Photo Deleting App, Purrge Updated with Cat Sounds, Today View Widget and More

The fast photo deleting app, Purrge, has been updated with a few new features that makes it even more fun and easier to use. Version 1.1.0 of the app adds an interesting widget that allows users to see how many photos they currently have in their Camera Roll and Recently Deleted folder from their Today View screen. You can learn how to add the Purrge widget to your Notification Center by following these instructions.


The Purrge developers have also been listening to customer feedback and have added a Select All button, and they are currently allowing users to vote on the next feature they will add to the app. To vote, just swipe down on an individual picture within the app and answer the question.

Microsoft Office Apps Get iCloud Integration

Hot on the heels of Microsoft's Outlook email launch, the company has announced new features in the iOS Office suite. Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps have added Office Online integration for document viewing and editing, as well as the native iCloud file picker.

Office iOS iCloud

This means users of Apple's iCloud storage will have access to Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations across any iOS device or Mac connected to iCloud. On iOS 8 devices, iCloud joins Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox in the Places menu of each Office app.

Bandai Unveils Back To The Future DeLorean iPhone 6 Case

Bandai has released a video for its new Crazy Case for the iPhone and it is blowing up the internet. The iPhone 6 case is a reproduction of Marty McFly's DeLorean time machine from the popular Back to the Future trilogy. The tiny DeLorean comes with flip out front wheels so users can access their camera and volume buttons, and it lights up whenever there is a call.

Back to the Future

Bandai is now accepting pre-orders for the case and it can be yours for only 5,940 yen or around $50 USD. The case will start shipping in June.

VLC Media Player Returns to iOS

After a short hiatus from the App Store, VLC media player will again be available for iOS installation. The app returns to Apple mobile devices with several enhancements and new features. The app was first pulled over licensing issues in early 2011, and did not resurface until mid-2013.

VLC media player iOS

The same thing happened one year later, with VLC disappearing from the App Store yet again in mid-2014. Now version 2.4.1 of the video player promises to resolve the licensing issues, bringing with it iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus optimizations, in addition to AirPlay, passcode lock, and folder support.

Apple Suppliers Building More Than 5 Million Watches for Launch

The Wall Street Journal had a lot to say about the Apple Watch this week beginning with a report about Apple's plans to make a "state-of-the-art health-monitoring device" that would track everything from blood pressure to stress levels. Unnamed sources said that Apple had to scrap a lot of the planned health features for the watch after some of them failed to work reliably. Instead of being able to release the watch as an all-in-one medical device Apple had to go back t the drawing board and find a new identity for its first wearable device. So far Apple has touted the watch as a fitness tracker, a new way to communicate and even as a fashion statement.

Apple Watch Pink Leather

The WSJ also filed a report on Tuesday claiming that Apple has asked its suppliers to make a "combined five to six million units of its three Apple Watch models during the first quarter" before the official launch in April. The $349 entry-level Sports model will make up half of the watches assembled, while the basic Apple Watch model will account for one-third of the watches shipped, according to sources familiar with the matter. The initial run of the high-end 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition will be small before increasing in the second quarter.

QR Mode Adds a Scanner to the iOS Camera App

Reading a QR code can be as easy as opening the iOS Camera app. The jailbreak tweak QR Mode adds a Scanner function directly to the stock camera, right between the Photo and Square options. Reading a QR code is acheived by opening the scanner and aiming the camera at the code.

iOS 8 QR code

The code is automatically read by QR Mode as soon as possible, then the real fun begins. Not only is information stored in the code displayed, appropriate actions related to the type of QR code appear. This means following links, dialing phone numbers, searching Google, or seeing locations on a map are just a touch away.

Photo Info Reveals Hidden Metadata in iPhone Pictures

There are many different ways to view the Exif and GPS metadata associated with digital photos. On the iPhone, free apps such as Exif Wizard will do the trick. The jailbreak tweak Photo Info eliminates the need for a third party app, bringing new functionality directly to the stock Photos app.

iOS 8 EXIF data

Once installed, no icon will be added to the home screen. Photo Info simply adds a circular "i" button that appears when viewing photos in the stock Photos app. Tap this button for a detailed list of information stored with the image.

Add Custom Timestamps to the Photos App

The iOS Photos app may already display the time a photo was captured, however this information isn't exactly highlighted in the app. Jailbreakers can use the tweak Photo Timestamp to add custom timestamps, without permanently changing any photos.

iOS 8 timestamp

The date and time can be displayed anywhere on the photos, with the tweak remembering both vertical and horizontal positions. Besides a toggle to enable or disable the tweak, there are various settings to change the timestamp style.

Change Aspect Ratio and Resolution on the iOS Camera

The jailbreak tweak PhotoRes adds aspect ratio and resolution settings to the stock iOS Camera app. Instead of cropping a photo after the fact, PhotoRes makes it possible to select from a list of 14 different aspect ratios. Once chosen in the settings, photos taken on the device will be captured in the selected format.

iOS 8 PhotoRes

The range of aspect ratios to choose from ranges from those matching other iOS devices (4:3 for iPad, 3:2 for iPhone 4) to other sizes like 16:9 (HD video) and 1:1 (square). PhotoRes is a convenient way to ensure all of the pictures taken during a photography session match the selected aspect ratio.

AAPL Financial News Weekly Roundup: Apple Tops $700B Market Cap, $1B Raised in Swiss Bonds and More

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares hit record highs on almost every day last week, and closed Friday at a record $127.08. Tuesday's $122.02 close brought Apple's market capitalization to nearly $711 billion, making it the first U.S. company to surpass a $700 billion market cap. That's over twice Microsoft's $350 billion valuation and not quite twice that of Google's $365 billion.

Apple hits record high sotck price, market cap.

Analysts and investors alike were bullish, and continued the trend of raising Apple shares' target price. Analyst Keith Bachman of BMO Capital Markets raised his target price from $130 to $135, speculating that there are still a lot of iPhone owners who have not yet, but will upgrade to the iPhone 6, and that the Apple Watch will sell 19 million units in 2015. Canaccord Genuity raised its

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