnify bubble can be enlarged to cover more of your display and comes with its own settings for you to configure. You can see the improved zoom feature at work (3:30 mark) during the 9to5Mac video posted below.



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