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If you depend on Google for your income it may be time to consider monetizing your other social media accounts now that YouTube is in an advertiser crisis. It was recently reported that more than 250 brands have pulled their ads from Google's video platform after it was discovered their commercials were running before "extremist" content. Many popular YouTubers have been reporting a decrease in revenue after YouTube demonetized many of their videos in response to the recent advertiser boycott.

Disney's Club Penguin moves to mobile

Club Penguin Island

Many were disappointed after Disney announced it was closing its popular kids’ title Club Penguin after 12 years. The game became an internet legend for not only introducing many children to their first online social network, but it was also known for spawning many memes due to its strict guidelines. The game is one of the few early internet networks that managed to survive over many years, unlike other popular sites of its time, such as My Space. Club Penguin was also a popular target for trolls who enjoyed inventing news ways to get themselves banned from the service.

Review: Q minimalistic iPhone dock

Q iPhone Dock

Q is a beautiful machine crafted iPhone dock for Apple fans looking for a simple way to charge their device. The minimalistic block is nothing more than a stainless steal cube combined with the original Apple Lightning cable. It is for iOS users who hate clutter but want a dedicated space on their desk, nightstand or other surface for storing and charging their iPhone.

The Q iPhone dock doesn't include any software or fancy features. It's just a clean looking cube that not only compliments the minimalist design of the iPhone, but will also add a bit of class to your office, den or even kitchen.

Update to iOS 10.3 for better security, more storage

iOS 10.3

Apple released iOS 10.3 this week, bringing several improvements and refinements to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners across the globe. Those running older versions of iOS may be wondering if now is a good time to update. Many of the changes to iOS are behind the scenes, with security taking center stage. iPhone owners should immediately update to iOS 10.3 to further optimize their devices.

8 free cloud storage apps for iPhone

8 options for cloud storage on iPhone and iPad.

iPhone owners are all aware of and probably use iCloud to backup their photos, contacts and other files. Although it currently only offers 5 GB of free storage, it is relatively cheap to upgrade to 50 GB or 200 GB at 99¢ or $2.99 per month, respectively. That said, there is a plethora of cloud storage options out there, some offering quite a bit more free storage than Apple. Here are a few options to consider, all with iOS apps (Note: cloud storage prices change often, so prices indicated reflect those at the time of writing):


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