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How to use the Workout app on your Apple Watch

Start Apple Watch Workout

The Workout app on the Apple Watch allows you to set specific exercise goals while tracking your progress and keeping a summery of your results on your Activity app. Here are a few basic tips on how to use the Workout app. You can read more about the Activity app by hitting the link above.

To get started, tap the Workout app icon on your Watch Workout App Icon then select the workout type you want to begin. This will take you to the "goal screen" where you can set your calorie, time, or distance goals or no goals at all. Just swipe left and right and use the Digital Crown to set goals then hit Start to begin your workout.

How to update Apple Watch OS

update Apple Watch software

Now that Apple has released the first update to Watch OS, many watch owners may be wondering how to install the new software. Unlike an iOS device such as an iPhone, the Apple Watch cannot be updated directly from Settings. There are several steps to consider before updating Apple Watch to the latest version of Watch OS. Follow these how-to instructions to update Apple Watch:

How to use the Activity app on your Apple Watch

Health and Fitness Apple Watch

The Activity app, heart rate sensor and Workout app are some of the biggest selling points of the Apple Watch. Today we will be looking at the Activity app and how it works. The Activity app keeps track of your movement, exercise and how long you were stationary throughout the day. It also provides you with a "graphic ring" to help you meet your exercise goals and sit around less.


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