Add Volume Level to the iOS Status Bar

Looking for a simple way to see the iOS volume level at all times? VolumeStatus 2 provides this functionality on jailbroken devices running iOS 7. Once installed, an estimate of volume will appear in a status bar icon.

iOS 7 jailbreak volume

No need to tap the volume buttons, or even see the volume heads up display. Toggles under Settings -> VolumeStatus make it possible to hide the HUD completely. This means the status bar becomes the go-to place to see volume level information.

Add Time Limits to iOS with Parental Controls

Parental Controls for iOS delivers a new time management tool to parents with jailbroken devices. With this tweak installed, a time limit can be set to restrict the amount of time a device can be used before it automatically locks.

iOS 7 jailbreak time limit

Once locked, Parental Controls delivers a dialog box with the option to make an Emergency Call or Add One Hour. Of course, adding one hour of time requires entering a passcode. The passcode also protects the tweak's settings.

Prevent Mistakes with iOS Confirmation Dialogs

The jailbreak tweak BeSureBefore has a simple name that explains exactly what it does. Once installed, supported apps can deliver a prompt to confirm various actions, making sure the selection was intended.

iOS 7 jailbreak prompt

BeSureBefore can prevent accidental sending of emails and messages, and can confirm other actions like voice calling and liking photos on Instagram. Settings include the option to enable sound when a dialog box is displayed, or even vibrate when prompted.

Add a Decline Call Button to iOS

Incoming call controls can be modified on jailbroken iOS devices with the tweak Cou. Once installed, Cou changes the steps required to decline an incoming call. Instead of a "slide to answer" slider, the user is presented with two individual buttons, Decline and Accept.

iOS 7 jailbreak Cou

Tapping Decline will have the same effect as pressing the power button twice, which declines the call. This can make it faster and easier to decline a call, however the buttons can also be accidentally pressed more easily. Cou provides a toggle to enable or disable the tweak entirely.

How to Animate iOS Home Screen Icons

iMaker is a customizable jailbreak tweak that will animate app icons directly on the iOS home screen. Animations and special effects can be assigned to bring attention to apps with new notifications, or apps that were recently opened or updated. While iMaker costs $1.99 there is a free version with limited features dubbed iMaker Lite.

iOS 7 jailbreak animate home screen icons

Once installed, iMaker settings include options for 7 different animation styles. Flips, Hand Stand, Large Jitter and Twister are just some of the eye-catching animations available. In fact, when these are running, it's nearly impossible to miss the animated icons.

How to Play Sound on the iOS Speaker with Headphones Plugged In

More control over audio has been a focus of many iOS jailbreak tweaks. Everything from volume amplifiers to sophisticated equalizers have made their way from Cydia to mobile devices. AudioOut is a relatively simple tweak that restores manual control of an automatic iOS function.

iOS 7 jailbreak speaker control

Every time headphones are plugged into the iPhone or iPad, sound output from the external speaker is shut off automatically. The sound is then routed into the headphones. iOS provides no option to change this default behavior. With AudioOut installed on a jailbroken device, it's possible to listen to sound on the speaker even when headphones are plugged in.

When an iPhone Falls, Does it Make a Sound?

Usually the only sound an iPhone makes when it plummets to the ground is a crack upon impact. Now thanks to the jailbreak tweak FreeFall the iPhone can scream in horror whenever it's dropped. In fact, the default sound effect triggered by the accelerometer is none other than the Wilhelm Scream.

FreeFall is available free from developer Steven Rolfe's repository at apt.steverolfe.com. Check here for instructions on how to add a new source to Cydia on a jailbroken device. Besides the screaming iPhone trick, FreeFall can also be used to play a custom sound.

PanguTeam Already Working on an iOS 8 Jailbreak

The jailbreak team behind the Pangu iOS 7.1.x jailbreak announced on Weibo that they have begun working on hacking iOS 8. This does not mean an iOS 8 jailbreak tool will be released anytime soon, but it is good to know that someone is working on a solution since other developers, like the evad3rs, have been silent about their plans for future jailbreak releases.

iOS 8 Icon

The PanguTeam caused an uproar in the jailbreaking community in June when it burned two exploits to release its Pangu iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak. However Comex, the creator of JailbreakMe, expressed his support of the PanguTeam when he said he was happy that "public jailbreaks are no longer a monopoly."

Don't Panic, Lock iPhone Apps with an Activator Gesture

PanicLock is a jailbreak tweak that brings a new layer of security to iOS devices. With panicLock installed, an Activator gesture can be configured to lock access to all apps. This means that even if there is no passcode set, or someone knows the passcode, apps can be locked out completely.

iOS 7 jailbreak lock apps

The secret gesture is selected from Settings -> panicLock -> Activation Methods. Once panicLock is installed and configured, performing the secret gesture blocks access to all iOS apps immediately. To disable the lock, invoke the secret gesture a second time.

Add a Quick Memo Widget to the Notification Center

Expanding the widgets and capabilities of Notification Center is a favorite hobby of jailbreak developers. Prolific note takers might like the recent jailbreak tweak NCMemo, which is available for free on Cydia. NCMemo inserts a text box directly into the Today tab of the iOS Notification Center.

iOS 7 jailbreak Notification Center widget

Once installed, NCMemo can be switched on under Notification Center -> NCMemo. The text box can be resized and moved directly within the Today tab. Colors and fonts appearing within the text box are fully customizable under Settings -> NCMemo. To create a note, just open the Notification Center from anywhere in iOS and enter text.

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