Evad3rs Not Happy with p0sixspwn iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 Jailbreak

As promised, albeit a little late, iH8sn0w and winocm have delivered an untethered jailbreak for A5 devices running iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5, but their use of an unused exploit is not sitting well with some in the jailbreaking community.


Evad3rs member pod2g took to Twitter to blast iH8sn0w and winocm for using an exploit originally found by JailbreakMe creator Comex. Pod2g believes using a "highly valuable root exploit" on older firmware was a waste of time, and he claims iH8sn0w and winocm have destroyed any chance for it to be used for future jailbreak releases. A lot of people in the jailbreaking community agree, and are worried Apple will now close the exploit since it was made public.

Update Your Jailbreak With the evasi0n 7.x Untether Package

Already jailbroken an iOS 7 device with evasi0n 1.0.0? Updating to the latest version of evasi0n used to mean re-jailbreaking the device from scratch with new software. Now, the evad3rs have released a Cydia package that makes it possible to update the jailbreak to the latest version without re-jailbreaking.

evasi0n 7 untether Cydia package

The evasi0n 7.x Untether package can be found in the Cydia app store under System or by using the Search function. Once downloaded and installed from the Cydia/Telesphoreo repository, changes included in evasi0n7 1.0.1 are implemented on the jailbroken device. This update is required for Cydia, tweaks and apps to work properly with iOS 7.

New iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week

Since the iTunes Connect developer portal was shutdown for the holidays from Dec. 21 through Dec. 27. there were no new apps released to the App Store this week. Instead we will look at the new iOS jailbreak tweaks released to Cydia. The jailbreak tool evasi0n 7 was released on Dec. 22 for all devices running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4. You can learn how to jailbreak your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad using Windows here or Mac OS X here.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks

iOS 6 Icons For iOS 7: Free (Requires Winterboard)

This is a simple theme that allows you to restore your iOS 7 Home screen icons to iOS 6 icons. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo and requires Winterboard to install.

DockShift: Free (Requires iOS 7 or later)

Another free theme that gives you various dock background options. Does not work with the iPhone 4.

NCAllOnly: Free (Requires iOS 7 or later)

This theme removes the "Today" and "Missed" tabs from Notification Center on iOS 7.

Jailbreak Tweak Zeppelin Now Supports iOS 7

The jailbreak tweak Zeppelin has been updated to support iOS 7. The tweak allows users to change their carrier logo into a different icon. Zeppelin comes pre-installed with over 15 custom made logos such as Batman, the Autobots or the Apple symbol. Themers can also upload their own icons to the Zeppelin library or download third-party packages from Cydia.

Zeppelin iOS 7

There are plenty of Zeppelin custom packages in Cydia to choose from, but most of them have not been updated for iOS 7. However, that will probably begin to change now that an iOS 7 jailbreak is available.

You can download Zeppelin for free from the ModMyi repo in Cydia, or update it by going to the Changes section. Zeppelin is a fun way to customize your jailbroken device. It is also very easy to use and highly recommended for iPhone users who are tired of staring at the boring AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon or other carrier logos on their phone.

iH8sn0w iOS 6.1.3 p0sixspwn Jailbreak Now Available

It has been a crazy few days for the jailbreak community with the unexpected release of evasi0n 7 and its many controversies, but that hasn't stopped iH8sn0w and winocm from releasing their "drama free" iOS 6.1.3 - iOS 6.1.5 untether. The new jailbreak is called "p0sixspwn" and it is available now as a Cydia package. It allows iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th generation, and iPhone 3GS owners using redSn0w or sn0wbreeze to untether their devices. Here's iH8sn0w's instructions on how to install p0sixspwn:


1) Have a tethered jailbreak (either via redsn0w [Point to 6.0 IPSW] or sn0wbreeze).
2) Open Cydia.
3) Click the "Changes" tab in the footer.
4) Press the "Refresh" button in the top left corner.
5) After "Reloading Data", perform a search for "p0sixspwn" (the O is a zero).
6) Tap Install.

Evad3rs Pull Chinese TaiG App From Evasi0n 7

The evad3rs iOS 7 jailbreak has had a bit of a rocky launch. First there were rumors that someone close to the group had stolen the exploit and sold it to a private buyer, then soon after its release the jailbreak community accused the evad3rs of becoming greedy by partnering with the Chinese App Store TaiG.

evasi0n jailbreak

The evad3rs quickly responded to all the rumors with a message posted on their website. In a letter addressed to the "Jailbreak Community," the evad3rs have made it clear that users were "not locked into TaiG" and could still install Cydia. The evad3rs also added that they had never shared their exploits with TaiG's owners, and that preventing piracy is extremely important to them. This all lead to pod2g announcing on Twitter today, that the evad3rs had decided to "remotely disable the default installation of TaiG in China for further investigations on the piracy issue."

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 / iPhone 5s with Evasi0n on Windows

The untethered jailbreak for iOS 7 has arrived. The evad3rs have released evasi0n 7, which will free any device running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4 to install software and tweaks from Cydia. The latest jailbreak solution also works with iOS 7.1 beta1 and 7.1 beta2. In just a few minutes, any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7.x can be jailbroken.

evasi0n jailbreak windows

Below are instructions for jailbreaking with evasi0n on a Windows computer. Make sure the latest version of iTunes is installed before proceeding. If needed, click here for instructions on how to jailbreak with evasi0n 7 on a Mac OS X computer.

How to Jailbreak iOS 7 / iPhone 5s with Evasi0n on Mac OS X

The evad3rs have done it again. This time, the evasi0n 7 release was a surprise, shocking many in the iOS jailbreak community. Officially, evasi0n 7 will jailbreak any iOS device untethered running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4. Pre-release firmware iOS 7.1 beta1 and 7.1 beta2 are also supported.

evasi0n7 iphone 5s jailbreak

For Mac users looking to jailbreak their iOS devices, OS X version 10.5 or later is required. While the list of iOS 7 compatible tweaks and apps might be limited at this time, the number is sure to grow in the coming weeks as developers work with the new jailbreak.

Apple Releases iOS 7.0.4: Jailbreak Safe but You Should Probably Avoid it

Apple released iOS 7.0.4 to fix a FaceTime bug that caused "calls to fail for some users." Soon after the release, @iH8sn0w tweeted that the update “has no security changes.” iH8sn0w later added that the last few iOS updates "have not been directed as patching anything jb-related," and that Apple is probably waiting for the iOS 7 jailbreak to be released before they patch any exploits.

iOS 7.0.4

Soon after iH8sn0w's tweet, @MuscleNerd also confirmed that iOS 7.0.4 is jailbreak safe, but advised users to “avoid it" if they plan to jailbreak in the future. Apple's previous OS update, 7.0.3, was also found to be safe for jailbreakers by the evad3rs, who are the team of hackers working on the iOS 7 jailbreak.

evad3rs Already Have All the Pieces They Need to Jailbreak iOS 7

It looks like the jailbreaking team who brought us evasi0n is getting closer to cracking iOS 7. Planetbeing tweeted this afternoon: "We're still working hard on the jailbreak. May have all the pieces at this point (but not certain yet)."

This does not mean a public jailbreak is right around the corner, but it does show progress is being made.

iOS 7 Jailbreak

This is great news for jailbreakers who are waiting to upgrade to iOS 7. The last public jailbreak was patched by iOS 6.1.3 in March, leaving millions of Apple users stranded at iOS 6.1.2.

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