iPhone 3GS Security Weakness

If you thought your iPhone 3GS was more secure than the original iPhone or the iPhone 3G, think again. iPhone developer and hacker extraordinaire Jonathan Zdziarski says the encryption Apple has implemented on the iPhone 3GS is next to worthless.

With many businesses, higher education institutions, and government agencies starting to use the iPhone, Zdziarski cites poor encryption as cause for concern. In a demonstration to Wired, he pulled live sensitive data from an iPhone 3GS using readily available free software in only two minutes.

Apple iPhone Sales Going Ballistic

We're in a global economic recession, right? You wouldn't know it from looking at the latest iPhone sales statistics. Apple's stock jumped six dollars to $158 per share after the company announced its revenues for the third quarter.

Total revenue was $8.3 billion, leaving Apple with a net quarterly profit of $1.2 billion. According to Tim Cook, the Chief Operating Officer, "Apple can’t keep up with demand in the 18 countries where the 3GS model is now sold, a situation that won’t change in the short term."

Navigon iPhone GPS Features One-Time Cost

The TomTom iPhone GPS hardware and software combination may have been featured by Apple at this year's WWDC, however Navigon has already hit the marketplace. Navigon is a full-featured turn-by-turn GPS navigation system for iPhone.

apple iphone navigon

Navigon's MobileNavigator North America is available now on the Apple App Store. Although the price sounds steep at $69.99 (increasing to $99.99 on August 16th), this is a one-time cost with no ongoing subscription fees. In contrast, AT&T Navigator is a free download, but incurs a monthly fee of $9.95.

iPhone Dev-Team: Our Unlock Beats purplesn0w

You may be in the market for a good iPhone unlock. Everyone likes to save money roaming overseas. Some of us just can't stand our current wireless carrier and want to break free. Turns out there's more than one solution available.

apple iphone unlock

Two of the top competing software packages have been released and they are very similar. Even their names, purplesn0w and ultrasn0w are so alike it can be confusing. Turns out that geohot, the developer of purplesn0w, released his source code.

Unlocking Breaks iPhone Push Notification

Reports have surfaced that unlocking your iPhone for use with another carrier will disable application push notifications. There is some debate over whether or not Apple is simply ignoring the problem, or if it's something they intend to fix in the near future.

apple iphone push notification ban

The problem was discovered by PoweryBase, the developer of a push-enabled "to do" list application called NotifyMe. According to the developer, five percent of users (those with unlocked iPhones) generate 80 percent of their customer service requests, claiming the app doesn't work as advertised. These dissatisfied users are also driving NotifyMe App Store ratings down.

Apple App Store Celebrates One Year

Apple is celebrating the one year anniversary of the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. Along with all of the fanfare and featured apps came a lot of impressive statistics. Apple has left the competition in the dust, with 65,000 mobile applications released to date.

apple iphone appstore anniversary

Over 1.5 billion copies of these apps have been downloaded since the inception of the App Store one year ago. Apple CEO Steve Jobs remarked, "The App Store is like nothing the industry has ever seen before in both scale and quality."

Dev-Team Forced to Release iPhone 3GS Jailbreak

Now iPhone 3GS users have two jailbreaking solutions at their fingertips. Shortly after geohot (George Hotz) released his own jailbreak in the form of purplera1n, the Dev-Team released a new version of redsn0w for the iPhone 3GS.

As we previously reported here, geohot recommended that everyone with a 3GS follow specific steps to preserve their future ability to jailbreak. Turns out he wasn't content to wait for Dev-Team to release redsn0w for the 3GS.

Augmented Reality Comes to iPhone 3GS

Finally, the iPhone 3GS digital compass is getting a workout. Software developer acrossair has submitted the first augmented reality application to the Apple AppStore for approval. The app is called Nearest Tube, and will help Londoners plan routes and find the closest underground station. What's unique about this process is how the app delivers information.

Instead of a static map, Nearest Tube displays subway information in real-time, overlaid in 3D on top of live video of the user's surroundings. Holding the iPhone 3GS horizontal will show arrows pointing to different train stops, and tilting the device upwards will overlay signs in the direction of different stops. These signs look like a heads-up-display, and give more information about how far away the station is and what lines connect there.

Really? Yes, It's An iPhone Vibrator App

Apple has not been known for consistency in the AppStore approval process. Some thought that with the introduction of a rating system for parental controls the floodgates to adult content would be opened.

apple iphone app MyVibe vibrator

So far, this has not happened. An iPhone App showing photos of topless women was recently pulled, and a book reader was not approved because readers could access the Kamasutra. Apparently if you prefer to pleasure yourself without visual content then Apple approves.

iPhone OS 3.1 Features and Improvements

iPhone OS 3.1 beta versions have already been seeded to developers, meaning an update for the general public is imminent. Apple released iPhone OS version 2.1 only a month after 2.0 was made available last year.

apple iphone 3.1

The iPhone 3GS hit store shelves on June 19th running iPhone OS 3.0, and reports have indicated that millions of iPhone 3G and original iPhone owners have already upgraded their operating system. The new version includes 46 security fixes and new features such as copy and paste. So will it be worth upgrading again so soon?

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