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Make Apple Watch waterproof with the Catalyst

Catalyst Apple Watch waterproof

When the Apple Watch was first revealed, speculation was rampant as to whether the wearable would be fully waterproof or not. Of course, Apple's official line is that the watch is splash and water resistant but not waterproof. With an official IPX7 rating submersion beyond one meter for 30 minutes is not recommended. The real-life experience of many users has shown that Apple Watch may exceed this rating, however swimming and diving could be risky.

Best Buy to carry Apple Watch in August

Best Buy

100 Best Buy retail locations will begin carrying the Apple Watch beginning in August, according to the Wall Street Journal. Apple will then expand its Apple Watch shipments to over 300 outlets before the holidays. Best Buy will only carry the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch editions. Apple fans will also be able to buy replacement bands and other Watch accessories at participating Best Buy locations.

Make lock screen notifications match the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch has its own unique design for incoming notifications. Jailbreakers now have the option to match this design on their iPhone lock screen thanks to the tweak WatchNotifications. Once installed, notifications on the lock screen will appear just like Apple Watch notifications, adding consistency between the two devices.

How do I change the contacts/friends listed on my Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch automatically adds the 12 most used contacts from your iPhone. You can change these contacts on your Watch by opening the Apple Watch app and navigating to My Watch > Friends. On the Friends list tap Add Friend, then find and tap the contact card of the person you want to add. Only friends listed in your iPhone contacts will appear on the list.

How do I find my iPhone with my Apple Watch?

One of the most useful Apple Watch features is being able to locate your misplaced iPhone. To ping your iPhone, swipe up on the Apple Watch display to access the Settings glance, then tap Ping iPhone. This will only work if your iPhone is in range of your Apple Watch. When the two devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi signal the range is about 330 feet (100 meters) for a Bluetooth connection.


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