New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: 2014 Fantasy Football Edition and More

The 2014-15 NFL football season has officially kicked off and that means it is time to prepare for your fantasy football draft. Here's a quick look at all the fantasy football related apps, cheats sheets and draft kits recently updated for 2014.

iOS Fantasy Football Apps 2014

NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet & Draft Kit 2014 ($4.99) ***App of the Week*** This is a one stop shop for everything you'll need for your fantasy football draft. It includes updated player rankings and the ability to keep track of multiple leagues.

ESPN Fantasy Football (Free) ESPN's official FF app is a great way to stay updated on trades, injuries, and scoring updates throughout the season. It also offers draft kits for auction and snake leagues, plus access to ESPN's Mock and Live Draft Lobbies.

Add Virtual Home and Sleep Buttons to iOS

Replacing a broken home button with a virtual one can be achieved using stock iOS Accessibility settings, or with a variety of jailbreak options. In some cases, using a virtual home button is preferable to pressing the physical button even if there's no malfunction involved. vHome is a jailbreak tweak that provides a slick option to add virtual home and sleep buttons to iOS.

iOS 7 jailbreak vHome

Once installed, vHome adds a representation of the iPhone 5 home button as an overlay to the iOS display. The virtual button will act just like the physical version, with a single or double tap duplicating the function of the real thing. vHome gets interesting when this virtual button is relocated to the top half of the screen. In this case, the button will change into a likeness of the sleep/power button.

How to Adjust iPhone Brightness with a Gesture

Several jailbreak tweaks make it easier to adjust display brightness on the fly. For example, BrightPlayer adds a brightness slider directly to the video player controls. Now with Brightness Activator 2, iOS users can fully customize any Activator gesture to increase or decrease the brightness level.

iOS 7 jailbreak Brightness Activator 2

Once installed, activation methods for Brightness Up and Brightness Down can be assigned with Activator. Options include a slider to ajdust the increment, that is the value that the brightness is changed by. A toggle dubbed Force Mode will increase this increment for quicker adjustment.

Colorize iOS in One Step with Chroma

There's no shortage of jailbreak tweaks that revolve around customizing the look and feel of iOS. One of the main changes that can be made for maximum impact is to simply change system colors. Chroma makes re-tinting iOS interface elements a one step process on jailbroken devices.

iOS 7 jailbreak Chroma

Described as a simple and lightweight UI theming solution, Chroma provides a straightforward way to customize system-wide color tint from a single settings panel. Once installed, Chroma provides options to select custom colors for dark system tint and light system tint arenas. In addition to color selection, hue brightness can be adjusted with a slider.

Add Confirmation to iOS Twitter Actions

Frequent users of the iOS Twitter app have probably noticed how easy it is to accidentally perform actions when viewing the timeline feed. Tapping the favorite button or retweeting by mistake can happen inadvertently when scrolling. The jailbreak tweak TwitConfirm seeks to reduce these accidental actions for those with jailbroken devices.

iOS 7 jailbreak TwitConfirm

Once installed, TwitConfirm adds a confirmation screen to the retweet and favorite buttons. Selecting one of these actions will result in a dialog box requiring a Yes or No entry to proceed. Since the action is brought to the user's attention, retweeting or favoriting without even realizing it becomes a thing of the past.

iOS App of the Week: NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet and Draft Kit

Mobile devices have changed our lives in many ways but their most important contribution to humanity is eliminating the need for paper cheat sheets at Fantasy Football drafts. Fantasy Football apps have made drafts so much simpler now that you can just download them to your iPhone or iPad. The only question that remains is which Fantasy Football app is the most useful. I really haven't come across a Fantasy Football app that was useless, but the one I keep finding myself downloading every year is the NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet and Draft Kit.

Fantasy Football Apps 2014

The official NFL FF app allows you to customize and keep track of multiple leagues. For example, you can set the type of draft for each of your leagues (auction or serpentine) the amount of rounds, teams and players per team. The app also allows you to fill in your competitors' teams and rosters and keep track of what each owner spent per player in an auction draft.

More Rumored iPhone 6 Specs Announced: NFC, A8 Chip and No Sapphire Display

Venture Beat has announced another "exclusive" iPhone 6 rumor only a few weeks after its last exclusive report was quickly shot down by the Swiss watchmaker Swatch Group. This time the site's anonymous source has tipped them off about some iPhone 6 specs that were leaked months ago. According to Venture Beat, the iPhone 6 will support faster Wi-Fi (802.11ac), Category 6 LTE and NFC technology.

iPhone 6 Rumors

Venture Beat's source also squashed previous rumors that the new iPhone 6 models will be equipped with sapphire glass displays. The source said the next-generation iPhone's screen will be made of an "extremely hard material that’s slightly harder than Gorilla Glass but not as hard as sapphire."

Dragon Quest IV Now Available for the iPhone and iPad

As promised, Square Enix has released Dragon Quest IV (or "DARGON QUEST IV" according to the App Store) to the App Store. The game was originally launched on mobile devices in Japan before making its way to the U.S. on Wednesday. The iOS port is based on the 2007 Nintendo DS version, which was originally a remake of the PlayStation release. The 3D backgrounds of the game have been enhanced to take advantage of the higher resolution screens on Apple devices, and the party chat option has also been restored for the iOS version, according to Touch Arcade.

Dragon Quest IV

The game is broken down into five chapters with one bonus dungeon after the ending. Each chapter focuses on a different permanent character in the player's party. Chapter one, for example, follows a knight named Ragnar McRyan and chapter two stars Tsarevna Alena the "tomboy princess". Players are also joined by various non-playable characters who help them throughout their adventure.

Unlock the iPhone Without Touching Anything

There's an ever-expanding list of ways to customize the iPhone unlock for jailbreakers. Users with iOS devices that are not equipped with Touch ID can find some of these mods incredibly useful. The latest addition to the list is a tweak called BlowToUnlock.

iOS 7 jailbreak BlowToUnlock

This unique method of unlocking the iPhone is similar to Balloonimals but not as fun. Instead of the descriptive term "useful," the word "novelty" is more appropriate for this tweak. The best part about BlowToUnlock is that the developer has released the package free of charge.

Access iOS Apps Faster with QuickFolders

Multiple taps are the norm when opening an iOS folder to find and run specific apps. With QuickFolders, those with jailbroken devices can streamline this process, and add new folder gestures to boot. Once installed, QuickFolders provides one touch access to folders and their contents.

iOS 7 jailbreak QuickFolders

Tapping once and holding will open a folder, and releasing over the desired app icon will open the app. All in one, smooth gesture without lifting a finger for multiple taps. Not only this, but for jailbreakers using nested iOS folders, multiple levels can be accessed with the same motion, never lifting your fingertip off the display.

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