How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1.1 with TaiG

The suprises keep coming on the jailbreak front, with TaiG team launching an untethered iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak on Black Friday. The TaiG jailbreak works with any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 8.0-8.1.1. Once the iOS device is prepared for jailbreaking, the process takes place with just one click.

UPDATE: Click here for a tutorial on how to jailbreak iOS 8.1.3-8.x with TaiG version 2.

Mac users, Click here to jailbreak iOS 8.0-8.1.2 with PP Jailbreak for OS X.

iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak TaiG

The current version of TaiG is a Chinese-language release and supports Windows only. In order to prevent problems, it is recommended to update iOS using the latest version of iTunes on a computer. Those with previously jailbroken iOS 7 devices should backup, then restore to iOS 8.1.1 to get started. Follow these steps to use the TaiG jailbreak tool:

Get a Pedometer on the iOS 8 Lock Screen

Pedometers can be simple devices, delivering just one number: total step count for the day. Now thanks to the iPhone motion coprocessor, the tweak Stepper 2 brings this simplicity to iOS 8. Owners of a jailbroken iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can utilize Stepper 2 to count steps in style.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak step count

Once installed, the tweak shows the current step count directly in the lock screen and on the iOS 8 status bar. This display of information can be customized in Settings. In addition to counting steps, Stepper can send daily reminder notifications at a particular time.

Add Live Weather Animations to iOS 8

Looking for live weather animations on the iOS lock screen and home screen? WeatherBoard provides custom animated wallpapers and can even add weather-related flair to existing wallpaper images. The animations can be configured to show real weather conditions based on location.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak weather home screen

All of the available condition wallpapers come in night and daytime varieties. The list is extensive, including everything from hurricanes and lightning to 10 different variations on snowfall. The lock screen and home screen can be configured independently.

Interrupt iOS Messages from Sending with SendDelay

Tapping the Send button accidentally can make for some embarrassing messages. Even worse is realizing as a message is being delivered that it's going to the wrong person. iOS has no way to stop the message or delay sending, until now. Enter the jailbreak tweak SendDelay.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak SendDelay stop send

Other tweaks such as DoubleCheck can help to reduce messaging errors, however SendDelay actually postpones message delivery. This creates a window of time during which the message can be stopped. As delivery is happening, the Send button actually turns into a Stop button, which can be used to stop sending.

How to Control Music with Banner Notifications

Everest is a jailbreak tweak that offers a new way to control the stock Music app or Spotify tracks. Once installed, any Activator gesture can be used to invoke a banner notification. Inside this banner is the title of the current track, and a small thumbnail of album artwork.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak Everest

Music can be controlled from directly within the banner. Pause or play is accomplished by tapping the button, while skipping tracks forward or backward involves a swipe right or left. Tapping the song name will open the app which is currently playing music.

Add iPhone 6 Plus Conversation Pics to Smaller iPhones

There are several iOS 8 features that are limited to the iPhone 6 Plus only. Since the display is larger, items such as home screen rotation do not appear on other devices running iOS 8. In another example, each conversation in the Messages app is labeled with photos of the contacts participating in the thread.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak contact photos

These pictures are sourced from the Contacts photos stored on the iPhone. Now with ConvoPics, any device running iOS 8 can activate these conversation pictures, no iPhone 6 Plus required. The feature makes it even more convenient to locate conversations in the Messages app, by scanning for the person's face.

Make Sure Apps Fit the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Display

The iPhone 6 marks the second time Apple has expanded the iPhone display size. When the iPhone 5 increased screen real estate, it took some time for developers to complete updates to existing apps. Optimized for the iPhone 5 was a common refrain in the App Store. In the meantime, many apps were simply letterboxed to allow them to function properly.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak ForceGoodFit

There are still many apps that have not been optimized for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus displays. These screens are significantly larger than the iPhone 5 family of devices, and in some cases the old apps just don't look right. Thanks to the tweak ForceGoodFit, jailbreakers can enhance the usability of older apps on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Add Kill Gestures to the iOS 8 App Switcher

One area of iOS that begs for customization is the app switcher. Ever since multitasking came to the iPhone, jailbreak developers have devised ways to easily quit all apps. The alternative is manually swiping to quit each app card individually. Clear Background Apps is just one example of such a tweak.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak Slide2Kill8 Pro

Now iOS 8 users can grab Slide2Kill8 Pro for a bevy of app management features. Once installed, Slide2Kill8 adds a ghost button to the lower right of the app switcher. Tapping this button provides three options, kill all apps, open the Control Center, or open the Notification Center.

How to Remove the iOS 8 Dock with Abeo

For some iOS users, making the most of the home screen can mean eliminating the dock. With the dock removed, another row of standard app icons can be utilized on each home screen page. Abeo is a jailbreak tweak designed to customize the iOS 8 home screen in this way.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak Abeo

With Abeo installed and enabled under Settings, the dock disappears, which spreads the rest of the app icons out to fill space. In order to maximize the number of icons on the home screen, the number of rows and columns can be customized under Settings -> Abeo.

Drop Shadows Behind App Icons with This Tweak

Adding a three dimensional effect to the iOS home screen has been a hobby of jailbreak developers for some time. With the release of iOS 7, Apple got in on the act and created a parallax effect on the home screen background. While this 3D feature can be disabled, the jailbreak tweak ShadowBoard takes things in the opposite direction.

iOS 8.1 jailbreak shadow

ShadowBoard adds drop shadows to all of the app icons on the home screen, including the dock. Thanks to the accelerometer, when the iOS device is tilted the shadow moves, simulating depth. This 3D effect adds another layer of dimensionality to the iOS 8 home screen.


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