Get an iPhone 5s for Zero Down at T-Mobile

More iPhone deals are happening this Black Friday weekend at T-Mobile. Both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c can be had for zero money down through Sunday, December 1st. This means Apple fans can save $149 up front on the iPhone 5s and $49 on the 5c.

T-Mobile Black Friday deals

Monthly installments for the 16GB iPhone 5s come to $27, with the 16GB iPhone 5c costing $22.71 per month. Over 24 months, this brings the total cost of the iPhone 5s to $648 and the 5c to $549.84. Customers missing the $0 down offer can still save on Cyber Monday, when prices revert to $50 down for the iPhone 5s and $10 for the 5c.

Free Gift Cards from Apple for Black Friday

Black Friday deals are here. Apple is offering free gift cards with the purchase of hardware and accessories from retail locations and the Apple Store online. Several iPad models are included in the deals, as well as iMacs, MacBooks and iPods. Unlike previous Black Fridays, Apple has not discounted prices.

Apple Black Friday gift cards

Instead, gift cards range from $150 to $25 depending on the item, and can be redeemed at the Apple Store or online. This ongoing Black Friday special is available at North American retail locations until midnight. Other discounts on Apple products can be found at third-party retailers, such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

Santa will Bring Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to iOS Devices

Remember CJ and the Grove Street Families? Rockstar games has announced the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for iOS devices next month. First released in 2004, the game defined GTA back in the days of PlayStation 2. The mobile version will feature remastered graphics and other enhancements.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for iOS

iOS gamers can expect full iOS 7 external controller support, in addition to brand new touch controls and contextual control options. San Andreas has been upgraded by Rockstar with dynamic shadows, an enriched color palette, and greater draw distance. Even characters and car models have been improved and enhanced beyond the original game.

Target Updates iOS App for Holiday Shoppers

With Black Friday shopping right around the corner, Target has released a new version of their app optimized for iOS 7. The free Target app now features a clean new interface, including the iOS 7 swipe to go back gesture. While the shopping companion requires iOS 7 or later, the app can be installed on compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch units.

Build shopping lists, check for sales, and swipe to check off items once purchased. Opening the app in a Target store makes it possible to see current deals and trending products at that location. Cartwheel discounts can also be viewed, for those participating in the Target loyalty program. Target for iOS 7 will even add offers to your Cartwheel app.

App Store Search Recognizes Misspelled Words

Apple continues to improve the iOS App Store to help users discover new apps and find what they want. With so many options available, searching on the App Store can be difficult business. In the past, one typo or misspelling and the wrong results or none at all would be returned.

App Store search spelling

Now thanks to algorithm improvements, a misplaced letter or incorrectly placed space doesn't mean the end of a useful search. The App Store now recognizes common typos and misspelled words, compensating for mistakes and returning improved results. According to TechCrunch the changes went into effect a few weeks ago, checking spelling automatically.


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