Auxo Legacy Edition Released on Cydia

The jailbreak tweak Auxo has been around for some time. Several iterations have brought an innovative look and feel to app switching and the iOS Control Center. In fact, Auxo pioneered the use of app preview cards which finally made their way into stock iOS 7. Auxo Legacy Edition eliminates some of the flair found on later versions in favor of the simplicity and speed of the original.

iOS 8 Auxo classic”  title=

Once installed, Auxo is accessed by invoking the Control Center with a swipe up from the bottom of the display. Instead of the stock toggles and controls, Auxo presents a built-in app switcher with card previews. Swipe left and right to view the most recently used apps, then use preconfigured gestures to launch an app or dismiss. All apps can be exited with a tap and hold. The standard Control Center interface is also accessible in what's called Auxillary Pages.

Delete Multiple Apps at the Same Time

For iPhone owners looking to do some Spring Cleaning on their devices, app removal can save significant space. Low available storage can cause streaming music and video bottlenecks and slow down iOS performance. Not to mention the Camera app can't save photos and videos when a device is full. Clearing app caches can save space, but sometimes a list of unused apps must go.

iOS 8 delete app icons”  title=

The jailbreak tweak MultiDelete makes this an easier task. With MultiDelete installed, multiple apps can be deleted at the same time. Once installed, make sure the tweak is enabled. Using the toggle in settings requires a respring for changes to take effect. A handy respring shortcut is provided. The real magic happens on the home screen.

How to Pause and Restart Video Recording in iOS

The jailbreak tweak RecordPause brings some old-fashioned in-camera editing to the iOS Camera app. Normally videos are recorded and edited later, by bringing together different clips with software. By adding a pause button to active video recording, RecordPause makes it possible to stop and restart recording in the same video file.

iOS 8 RecordPause1”  title=

Once installed, tapping the time counter when recording video will put the stock Camera app in pause mode. The interface turns yellow, and the viewfinder preview dims. To restart recording tap the time counter again. When finished recording, stop the video normally and the in-camera edit will be saved to the Camera Roll.

iPhone Tweak DockWare Updated for iOS 8

DockWare was originally developed for jailbroken devices running iOS 7. The tweak has been updated for iOS 8 compatibility, bringing many new features to the stock iOS 8 dock. Once installed, DockWare 2 can be configured with a long list of options in the Settings. There are three main sections which control home screen behavior, in-app behavior, and the activation method for showing or hiding the dock.

iOS 8 DockWare update”  title=

Folders can be placed in the dock like app icons, and the dock itself can be shown anywhere, including when using an app. Besides an activator gesture to control the dock, the dock can be hidden entirely on the home screen with a toggle. Other options include an auto hide feature with a timer, and eight custom animations for the showing and dismissal of the dock.

How to Save iOS SHSH Blobs with TinyUmbrella

The famous downgrade tool TinyUmbrella was recently updated to a new beta version, despite the fact that downgrading iOS 8.x is not yet possible. Saving firmware SHSH blobs is always a safe bet, as one never knows when they might be needed should a downgrade solution be released.

Tiny Umbrella update

For the time being, jailbreakers are warned to avoid updating iOS. Moving to iOS 8.2 will result in the loss of any installed jailbreak. While TinyUmbrella developer semaphore sees downgrade possibilities on the horizon, at the present time backing up SHSH blobs locally is just insurance. Until a downgrade is released, here are instructions on how to save iOS SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella:

Downgrade Tool TinyUmbrella Updated for iOS 8

A new beta version of TinyUmbrella has been released, to easily save SHSH blobs for jailbroken iOS 8 devices. The software has a long history in the community, previously used to facilitate downgrading to earlier (jailbreakable) versions of iOS. Apple has prevented this practice with its latest security procedures, including signing firmware. So why save SHSH blobs now?

Tiny Umbrella update

The developer of TinyUmbrella, semaphore sees a future in SHSH blobs and has spent time and energy rewriting the firmware umbrella tool with the expectation that downgrading will once again be possible. Of course, this does not mean jailbroken devices can be upgraded at the moment. Updating iOS will result in a stock device, and the jailbreak will be lost.

LockInfo 8 Supercharges the iPhone Lock Screen

One of the longer running jailbreak tweaks in iPhone history is LockInfo. For several versions of iOS, this tweak has brought an improved level of information and interaction directly to the iPhone lock screen. In fact, LockInfo actually brought Notification Center to iOS 4, before the feature was officially launched with iOS 5 in 2011.

jailbreak tweak LockInfo 8 one”  title=

LockInfo 8 now brings all of this functionality and customization to jailbroken iOS 8 devices. Bringing the Notification Center to the lock screen is the tip of the iceberg. Not only does LockInfo make swiping down to reveal what's going on unnecessary, it provides access to additional information with a swipe or tap. For example, swiping left on the lock screen will reveal the weather forecast, right on the iPhone lock screen.

How to Hide Conversations in the Messages App

Looking to temporarily hide conversation threads in the iOS Messages app? The jailbreak tweak HiddenConvos has you covered. Once installed, HiddenConvos adds new swipe functionality directly to Messages, with no options or settings to configure.

jailbreak tweak HiddenConvos”  title=

Simply swipe to the left on a message thread, and a blue Hide button appears right next to the standard Delete option. Tapping Hide will make the conversation thread disappear without deleting the thread entirely. Not only this, but when hidden, the conversation will automatically be put into Do Not Disturb mode. This means incoming alerts will be silenced, hiding all incoming messages.

Stratos Brings Multitasking to the iOS Control Center

The jailbreak tweak Stratos is heavily inspired by the classic multitasking tweak Auxo. The developers of Stratos have included some interesting features in their vision of iOS 7 and 8 multitasking. The tweak is described as a way to "simplify the way you interact with your iPhone". Simply put, Stratos brings a multitasking app switcher to the Control Center and separates media controls, app switching, and control toggles into three separate pages.

iOS 8 Stratos app switcher1”  title=

Once installed, there is a toggle to enable Stratos under Settings, along with many options to configure the tweak. Besides displaying running and recently used app cards directly in the Control Center, Stratos makes it possible to swipe up on an app card to open it immediately. Stratos can be configured to automatically open to the media control page when music is playing, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Put Your Favorite Apps in the Switcher with Popular

Popular is a jailbreak tweak for the app switcher that replaces the favorite and recent contacts icons. Instead of these, Popular displays your favorite and most often used apps right above the full size app cards. The tweak dynamically sorts app icons, putting the most-used apps first, right next to your favorites.

iOS 8 app switcher tweak

Once installed, there are several customizations that can be accessed via Settings -> Popular. When it comes to the most "popular" apps, usage statistics can be viewed directly in the settings. The Maximum Icon Count can be adjusted anywhere from 5 to 75, which controls how many apps will appear in the launcher.


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