Kingdom Rush 1 and 2 Holiday Updates Now Available

Both the original Kingdom Rush and its sequel Kingdom Rush Frontiers have received free holiday updates from Ironhide Game Studio.

Kingdom Rush has been updated with a new mission, where players must help the elves defeat a new evil that has risen from the depths of the Rotten Forest. The update includes the new free stage The Fungal Forest, a new boss fight against Myconid and his Rothshrooms, a new hero named The Mighty Thor and new achievements and Easter eggs!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Holiday Update

In Frontiers, the Saurians are back, and they're seeking revenge right before the holidays! The update brings the new free level The Darklight Depths, a new boss fight with King Xyzzy and his Saurian Deathcoils, a new FREE hero named Bruxa aka "the voodoo priest, master of black magic," and a new $4.99 hero Khaz the Minotaur Warlord.

Apple Shares Dip Due to Developments in China

The price of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares slid nearly two percent Wednesday morning due, most likely, to two disappointing developments in China. For the last month rumors have been swirling that China Mobile would announce the availability of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on its network, which it did not do; and Jabil Circuit, a parts provider for Apple, issued earnings guidance that fell far short of expectations.

AAPL dips

Investors and enthusiasts alike were expecting China Mobile, the world's largest wireless carrier, to announce that it would begin selling Apple's iPhones on December 18th, despite the fact that neither Apple nor China Mobile ever officially confirmed today as the launch date. The speculation was bolstered by China Mobile's December 18th launch date of its 4G network, which it did in fact carry out. Despite the lack of an announcement, analysts do not appear alarmed. In a note to

EA Holiday Sale: Over 40 iOS Games Only $1

Electronic Arts annual App Store holiday sale has officially kicked off with over 40 discounted games. Popular titles such as The Sims: Medieval and Dead Space are only $0.99 for a limited time. A lot of these games normally cost around $6 to $8 to download.

EA Games

EA's holiday sale used to be a popular yearly tradition, but it has lost some of its appeal now that EA has embraced the free-to-play model. For example, EA's last few big releases The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Real Racing 3 are all free to play, but they are also some of the top grossing iPhone apps of 2013. While a lot of hardcore gamers dislike freemium games, popular iOS titles like Candy Crush Saga have proven that in-app purchases are the way to go when trying to cash in on the App Store.

Apple's iPhone 5s Ranks Third Most Popular Google Search of 2013

On Tuesday Google released its annual Year-End-Zeitgeist ("spirit of the time" from the German), in which they reflect upon the people, places and events of the year that garnered the world's attention. The Top Trending Searches ranking is the most significant of 1,000+ categories that draw on search data from 72 countries. This year's revealed the iPhone 5s as the third most popular global trending search of 2013.

Google Zeitgeist

Coming in first was South African civil rights champion Nelson Mandela, followed by Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame, both of whom passed away in the last few weeks. The Samsung Galaxy s4 was the only other smartphone to place, coming in

Google Glass App Mysteriously Pulled From the Apple App Store

The Google Glass companion app MyGlass was briefly released for iOS devices on Tuesday, but it was mysteriously pulled a few hours later. Google eventually told The Verge it was removed so it could be re-released to "coincide with the latest monthly software update". MyGlass was originally only available on Android devices, and this was the first time it had been offered to iOS users.


The app allowed Google Glass owners to manage their device and get navigation directions from their iPhone. It also gave iPhone owners the ability to stream what they were seeing on Glass to their device's display.


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