Customize iOS 7 Home Screen Badges

Modifying the look of icon badges is a simple way to customize the iOS home screen. Now thanks to the jailbreak tweak MagicBadges, iOS 7 users can enjoy a fresh badge design by configuring a few options. Once installed, applying changes to icon badge numbers system-wide just requires a quick respring.

iOS 7 jailbreak icon badge customization

Aside from a toggle to disable the tweak entirely, the magic in MagicBadges happens under Settings -> MagicBadges -> General. Here iPhone users will find a live preview of what the badges will look like after changes are applied. Altering settings updates the preview immediately.

How to Cycle iPhone Wallpapers in iOS 7

Getting bored of the same, static iPhone wallpaper every day? Jailbreakers can install the tweak SpringPaper and keep things interesting automatically. Much like cycling backgrounds on OS X, iOS 7 wallpaper can be configured to transition through photos.

iOS 7 jailbreak cycle wallpapers

Images from the Photo library or any folder on the iPhone can be used for cycling wallpaper. Customizable options in SpringPaper include a variety of transitions, such as fade, camera shutter, ripple, and page turn effects. Activator and Flipswitch support are built into the tweak.

How to Use Multiple Passcodes on the iPhone

Normally the iPhone supports one passcode at a time. This can be great for security, but difficult when multiple people need access or there are just too many PIN numbers and passwords to remember. Enter the jailbreak tweak MultiPass. Once installed, iOS 7 can be secured with up to six different passcodes.

iOS 7 jailbreak multiple passcodes

Simply navigate to Settings -> MultiPass and enter up to five alternate 4-digit passcodes. Once entered tap the Home button to save. Next time the lock screen prompts for a passcode to unlock, any of the alternate passcodes will work. Of course, the original passcode entered in Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock will also provide access.

Add Themes to Album Art on the iPhone Lock Screen

When it comes to tracks playing on the iPhone, the lock screen album art has been a favorite target of the jailbreak community. Tweaks such as Spin can bring a completely new, unique look to the now playing album art. Now a stand alone tweak dubbed CustomCover provides theming options for album art on the iOS 7 lock screen.

iOS 7 jailbreak album cover

Lock screen media artwork will never be the same once CustomCover is installed from Cydia on a jailbroken device. WinterBoard is not required for the tweak to operate. Navigating to Settings -> CustomCover -> Theme reveals eight built-in options that change the look of the lock screen album art immediately.

How to Spoof Your iPhone Location on iOS 7

Faking the location of an iOS device is not a new idea. Getting around the location-checking features of various iPhone apps was previously made possible by jailbreak tweaks such as Location Spoofer. Now LocationFaker brings this functionality to jailbroken devices running iOS 7.

iOS 7 jailbreak LocationFaker

Anything from spoofing your friends on Facebook or circumventing regional content restrictions can be achieved with LocationFaker. Once installed and configured, the app will trick any iOS app into using the fake location instead of data from the actual GPS. For example, pulling up Maps while LocationFaker is enabled will show the fake location.

Walk and Text More Safely with CamText for iOS

Maybe there is no such thing, but walking safely while texting on an iPhone can be a challenge. Now thanks to the jailbreak tweak CamText the task is slightly easier. With CamText, the background to the Messages app becomes a transparent window that makes it possible to see through your iOS 7 device.

iOS 7 jailbreak CamText

CamText takes live video from the iPhone back camera and feeds it directly into the Messages app while composing or reading SMS, MMS, and iMessage content. The result is a nifty looking way to keep abreast of objects in the sidewalk or other potential hazards en route. Once installed, Settings -> CamTextPrefs provides a transparency slider that can be adjusted to lighten or darken message bubbles.

Simplify the iOS Lock Screen with this Tweak

Some of the best jailbreak tweaks only do one thing. Simplicity is the word to describe NoSTUArrow, which removes the off-center Slide to Unlock arrow from the iOS 7 lock screen. There are other ways to achieve this effect, however NoSTUArrow makes it easy.

iOS 7 jailbreak NoSTUArrow

Eliminating the arrow from the left side of the Slide to Unlock text happens immediately after NoSTUArrow is installed. The tweak can be found on Cydia for free, and has no options or settings to configure. Once the arrow, which looks like a mathematical "greater-than" sign, is removed the iOS 7 lock screen looks even cleaner.

Add Music Info to the iOS 7 Status Bar

Getting now playing info from anywhere on the iPhone home screen is the goal of the new jailbreak tweak #PlayMe. For those who use any number of music apps, getting the current track name in iOS 7 means navigating to the app or pulling up the Control Center. Now these extra steps can be avoided.

iOS 7 jailbreak PlayMe

Installing #PlayMe from Cydia results in now playing information being added directly to the iOS status bar. This means that while a track is playing, the song title and artist will cycle in the status bar. Adding this info to the lock screen and home screen provides a convenient way to see what's playing without much hassle.

Can I update my jailbroken iPhone to iOS 7.1?

Updating a jailbroken iOS device to iOS 7.1 is possible, however the jailbreak will be lost. Apple has patched multiple exploits used by evasi0n 7 in the iOS 7.1 firmware update.

This means that iPhones, iPads and iPod touch units running iOS 7.1 cannot be jailbroken.

iOS 7.1 update

How can I jailbreak iOS 7.1?

Currently there is no jailbreak solution for iOS 7.1. Apple has patched the primary kernel exploit used by the evasi0n 7 jailbreak, as well as additional exploits found in previous versions of iOS 7.

Those who have already jailbroken are advised to stay away from the iOS 7.1 update. Installing iOS 7.1 will remove the jailbreak, and render evasi0n useless.

iOS 7.1 update jailbreak
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