Verizon iPhone Insurance: Don't Buy From Verizon / Asurion

If you're a regular iPhoneFAQ reader, this won't be the first time you've heard us advise you against buying iPhone or other mobile phone insurance through your wireless provider. When AT&T began offering iPhone insurance, we demonstrated how overpriced and undervalued their policy offerings were, hopefully saving many of you a great deal of money and frustration. Since the Verizon iPhone was announced, we've been waiting to find out what Verizon was going to step up to the plate with on the insurance front, hoping we'd be impressed. Unsurprisingly enough, we're not.

cracked iphone insurance verizon

Hoping for anything else was sort of pointless given that Verizon and AT&T both offer insurance through the same third party company, Asurion. While the coverage that Asurion offers is excellent, the pricing is anything but. So, even though the same wizard is behind the curtain at both AT&T and Verizon and not ignoring the fact that replacement costs to the consumer are roughly $50 higher with the CDMA iPhone, we were hoping we'd see Verizon pushing aggressive pricing for insurance to give AT&T iPhone owners more reasons to switch.

iControlPad iPhone Gaming Accessory Available for Order

The long wait is over for iPhone gaming enthusiasts. Finally the iControlPad, a concept that first surfaced in May 2008 is available for order and shipping next week. The device has two clamps that snap on around any model of iPhone, instantly giving the phone portable gaming controls.

apple iphone accessory icontrolpad

iControlPad works with other smartphones as well thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. Essentially the accessory holds the device of your choice in place and provides a digital d-pad, two analog nubs, six front buttons and two rear buttons. At 1500 mAh, the battery in the iControlPad can even charge your iPhone with a USB cable.

Verizon iPhone 4 Suffers From Antenna Death Grip

Antennagate could be coming to a Verizon Wireless location near you. Turns out when Apple said any changes to the Verizon iPhone 4 antenna were simply to accommodate the CDMA network, they meant it. Some were hopeful that visible changes in the external antenna design would improve reception problems when the phone is gripped in specific ways.

apple iphone 4 verizon wireless CDMA

Now that the Verizon iPhone has made its way into the hands of consumers there are reports of the same reception issues that AT&T customers experienced. Holding the iPhone in specific ways that cover the sides of the device cause a drop in signal strength due to the external design of the antenna.

Google Translate iPhone App Listens and Speaks

Those looking for a Babel Fish can now have the next best thing on their iPhones. Today Google released the iOS version of its Translate app. This mobile powerhouse will translate between more than 50 different languages. What's more, Google Translate listens to spoken sentences in 15 different languages and spits out a written translation.

Google Translate iOS app speaks

Text in 23 languages can also be spoken aloud by your iPhone with the press of a button. The app also features a zoom capability that makes the translated text large on your screen to show another person what you're trying to say. Speaking words into the app is as simple as pressing the microphone button, while entering text with the keyboard is also possible.

Verizon iPhone 4 Already Has Dual-Mode Chip (CDMA/GSM Worldphone)

Now that the Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 has hit the streets, people have started taking it apart to see what makes the device tick. iFixyouri performed a teardown and reveals that the latest Apple handset is shipping with the Qualcomm Gobi MDM6600 dual-mode 3G modem. Currently the chip is only being used for Verizon's CDMA network, as GSM functionality requires a SIM card.

apple iphone 4 verizon wireless hybrid qualcomm baseband

Rumors were flying ahead of the Verizon iPhone 4 release that Apple would launch a hybrid device capable of operating on a variety of networks. Now analysts expect the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will also use the Qualcomm chip, designed to work on both AT&T and Verizon 3G networks as well as networks around the globe.

White iPhone 4 Almost Here: Best Buy Display Ready

Engadget is reporting that shelf space, tagged and ready for the white iPhone 4, has been spotted at Best Buy. Rumors of late have indicated that the white iPhone 4 was nearing its debut, after remaining elusive since the release of its black counterpart last summer. As the image below clearly shows, Best Buy is preparing to stock and sell the white iPhone in the near future.

white iphone 4 shelf spotted best buy

Further reports to Endgadget have revealed that Canadian retailer The Source is also making room on its shelves for the white iPhone 4. The Source is the Canadian version of Radio Shack in the states.

Angry Birds Valentine's Day iPhone Pack Coming Monday

Game developer Rovio is at it again, with 18 new Angry Birds levels commemorating Valentine's Day coming to Angry Birds Seasons. According to reports, the updated expansion pack will make its way onto the App Store on Monday, a full week before the holiday. Those who already have Angry Birds Seasons will get the new levels for free.

apple iphone app Angry Birds Seasons valentines day

The app, last updated on December 10, costs $0.99 and already includes 45 levels for Halloween and 25 Christmas-themed levels. An HD version is also available for the iPad for $1.99. Valentine's Day levels will be contained in a new episode titled "Hogs and Kisses".

Verizon Sells Out of Preorder iPhone 4 Stock

The iPhone 4 outsold every previous Verizon smartphone launch to date, all in the first two hours. In fact, Verizon sold out the entire inventory it set aside for existing customers in just 17 hours. The number of units sold has not been released by the company, however they have stopped taking pre-orders and are recommending that interested customers order the iPhone 4 online February 9 starting at 3:01 AM EST.

apple iphone 4 verizon wireless CDMA

On February 10, 2011 Verizon Wireless stores will open at 7:00 AM to accommodate the official in-store release day. Verizon offered the early pre-order to existing customers only and has asked employees to wait on getting an iPhone 4 until initial customer demand is fulfilled. Verizon joins the Apple store, Best Buy and selected Wal-Mart stores in offering the CDMA iPhone 4.

Best Buy Selling Verizon iPhone on Launch Day

For those who aren't interested in ordering the Verizon iPhone 4 online, there's now a third location where you can wait in line and squabble over limited inventory. Best Buy has added its name to the list of retailers who will carry the Verizon iPhone 4 starting on launch day.

apple iphone 4 verizon wireless best buy release

The third-party retailer joins the ranks of the Apple Store and Verizon Wireless in offering the CDMA iPhone 4 on February 10, 2011. Although it was rumored that Best Buy training materials hyped AT&T's network speeds as superior, company spokespeople have stated that the company has no interest in pushing one carrier over another. Best Buy intends to be neutral and offer consumers the best mobile phone for their individual situation and preferences.

Verizon Customers: Pre-Order Your iPhone Now. Here's How.

Though supplies are limited, existing customers were given the opportunity to reserve a Verizon iPhone starting at 3 AM this morning. This opportunity continues, with Verizon iPhone pre-orders still open and available at this time. If you're not currently a Verizon customer, including AT&T customers wishing to switch to a Verizon iPhone, you'll have to wait until February 9th to pre-order. The Verizon iPhone will be available in full release on February 10th, both nationwide at Verizon and Apple retail stores and online.

pre-order the verizon iphone now

If you're hoping to get your hands on the Verizon iPhone, we strongly recommend pre-ordering. You'll avoid long lines on release day as well as avoiding the possibility that the iPhone will sell out before you can get one. If you're an existing Verizon customer, and would like to pre-order the Verizon iPhone, here's how to get it done:


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