Tap the iPhone to Unlock with SmartTap

Finding unique ways to unlock the iPhone with jailbreak tweaks is all the rage. SmartTap brings a completely new way to access iOS while simultaneously draining battery power. By keeping the iOS digitizer activated while the display is dark, SmartTap can react to gestures or tapping even while the device appears to be asleep.

iOS 7 jailbreak unlock tweak

The best part about SmartTap is that everything is customizable, so users can decide what kind of tradeoffs they are willing to make to save battery power or enjoy expanded functionality thanks to the tweak. SmartTap makes it possible to double tap, swipe up or swipe down to either unlock the device, turn on the display, or launch an application.

How to Unlock the iPhone by Sliding Up

Another novelty way to unlock the iPhone is now available for free. It's a good thing, because in the process of installing this jailbreak tweak your lock screen will actually lose functionality. SlideUP2Unlock actually replaces the camera grabber with a padlock icon, making it possible to unlock the iOS device by swiping up instead of left to right.

iOS 7 jailbreak unlock tweak

This is great if accessing the Camera app from the lock screen is something you won't miss. Essentially, the upward swipe that normally opens the Camera app will now unlock the device instead. But don't worry, the standard swipe to unlock option remains accessible, even though iOS can be unlocked with an upward swipe as well.

How to Add Face Recognition to the iPhone

Rumors of facial recognition technology coming to the iPhone have been swirling around for years. Apple purchased Polar Rose almost four years ago, and patents filed even before the acquisition point towards development work in this vein. For those who are looking to add this biometric security feature to their iOS devices now, the jailbreak tweak Appellancy fits the bill.

iOS 7 jailbreak unlock tweak

Once installed, Appellancy adds an app to the home screen. Here the user can capture multiple images to be used in the facial recognition process that unlocks the device. A higher number of photos will improve security, but this can also slow down recognition. More than one face can be stored, allowing multiple people to unlock the iPhone with their visage.

Replace the iOS Unlock Slider with a Button

Slide to unlock remains one of the most recognizable features of the iPhone. After years of owning an iOS device, accessing the home screen means a lot of swiping from left to right. Over and over again the same gesture. TapToUnlock7 brings a simpler unlock method to jailbroken iOS 7 devices.

iOS 7 jailbreak unlock tweak

Once installed, the lock screen slider will be completely replaced with a static button that says tap to unlock. By default, touching this button once will unlock the device, or prompt for a passcode if security is enabled. While the button itself must be tapped to unlock, there are options to change this behavior as well as the appearance of the tweak.

Shake to Unlock the iPhone with UnShaker7

Looking for a new and questionable way to unlock your iOS device? UnShaker7 enters the fray of tweaks designed to unlock the iPhone using unconventional methods. Unfortunately, combining the words unlock and shaker to form UnShaker might be the most creative thing about this tweak.

iOS 7 jailbreak unlock tweak

The basic premise is that shaking the iPhone while the lock screen is displayed will unlock iOS 7. First and foremost this functionality can be enabled free of charge by configuring Activator. Settings -> Activator -> At Lock Screen -> Shake Device -> Unlock Device should do the trick. So what special features does UnShaker7 bring to the table for $0.99?

How to Unlock the iPhone with a Gesture

There are many ways to customize the process of unlocking the iPhone. While each may have its advantages, nothing is quite like Stride 2 from Adam Bell. Jailbreakers can create a unique, custom gesture that must be copied to unlock. The tweak is fully compatible with normal passcodes and the Touch ID sensor, so these can still be used to unlock if desired.

iOS 7 gesture passcode Stride 2

Stride originally made a splash on iOS 5, and now the iOS 7 version brings a complete redesign to jailbroken devices. Once installed, Stride 2 can be enabled or disabled with a toggle under Settings -> Stride -> Enabled. To start, enable the tweak and tap Change Password in the settings.

Add a Wallpaper Image to the iOS Control Center

Customizing the Control Center has become a favorite pastime for iOS jailbreak fans. There's already a plethora of ways to change the appearance of the Control Center, however none quite like the jailbreak tweak CCBackground. What CCBackground brings to iOS 7 is the ability to place any image as wallpaper behind the Control Center toggles and sliders.

iOS 7 jailbreak Control Center Background

Once installed, navigating to Settings -> CCBackground -> Enable will switch on the tweak. Tap Select Image to choose a photo from the Camera Roll. Tapping the Done button in the upper right will respring the device immediately. Simply bring up the Control Center to see how your wallpaper selection rates.

How to Share Any File Using AirDrop

Expanding the capabilities of AirDrop is not on everyone's priority list. After all, the default list of items that can be shared between iOS devices with AirDrop is pretty extensive. Photos, videos, voice memos, Safari links, Map locations, Passbook passes and Contacts are all supported. In fact, anything that appears on a share sheet can be delivered wirelessly via AirDrop, provided both devices support the feature.

iOS 7 jailbreak AnyDrop

Developer Majd Alfhaily decided to expand this list further with the jailbreak tweak AnyDrop. Once installed, native AirDrop capability can be used to transfer any file stored on the iOS filesystem. One caveat though, both devices must have AnyDrop installed for this to work. The AnyDrop app installs on the iOS home screen, requiring no configuration to start sharing.

Keep Track of Location Services in the iOS App Switcher

Worried about privacy or battery life issues due to built-in GPS on the iPhone? Checking to see which apps are using Location Services in the background is normally a multi-step process. Opening Settings and navigating to the correct section of the Privacy menu gets the job done, but now there's an easier way. The free tweak Location Sentry brings this information to jailbroken devices without any hassle.

iOS 7 jailbreak Location Services Privacy

Once installed, Location Sentry lets you know which apps are using Location Services directly in the app switcher. Each app card that is tapping into the device's current location is marked with a location icon in the lower right corner. Scrolling through app cards will paint a complete picture of which apps are potentially tracking your position and contributing to battery drain.

Get the iOS 7.1 Power Off Slider on iOS 7.0

Anyone with a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 7.0.x is missing out on the refinements Apple delivered with iOS 7.1. The latest version of iOS not only patches the vulnerabilities exploited by the evasi0n jailbreak, it also adds circular buttons and sliders to certain iOS screens. While jailbreak fans might be stuck at 7.0.x they can now install the iOS 7.1 power off slider with the tweak BetterPowerDown.

iOS 7 jailbreak Better power down reposer

BetterPowerDown updates the slider that appears when powering off the iPhone to match iOS 7.1. But this feature is only the beginning. Reverting the look backwards to iOS 6 is also possible, matching a variety of classic tweaks that are now available on Cydia. Although the tweak costs $0.99, it also includes the functionality of another tweak known as RePower.

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