5 complaints about Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run

There is no doubt about it, Nintendo's Super Mario Run is an App Store hit. The app racked up more than 20 million pre-registrations before its release, and it was downloaded 10 million times since its launch with an estimated $4 million dropped in IAPs, according to App Annie. However, the app has also earned a disappointing 3-star review on the App Store, mostly from 1-star reviews due to the premium price of $9.99. We already discussed the purchase price here, and came to the conclusion that the game is worth $10 if Nintendo plans to issue free future updates with new worlds. Today we are going to look at our 5 gripes about Super Mario Run since it isn't perfect.

Why is the Night Shift sunset to sunrise schedule missing on my iPhone?

Night Shift automatic schedule

Night Shift makes it possible for iPhone owners to warm the color of their displays at night. Some iOS users prefer to manually switch on this feature, which is designed to help improve sleep and match warm evening hues after the sun has set. Night Shift can also be invoked automatically, either on a timed schedule or based on the local sunset time. But what happens if the Sunset to Sunrise schedule option is missing from Night Shift settings?

How to update to the official iOS version if you are in the Beta Program

How to install the official iOS release on your iPhone if you are in the Beta Software Program.

If you have joined the Apple Beta Software Program and are running beta versions of iOS, you may have noticed that Apple doesn't always push the official release once it is available. For instance, iOS 10.2 is available now, but your iPhone may be still be running the Public Beta 7 version and not alerting you that the final version is available. If this is the case, you can easily remedy this via iTunes. Here's how:

Is Super Mario Run worth $9.99?

Super Mario Run

We all knew Super Mario Run would be an App Store hit, but what we didn't know is if the game would live up to the incredible hype. Nintendo's first stab at mobile gaming, Miitomo, was also an App Store hit when it was released, but players quickly lost interest and left the social app in droves. I'm happy to say Mario and friends seem at home on iOS, and Super Mario Run is more than the boring endless runner it could have turned out to be. This game is no Miitomo, and I'm excited to see what else Nintendo has planned for iOS in the future.

Super Mario Run released on App Store

Nintendo Super Mario Run iPhone

For over nine years, iPhone fans have been anticipating Nintendo's entrance into the iOS game market. Today the company made history by releasing its first iOS game Super Mario Run on the App Store. The game follows Nintendo's social networking title Miitomo, which hit mobile devices earlier this year. Super Mario Run marks a dramatic turnaround for Nintendo and its recent declarations that it would only develop games for its own hardware platforms.


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