Keep Track of Location Services in the iOS App Switcher

Worried about privacy or battery life issues due to built-in GPS on the iPhone? Checking to see which apps are using Location Services in the background is normally a multi-step process. Opening Settings and navigating to the correct section of the Privacy menu gets the job done, but now there's an easier way. The free tweak Location Sentry brings this information to jailbroken devices without any hassle.

iOS 7 jailbreak Location Services Privacy

Once installed, Location Sentry lets you know which apps are using Location Services directly in the app switcher. Each app card that is tapping into the device's current location is marked with a location icon in the lower right corner. Scrolling through app cards will paint a complete picture of which apps are potentially tracking your position and contributing to battery drain.

Get the iOS 7.1 Power Off Slider on iOS 7.0

Anyone with a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 7.0.x is missing out on the refinements Apple delivered with iOS 7.1. The latest version of iOS not only patches the vulnerabilities exploited by the evasi0n jailbreak, it also adds circular buttons and sliders to certain iOS screens. While jailbreak fans might be stuck at 7.0.x they can now install the iOS 7.1 power off slider with the tweak BetterPowerDown.

iOS 7 jailbreak Better power down reposer

BetterPowerDown updates the slider that appears when powering off the iPhone to match iOS 7.1. But this feature is only the beginning. Reverting the look backwards to iOS 6 is also possible, matching a variety of classic tweaks that are now available on Cydia. Although the tweak costs $0.99, it also includes the functionality of another tweak known as RePower.

Know When a Friend has Read Your iMessage With TypeStatus Tweak

Apple's iMessage includes a nice feature that lets you know when someone has read your message and when they are typing a response (provided they have turned on "Send Read Receipts" in Settings -> Messages). If you want to see this information, however, you have to remain in the message app so you can see "read" or the animation notifying you that the recipient is typing a response. Now there is a jailbreak tweak called TypeStatus that will notify you when you are outside of the message app.

alleged iPhone 6 cases

Once you have TypeStatus installed you will be notified by an overlay of your status bar when someone has read or is responding to one of your messages. The overlay will show the recipients name and either "Typing" or "Read." Go to Settings -> TypeStatus to customize the tweak's behavior. You can activate notifications

Restore Classic iPhone Wallpapers to iOS 7

Getting nostalgic about iOS 6 wallpapers? While these can be found elsewhere, the jailbreak package ClassicWallPapers brings them all back in one fell swoop. These stock wallpapers are the perfect complement to other iOS 6 theme elements, such as ClassicDock, ClassicLockScreen, and ClassicBadges.

iOS 6 wallpapers jailbreak tweak

Once installed, any of the classic wallpapers can be selected by navigating to Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> Choose Wallpaper -> Stills. In addition to new-fangled iOS 7 background images, older options will now be available. Besides choosing a classic iOS wallpaper, there are no other options to configure.

Reverse the Front Camera Mirror on iPhone

The front iSight camera on the iPhone can come in handy for self portraits, FaceTime and framing some shots from unconventional angles. One stock feature of the front camera is that live previews are always mirrored, while the image recorded to the Camera Roll is not. For those who would prefer to reverse the mirror effect, there's a jailbreak tweak for that.

reverse front camera iPhone

Front Cam Un-Mirror will add a toggle to the top of the Camera app. Located in the upper left corner, the default setting is Mirrored, while tapping the button enters Un-Mirrored mode. Once installed, the tweak has no settings to configure or options to select, it simply becomes available in the iOS 7 Camera app.

Quit All Background Apps in iOS with One Tap

The iOS 7 app switcher has its pros and cons. While app cards do a nice job at previewing each piece of software, quitting out of many apps can be tedious. There are many shortcuts to avoid this available to those with jailbroken iOS devices, and now Clear Background Apps has joined the fray.

iOS 7 jailbreak task switcher

Clear Background Apps is a stand-alone tweak with no settings to configure or application to run. Simply install from Cydia and a circular "clean sweep" button will be added to the iOS 7 app switcher. As you might have guessed, tapping this circular button clears away all of the app cards in the app switcher at once.

Customize iOS 7 Home Screen Badges

Modifying the look of icon badges is a simple way to customize the iOS home screen. Now thanks to the jailbreak tweak MagicBadges, iOS 7 users can enjoy a fresh badge design by configuring a few options. Once installed, applying changes to icon badge numbers system-wide just requires a quick respring.

iOS 7 jailbreak icon badge customization

Aside from a toggle to disable the tweak entirely, the magic in MagicBadges happens under Settings -> MagicBadges -> General. Here iPhone users will find a live preview of what the badges will look like after changes are applied. Altering settings updates the preview immediately.

How to Cycle iPhone Wallpapers in iOS 7

Getting bored of the same, static iPhone wallpaper every day? Jailbreakers can install the tweak SpringPaper and keep things interesting automatically. Much like cycling backgrounds on OS X, iOS 7 wallpaper can be configured to transition through photos.

iOS 7 jailbreak cycle wallpapers

Images from the Photo library or any folder on the iPhone can be used for cycling wallpaper. Customizable options in SpringPaper include a variety of transitions, such as fade, camera shutter, ripple, and page turn effects. Activator and Flipswitch support are built into the tweak.

How to Use Multiple Passcodes on the iPhone

Normally the iPhone supports one passcode at a time. This can be great for security, but difficult when multiple people need access or there are just too many PIN numbers and passwords to remember. Enter the jailbreak tweak MultiPass. Once installed, iOS 7 can be secured with up to six different passcodes.

iOS 7 jailbreak multiple passcodes

Simply navigate to Settings -> MultiPass and enter up to five alternate 4-digit passcodes. Once entered tap the Home button to save. Next time the lock screen prompts for a passcode to unlock, any of the alternate passcodes will work. Of course, the original passcode entered in Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock will also provide access.

Add Themes to Album Art on the iPhone Lock Screen

When it comes to tracks playing on the iPhone, the lock screen album art has been a favorite target of the jailbreak community. Tweaks such as Spin can bring a completely new, unique look to the now playing album art. Now a stand alone tweak dubbed CustomCover provides theming options for album art on the iOS 7 lock screen.

iOS 7 jailbreak album cover

Lock screen media artwork will never be the same once CustomCover is installed from Cydia on a jailbroken device. WinterBoard is not required for the tweak to operate. Navigating to Settings -> CustomCover -> Theme reveals eight built-in options that change the look of the lock screen album art immediately.

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