How do I manually enter safe mode to remove a Cydia tweak?

If you haven't installed Cydia's Substrate Safe Mode (which you should definitely do) you may find yourself with a tweak that constantly crashes or puts you in a boot loop. Here is how you can manually enter safe mode:

1. Reboot (unless your phone already is) by holding down the top button until the "Slide to power off" message appears.

Modify iOS 7 Folder Icons with TinyGrid+

Getting a unique look on the iOS 7 home screen can require several tweaks and customizations. Besides installing WinterBoard themes or using colorization tweaks such as Fancy, a new option focuses specifically on folder icons. TinyGrid+ changes the grid of app icon thumbnails inside folder home screen icons.

customize folder thumbs tinygrid

Once installed, TinyGrid+ defaults to a look similar to the iOS 6 supported tweak 2x2 Folder Icons. Instead of the stock 3x3 thumbnail layout inside each folder icon, the grid within each folder is changed to 2x2 with more padding around the app thumbnails. This is just the beginning, as full customization is available under Settings -> TinyGrid+ on jailbroken devices.

Display Current Weather on the iOS 7 Lock Screen

Checking current weather conditions from the lock screen can be a one step process with Notification Center properly configured. Swiping down from the top of the display will show current conditions and describe the high and low temperatures in the Today view. What if there was a way to display this information directly in the lock screen?

Forecast weather tweak lock screen

Those with jailbroken devices can do just that with Forecast. The tweak has been updated for iOS 7 to completely integrate local conditions and forecast information from the stock Weather app onto the lock screen. Once installed, the unlock slider disappears and current conditions with high and low temperatures are displayed in the lower left corner of the lock screen.

Two Jailbreak Tweaks Give You More Precise Indicators for Cellular and Wi-Fi Signal Strength

The iOS signal strength meters for cellular and Wi-Fi signal strength have never been very precise. Just take a look at the Wi-Fi indicator - three curved bars. This can basically tell you good, ok, bad or non-existent. The actual range for Wi-Fi signal strength deserves more specificity than just three levels, the same goes for cellular signal strength. If you want a more precise indicator for your Wi-Fi and cellular signal strength, you can download the jailbreak tweaks Numeric GSM Indicator and Numeric WiFi Indicator from Cydia.

RSSI indicators for cellular and Wi-Fi signal strength

Numeric GSM Indicator will change the graphical cellular strength indicator into an RSSI indicator. RSSI (received signal strength indication) is the standard metric used by the telecommunications industry to measure power in a received radio signal (measured in decibels). In fact, if you put your iPhone into field test mode you will

How to Customize iOS 7 System Colors

Looking to spruce up the default iOS 7 color palette? Jailbreakers can grab Fancy for $0.99 and do just that. Customizations to global tint or individual components of iOS can be implemented directly in the settings, once Fancy is installed from Cydia. Custom colors include Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Light Blue and Purple.

Fancy iOS custom colors

Besides the Keyboard, other areas of iOS that can be tinted with a new color include Banners, Notification Center, Control Center, Dock, HUDs (such as Ringer shown below), Spotlight, and Assistant (Siri). Colors are applied to iOS 7 immediately, with no respring required once the new configuration is selected under Settings -> Fancy.

Close All iOS Safari Tabs with One Tap and Hold

Using Mobile Safari on iOS 7 means up to 24 browser tabs can be left open. While this can be great for going back to frequently used web pages, it can also get messy fast. There is a trick using Private browsing mode, which closes all browser tabs in one shot.

Close all browser tabs

Those with jailbroken devices can install the free CloseAll tweak for a more efficient solution to the problem. Once installed, there are no settings to configure. Simply pull up the 3D browser tab view and long press a black X in the upper left corner of any tab.

Make Chrome the Default iOS 7 Browser

Fans of the Chrome web browser can avoid Safari on the iPhone with a simple jailbreak tweak named Open in Chrome. Once installed, a toggle in Settings will enable or disable the tweak. Using Open in Chrome results in Google's browser acting as the default across iOS 7.

Chrome browser iOS 7

This means links in notes, messages, email and other apps will always open in Chrome. Even links from Siri or home screen Bookmarks will use Chrome to display web pages. Of course, Chrome is required for the tweak to work properly. Without Chrome installed, the tweak does nothing and Safari opens like normal.

Create Notes from Anywhere in iOS 7

Notes are a convenient way to keep track of lists and other items on the iPhone. Even better is the ability to sync notes to a computer using iCloud. Developer JGTweaks has improved stock iOS notes even further, by making it possible to create a note from anywhere on the device.

notes tweak iOS 7

No more pausing to stop what you're doing, and having to navigate to the Notes app. Jailbreakers can install the NoteCreator tweak from Cydia and choose any Activator action to create a new note. When the action is performed a dialog box appears, prompting the user to enter text for the note. Tap Done and the note is saved to the default account.

Rename Group Messages in iOS 7

Dealing with multiple group messages in iOS 7 can be frustrating, especially if several of the messages include some of the same contacts. The stock Messages app simply identifies group messages by listing the names of the participants. Now thanks to the jailbreak tweak MessageRenamer7, there is a better way.

rename group text imessage

Once installed, MessageRenamer7 provides the option to rename a group message, directly in the Messages app. Hold down on any group message and select Rename from the pop-up menu. A text field will be provided to enter a new name for the conversation. Tapping Set will make the change.

Add / Remove Information on the iOS 7 Status Bar

Customizing the iOS 7 status bar is only a tweak away with StatusModifier. Those with jailbroken iPhones can install this free tweak for more control over exactly what information is displayed. Hiding items or displaying the amount of free system RAM can be accomplished using Settings -> StatusModifier.

iOS 7 jailbreak status bar

Custom formatting can be created using the DateFormat Builder, which provides options such as displaying seconds with the current time, or the date. This is also where iOS available RAM can be selected by entering the letters FM (free memory). By default, the amount of free memory is updated in real time every second, with a slider making longer intervals possible.

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