Apple iPhone Dominates Smartphone OS Share

If the latest AdMob Mobile Metrics Report can be believed, roughly half of smartphones worldwide are running iPhone OS. The runner up this February is Android, with 24 percent. Symbian is in third place with 18 percent.

apple iphone admob metrics

Although this is a serious achievement for Apple, the story gets more interesting when comparing the data to the same time period last year. iPhone has boosted its share by 17% over February 2009, while Symbian OS dropped a dramatic 25 percent.

Apple iPhone Touchscreen Takes the Crown

The Apple iPhone has done it again. After winning the first touch screen battle earlier this year, a new robotic test by MOTO Development Group proves that when it comes to accuracy the iPhone can't be beat. For this test MOTO added two more devices to the lineup, the Palm Pre and BlackBerry Storm 2.

apple iphone touch screen test

Google's Nexus one came in second place, with the Motorola Droid exhibiting the worst performance during the test. Two different sized robotic "fingers" were used at two different pressures to see which screens had the most accurate response. The iPhone showed a little bit of inaccuracy around the edges in the light pressure test, however it was light years ahead of the competition.

AT&T Announces Nationwide MicroCell Availability

In mid-April AT&T Wireless subscribers will have the option of purchasing their own personal 3G cell phone tower. The MicroCell will run $149.99 and is fully compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The devices will be rolled out in different markets over the next few months.

iphone att 3g microcell

The MicroCell is a solution for users who have little or no 3G coverage in their home and access to a broadband Internet connection. The device allows users to make calls and send text messages against their AT&T Wireless account using a 5,000 square foot personal 3G network.

Blacksn0w Unlock Released for iPhone Firmware 3.1.3

Blacksn0w RC2 is now available for those looking to unlock their iPhones running firmware 3.1.3. Beware however, this will not work with the latest baseband version 05.12.07. If you've updated your iPhone to 3.1.3 using Apple's official firmware you are out of luck.

Those updating their jailbroken device to iPhone OS 3.1.3 using PwnageTool 3.1.5 have taken advantage of Apple's battery fixes without altering the baseband from its current unlockable version, 05.11.07. In this case you can now download blacksn0w RC2 from Cydia.

Apple Adds Gift Feature to iPhone App Store

Next time you load up iTunes and enter the App Store, Apple will ask you to accept new terms and conditions. This happens pretty often, but the changes in question now include the ability to send "Gifts" of apps to your iPhone-toting friends and family.

apple iphone appstore gift

Sending gifts with iTunes was previously limited to music and video only. The options when clicking on an iPhone app for purchase now read, Gift This App, Add to Wish List, Tell a Friend, Copy Link, Share on Facebook, Share on Twitter.

New Resource Answers iPhone Jailbreak / Unlock Questions

How can I jailbreak and unlock my iPhone? This used to be a simple question with very few answers. Now that there are so many different models floating around determining the answer is more complicated. Add in multiple combinations of baseband, firmware and boot loader on this hardware and figuring out which solution will work can become very confusing.

apple iphone jailbreaking

A new resource on the web seeks to change everything by organizing all known jailbreak and unlock solutions in one place, along with tutorials and other information. The iPhone & iTouch Jailbreak / Unlock Matrix has all of the answers you seek including a place for users to post comments.

Microsoft Bing iPhone App Gets Major Update

Microsoft has released version 1.1 of its popular Bing search tool for the iPhone. The daily image and trivia features pop up on the home screen after launching the app, and users can use voice commands to search the web or maps. Image search allows for quick previews of images and can save to the camera roll directly.

apple iphone microsoft bing

The update adds bug fixes, usability improvements, and more features. Searches and sites can be bookmarked or shared. Bing will now use location services to find nearby search results. Microsoft has added iPod Touch compatibility and SafeSearch settings with passcode protection. iPhone owners have already downloaded over one million copies of the app since it first launched in November.

Will Apple Approve the Opera Mini Web Browser?

The iPhone is about to get a new web browser. That is, if Apple approves Opera Mini for distribution in the App Store. Opera Software ASA has announced that an iPhone version of its efficient web browser will be submitted for approval very soon.

apple iphone opera browser

The project is said to be only weeks away from completion, and would bring Opera Mini to yet another mobile platform. The company has already released its software for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. In January, Opera Mini surpassed 50 million unique monthly users.

Apple Banning iPhone Screen Protectors in May

Reports from third-party vendors indicate that Apple intends to remove all screen protection products from the Apple store starting in May. Any screen product sold alone or with a case will effectively be banned for any product including iPhones, iPods, iPads and Mac notebooks.

apple iphone screen protector

The change in inventory involves any and all screen film products including those marketed for protection or simply decorative use, and could affect the Apple online store as well as retail outlets. Speculation is rampant as to the cause of the change in policy.

Dev-Team Warns Against iPhone 3.1.3 Jailbreak Scams

Regardless of some unscrupulous websites out there, Dev-Team reminds us that jailbreak solutions for iPhone firmware version 3.1.3 on new devices like the iPod Touch 3G don't exist! Unlock solutions for baseband version 05.12 do not exist! Scam sites will take your money and give you older software that was already released for free.

Unlocking and jailbreaking software is always released free of charge. Currently baseband 05.11 can't even be unlocked on iPhone OS 3.1.3. If you upgraded your firmware using the official Apple 3.1.3 software you'll just have to be patient while the Dev-Team finds a way.

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