Tap the Camera Viewfinder to Snap iPhone Photos

When taking photos with the iPhone, there are actually several ways to release the iPhone camera shutter. The tweak TapToSnap adds yet another option to the list for those with jailbroken devices.

iOS 7 jailbreak TapToSnap

Once installed, TapToSnap makes fumbling for the iPhone shutter release button a thing of the past. Tapping anywhere on the live camera preview screen will capture a photo immediately. Of course, this means that refocusing on a specific location in the viewfinder will always snap a photo.

Customize iOS Voice Control with Acute

Acute is a jailbreak tweak that makes it possible to add new voice commands to iOS devices. Not only does this jailbreak tweak come with its own set of built-in commands, new phrases can be assigned to any Activator action. This means users can tell their devices to do just about anything.

iOS 7 jailbreak Acute cap1

Once installed, the listening mode of Acute must be configured to an Activator action. Peforming this action (such as a right-swipe on the status bar) will invoke Acute, displaying a waveform icon in the status bar once loaded. When the tweak is listening, commands can be issued.

Springtomize 3 Gets iOS 7.1.x Update and Dark Folders

Springtomize 3 has been fully updated for iOS 7.1.x compatibility, which is good news for users jailbreaking with Pangu. The super-tweak from developer Filippo Bigarella provides incredible levels of control for those looking to customize the look and feel of iOS on their devices.

iOS 7 jailbreak Springtomize 3 logo

Several bug fixes relating to the tweak's performance on iOS 7.1 and later have been addressed. This includes various items not hiding properly in recent firmware, and other display issues. The most interesting part is a new feature, the addition of an option for dark folder backgrounds.

Add This Email Shortcut to iOS with TapTheAt

Keyboard shortcuts are a useful part of iOS, helping to speed up commonly typed phrases and words. TapTheAt is a jailbreak tweak that complements this functionality, providing an exclusive shortcut for entering one's email address. Besides saving time, this free tweak's simplicity is appealing.

iOS 7 jailbreak

Once installed, navigating to Settings -> TapTheAt provides a toggle to enable or disable the tweak. When enabled, whatever address is plugged into the email field will automatically populate when the @ symbol gets a long press.

How to Answer iPhone Calls Hands Free

Answering incoming iPhone or FaceTime calls in a hands-free situation normally requires touching the display. Three times, to be exact. One tap to answer the call, once to select the audio source, and the third to switch to speaker. Using headphones can reduce this interaction to one press, however this also means the conversation will take place on the headphones, not the speaker.

iOS 7 jailbreak Hands Free

HandsFree seeks to streamline the process for a truly hands-free experience when answering a call, no headphones required. This jailbreak tweak requires iOS 7.1 or later and an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s jailbroken by Pangu. Once installed, HandsFree makes it possible to answer a call on speakerphone by simply waving your hand over the device.

Resize iOS App Icons with Icon Resizer

Those with jailbroken iPhones have plenty of options when it comes to customizing the apperance of the home screen. Now there's a simple way to resize icons with the appropriately named tweak Icon Resizer. Any app icon can be adjusted to increase or decrease its size.

iOS 7 jailbreak Icon Resizer

Icon Resizer works by providing a default icon size, as well as individual app size options. Changing the default size, which is normally 62, will modify all icons on the home screen. Users can pick a size from 20 to 70 and change all icons sizes in one swoop.

Use a Gesture to Like Pandora, Spotify or iTunes Radio Tracks

Improving radio stations in popular streaming music apps means weighing in on a track by tapping the thumbs up or thumbs down button. The process can be cumbersome if the iOS device is locked or the display is asleep, and each app has its own layout to fumble with. OneThumb seeks to change all this for jailbroken music fans.

iOS 7 jailbreak OneThumb

With support for three different apps, OneThumb makes it possible to assign Activator gestures to the thumbs up and thumbs down inputs. Pandora, Spotify and iTunes Radio users can join in the fun, once the tweak is installed and configured.

Get Current Weather in the iOS Status Bar

Keeping up to date with the weather has never been easier thanks to the iPhone. That is unless you count looking out the window or walking outside. Jailbreakers can now enjoy constant updates right on the home screen with StatusBarWeather7.

iOS 7 jailbreak StatusBarWeather7

Once installed, this free tweak adds current weather information directly to the iOS status bar. The location is pulled directly from the stock Weather app, making configuration quick and easy. There are some options under Settings -> StatusBarWeather7 for customization.

IntelliScreenX 7 Gets iOS 7.1.x Support

One of the key jailbreak tweaks since iOS 5 has been IntelliScreenX. Calling it a tweak is actually an understatement considering how profoundly it expands the functionality of the lock screen and Notification Center. Developer Intelliborn has released iOS 7.1.x support for those jailbreaking the latest version of iOS with Pangu.

iOS 7 jailbreak IntelliscreenX iOS 7.1.1

This is great news for anyone interested in seeing what Intelliborn calls "The reason to jailbreak iOS 7". A three-day free trial means new users can try it out before they drop any cash on Cydia. Discounts on the $9.99 purchase price are available for users who have previously bought the tweak.

How to Colorize the iOS Volume HUD

There are several jailbreak tweaks that add functions to the stock iOS volume heads up display (HUD). Volume+ and Music HUD come to mind. But what about simply changing the color of this display?

iOS 7 jailbreak ColorfulVolume

ColorfulVolume is one way to get the job done. Once this free jailbreak tweak is installed, a custom color can be selected and applied to the volume HUD. Not only this, but a toggle will enable a random color to be displayed every time the volume is changed.

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