Use ProximityCam to Eliminate Camera Shake from your iPhone's Photos

You don't need to be a photography expert to know that camera shake can ruin a photo. Avoiding camera shake can be difficult, whether trying to capture intricate detail in artwork or simply trying to capture an image of text that isn't too blurry to read later. The iPhone is small enough and light enough that just a slight push on the volume button or even the virtual shutter button can ruin a photo. The new jailbreak tweak ProximityCam, from developer PoomSmart, offers a practical solution to the problem.

ProximityCam jailbreak tweak

ProximityCam allows you to use the iPhone's proximity sensor (the sensor that turns the screen off when you hold it up to your ear in order to save power and avoid inadvertent input) to take photographs. With ProximityCam installed you simply wave your finger in front of the sensor to take a picture with the Camera app. This

Search References Directly from the iOS 7 Control Center

Quick access to the dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia is now possible directly from the iOS Control Center. Developer ravirajm has updated the original Define widget, which can be installed from Cydia on jailbroken devices. Define for iOS 7 uses CCLoader to add slick, convenient reference access to the Control Center.

dictionary in control center

Once installed, Define must be moved to the Enabled Sections in CCLoader. This will add a Dictionary shortcut to Control Center, which can be placed anywhere on the panel. When tapped, a dialog box pops up with the enabled references listed under a text box. Enter the word or term and select Dictionary, Wikipedia or Thesaurus.

Speed Dial iPhone Numbers with the Passcode Keypad

As any iPhone owner knows, there are no speed dial functions in iOS 7. Maybe Siri or the Favorites list of contacts counts as a shortcut, however these don't resemble traditional speed dial. PassDial is a new way to tackle the issue, by adding speed dial functionality directly to the passcode lock keypad.

quick dial passcode

The free version of PassDial makes it possible to associate three separate passcodes with three phone numbers. It's that simple, just enter the right passcode and the iPhone will immediately start dialing the associated phone number. PassDial Pro provides more slots to add even more speed dial codes to the passcode lock keypad, and can associate codes with email addresses to initiate FaceTime calls.

Upgrade Spotlight Search on iOS 7 with Weasel

While the name might not sound pleasant, Weasel brings jailbroken iOS users a new way to seek information and search their devices. Frequent users of Spotlight will find that Weasel enhances the experience, adding more functionality. Weasel can also be invoked from anywhere after being assigned to an Activator gesture.

Weasel iOS tweak

So what is Weasel capable of doing? When activated, the tweak brings up a text box and keyboard. When a search term or command is typed the magic happens. For example, if the search term that's entered matches a song in the Music app, shortcuts to play the track appear. Options to search for the term on Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and eBay also pop up.

Add Guest Mode to the iPhone on iOS 7

Guest mode still hasn't arrived in stock versions of iOS. This means that iPhone users can be at the mercy of anyone who borrows their device. Luckily for those who have jailbroken, there's a solution that makes it possible to easily enter guest mode before handing over the hardware. Much like iPrivacy did for iOS 5 and 6, the tweak GuestMode brings this functionality to iOS 7.

iOS Guest Mode

Once installed, there are several ways to configure guest mode and its activation. Options include a special passcode that will enable guest mode, or the addition of a Guest button directly on the passcode lock keypad. Another alternative will enter guest mode when swiping left or right on the lock screen. Of course, users can also assign guest mode to an Activator gesture.

Jailbreak Tweak Lockscreen Extender Lets You Decide How Long Your LS Stays Lit

This tweak might not seem very useful or worthwhile to a lot of folks, but having the iPhone's lock screen dim within seconds is annoying to some and incredibly annoying to others (me). This is probably due to the fact that when I am sitting at my computer I am usually either reading things or writing things, and I am always checking/using things on my phone as well, like the notification center and calculator, both of which can be accessed from the lock screen. The problem (and yes, it certainly falls into the category of first world problems) is that I will hit the home button on my phone so it lights up, but then I continue reading what's on my computer screen for a few more seconds, at which point I have to hit the home button again because the lock screen has dimmed. Thus begins the vicious cycle. But no longer - a new tweak called LockScreen Extender has solved the issue.

LockScreen Extender Cydia tweak

LockScreen Extender does exactly what it sounds like - it keeps the lock screen up for a period of time of your choosing. Once you have it installed, head to Settings -> LockScreen Extender. Inside, you can enable the tweak, then you can pick your "Dim

How do I manually enter safe mode to remove a Cydia tweak?

If you haven't installed Cydia's Substrate Safe Mode (which you should definitely do) you may find yourself with a tweak that constantly crashes or puts you in a boot loop. Here is how you can manually enter safe mode:

1. Reboot (unless your phone already is) by holding down the top button until the "Slide to power off" message appears.

Modify iOS 7 Folder Icons with TinyGrid+

Getting a unique look on the iOS 7 home screen can require several tweaks and customizations. Besides installing WinterBoard themes or using colorization tweaks such as Fancy, a new option focuses specifically on folder icons. TinyGrid+ changes the grid of app icon thumbnails inside folder home screen icons.

customize folder thumbs tinygrid

Once installed, TinyGrid+ defaults to a look similar to the iOS 6 supported tweak 2x2 Folder Icons. Instead of the stock 3x3 thumbnail layout inside each folder icon, the grid within each folder is changed to 2x2 with more padding around the app thumbnails. This is just the beginning, as full customization is available under Settings -> TinyGrid+ on jailbroken devices.

Display Current Weather on the iOS 7 Lock Screen

Checking current weather conditions from the lock screen can be a one step process with Notification Center properly configured. Swiping down from the top of the display will show current conditions and describe the high and low temperatures in the Today view. What if there was a way to display this information directly in the lock screen?

Forecast weather tweak lock screen

Those with jailbroken devices can do just that with Forecast. The tweak has been updated for iOS 7 to completely integrate local conditions and forecast information from the stock Weather app onto the lock screen. Once installed, the unlock slider disappears and current conditions with high and low temperatures are displayed in the lower left corner of the lock screen.

Two Jailbreak Tweaks Give You More Precise Indicators for Cellular and Wi-Fi Signal Strength

The iOS signal strength meters for cellular and Wi-Fi signal strength have never been very precise. Just take a look at the Wi-Fi indicator - three curved bars. This can basically tell you good, ok, bad or non-existent. The actual range for Wi-Fi signal strength deserves more specificity than just three levels, the same goes for cellular signal strength. If you want a more precise indicator for your Wi-Fi and cellular signal strength, you can download the jailbreak tweaks Numeric GSM Indicator and Numeric WiFi Indicator from Cydia.

RSSI indicators for cellular and Wi-Fi signal strength

Numeric GSM Indicator will change the graphical cellular strength indicator into an RSSI indicator. RSSI (received signal strength indication) is the standard metric used by the telecommunications industry to measure power in a received radio signal (measured in decibels). In fact, if you put your iPhone into field test mode you will

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