Stop Snoozing with this iOS Math Alarm

Snoozing an iPhone alarm in the morning just got more difficult. The jailbreak tweak EQUAlarm does its part to keep iOS users awake, by delivering a math equation. The ringing alarm cannot be silenced or snoozed until the correct answer is submitted.

iOS 7 jailbreak EQUALarm

Once installed, the difficulty level of the math questions can be selected from four choices, ranging from easy to insane. Entering the wrong answer means an alarm that keeps on ringing, while solving the problem reveals buttons to Snooze or Dismiss.

How to Control iOS Music When the Screen is Off

Impulse brings brings a new level of control to music playback on jailbroken iOS devices. Once installed, a custom set of gestures can be used to control music while the display is off. This means music can be controlled without unlocking the device, or even pressing the wake button at all.

iOS 7 jailbreak locked device

A simple tap on the dark device screen readies Impulse for further input. Gestures can then be used to play, pause, switch tracks, and change volume with the display off. The tweak is compatible with any app that uses built-in iOS music controls.

Get Random Colors on the iOS 7 Keyboard

Changing the color of the iOS keyboard might be old news on a jailbroken device. Then ColorfulKBD Pro comes along. With this jailbreak tweak installed, iOS 7 users are treated to a new color combination every time the keyboard is opened.

iOS 7 jailbreak color keys

ColorfulKBD Pro can also add a custom background image directly from the Photos app to the keyboard. The colors that are randomly displayed can be constrained to a specific range with sliders in Settings -> ColorfulKBD Pro.

How to Use Reachability with iOS 7

Reachability has come to the latest iPhones, to help make the entire display usable with one hand. This is not only a feature limited to iOS 8; Reachability can only be activated on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The jailbreak tweak Reachability7 removes this restriction.

iOS 7 jailbreak Reachability7

Enabling Reachability on older devices running iOS 7 means installing the tweak and configuring it to work with an Activator gesture. Normally, Reachability would be activated by lightly double tapping the Touch ID button.

Ascend Redesigns the iOS 7 Lock Screen

Looking to spruce up the iOS 7 lock screen? Ascend brings a new option to jailbreakers, with a flat unlock slider bar and redesigned passcode screen. The new look meshes nicely with iOS 7 (and iOS 8 for that matter), and includes transparent blur effects.

iOS 7 jailbreak Ascend

Ascend is even compatible with other jailbreak tweaks including Forecast, Convergence Lite, CustomCover, AndroidLockXT and Stride 2. The tweak is designed for complete simplicity and usability, with a touch of nostalgia.

How to Customize Blur and Tint in iOS 7

Flurry is a jailbreak tweak that introduces more control over the appearance of the iOS 7 interface. Options are specifically focused on tint and blur customization. Once installed, the tweak can be configured under Settings -> Flurry.

iOS 7 jailbreak Flurry

Besides a toggle to completely enable or disable the tweak, Flurry packs changes that will be applied across the iOS 7 system. Examples include the Control Center, Notification Center, share sheets, passcode entry, and the home screen dock for starters.

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: Camp Pokémon, Pixelmator and More

It was a busy week for App Store releases, but before we get started let's talk about the Pangu iOS 8 jailbreak. The Chinese team of hackers behind the iOS 7.1 jailbreak this week released an iOS 8.0 - 8.1 jailbreak for developers. The jailbreak does not come bundled with Cydia, but Team Pangu announced today that they are working with Cydia creator @saurik to fix this and other issues plaguing the release. It is unclear when a full English version of the iOS 8 jailbreak will be available, but it should be released way sooner than we expected. This means we will be seeing more jailbreak tweaks in the near future that take advantage of all the new features found in iOS 8.

New iOS Apps and Games October 2014

There were also quite a few new iOS games announced this week. Nimblebit released a teaser trailer for Golfinity, Foursaken Media posted a bunch of screen shots of Heroes and Castles 2 on the Touch Arcade forums and Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf got an official release date: of October 28, 2014. You can see the trailers for all titles and more at the bottom of this post.

Revert the iOS Home Screen to Black and White

The word throwback takes on new meaning when color is replaced with black and white. iOS 8 users can switch to grayscale using built-in settings. Those with jailbroken iOS 7 devices can install the tweak Monochrome to remove color from iOS home screen icons. There are no options to configure.

iOS 7 jailbreak

Once installed, Monochrome overrides any WinterBoard icon colors that are configured. The SpringBoard becomes grayscale immediately once the package is installed and the iOS device resprings.

The Best Halloween Updates on the App Store: Tiny Tower Vegas, Celtic Heroes and More

All month long we have been taking a look at some of our favorite spooky games, from the terrifying Five Night at Freddy's to the goofy but highly recommended Skullduggery. This week instead of highlighting just one game, we're going to cover some of the noteworthy titles that have been updated with Halloween content.

Junk Jack X

Junk Jack X ($4.99) The 2D sandbox game Junk Jack X has been updated with a new Halloween biome, new monsters such as zombies, new dresses and other Halloween goodies and collectibles.

App Store Link

Facebook Releases Rooms, a Throwback to the Internet Message Board

Facebook has decided to help bring back what it helped kill off -- the internet message board aka forums. The social media giant released today a new app for the iPhone called Rooms. The app allows users to create topics and invite other users to chat about those about those topics on their iPhones. Users can also post photos and videos and customize their rooms anyway they like. The most amazing thing about that app is it does not require your to use your real name, and you can even change your identify to suit different topics. This is far cry from Facebook's normal stance of having to use your birth name, and comes when anonymity has been under heavy fire on the internet.


Rooms doesn't require an email, Facebook account or any verification to participate. You can create your own Room as soon as the app is installed, and you can join other Rooms without signing up or creating an account. All you need to do is be invited to a Room and create a nickname of your choice to begin chatting. Users can invite other members to join their Room via private or public invite.

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