IntelliScreenX 7 Gets Improvements, Bug Fixes

Looking for a reason to jailbreak your iPhone? IntelliScreenX 7 continues developer Intelliborn's tradition of providing a comprehensive Notification Center overhaul. Once installed, the iPhone lock screen goes from useless to an interactive information center.

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For those who may have installed IntelliScreenX 7 after release and were a bit perplexed about some of the features of the tweak, rest assured that bug fixes and improvements continue to be implemented. Users can now control lock display behavior, toggle the Messages+ compose button, and rest assured that the preset passcode lock time delay will be honored by IntelliScreenX 7.

How to Restore Cydia Purchased Packages

Jailbreaking a new iOS device, or restoring an existing one means that Cydia packages must be reinstalled. This includes any apps, tweaks, themes or other content that was previously purchased by the user. In many cases, developers will offer a free upgrade for new versions of Cydia packages running on an updated version of iOS.

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Restoring purchased packages or installing a package upgrade that was previously purchased requires logging into the Cydia account associated with the user. To restore packages already purchased, first open Cydia and navigate to Manage Account on the intro page.

How to Check iOS Storage Space with Cydia

Knowing how much free space exists on an iPhone can prevent performance issues, reduce errors, and ensure enough room exists to snap photos and download content. There are several ways to check for available disk space on the iPhone.

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iOS provides a built-in solution under Settings, which provides a total of storage space used for each individual app. Jailbreakers will be happy to know that Cydia can also give a comprehensive snapshot of storage availability, broken down by category.

Prevent Grabbers in Full Screen iOS Apps

One of the advantages of the Control Center and Notification Center in iOS is their accessibility. Pulling up one or the other can be accomplished from anywhere, by dragging up or down from the edge of the display. Apple has cleverly prevented these items from being accidentally invoked while a full-screen app is in progress, such as a game.

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Grabbers are the first thing to appear when an app is in full screen mode. Once the grabber appears, it must be dragged directly in a second step before the Notification Center or Control Center will slide out. Grabbers are built into iOS, but for those who are not fans of grabbers, they can be turned off with the free jailbreak tweak NoGrabber.

Bring Enhanced Multitasking to iPhone Calls

There are many things that can be accomplished during an ongoing phone call on the iPhone. Users with GSM models (like those on AT&T) can even send and receive cellular data while talking. One drag about iOS is the fact that performing actions such as sending an email or creating a reminder while on a call means exiting the Phone app.


Sure, the phone conversation can continue, but access to the in-call controls will be lost until the Phone app is reopened manually. Enter the jailbreak tweak CallShare. Once installed and configured in the Settings, CallShare brings multiple functions directly to the Phone app. Just tap the contact name or phone number during a phone call to start.

Adjust iPhone Brightness Using the Status Bar

Adjusting the display brightness on an iOS device has become easier thanks to the release of Control Center in iOS 7. One swipe from the bottom of the screen makes it possible to adjust brightness with a slider, instead of navigating through Settings. For those who change their display brightness often there's an even easier solution for jailbreakers.


StatusBright brings screen brightness adjustments directly to the iOS 7 home screen status bar. Once the tweak is installed, there are no settings to configure. A swipe from left to right along the status bar at the top of the screen will increase brightness. Swipe to the left to dim the screen. This swipe action along the status bar acts as a built-in slider that can change the brightness at any time.

How to Mark iPhone Messages as Unread

One great thing about the iOS Mail app is the ability to mark emails as unread. This can help remind the user that messages are waiting and need to be reviewed again later. Some prefer to use this trick instead of flagging or leaving the mail marked read. Stock iOS 7 has no such function in place for the Messages app.


Now thanks to the jailbreak tweak Unread, iMessage and SMS threads can be marked unread. Once installed from Cydia, the Unread tweak has no settings to configure. Simply open the Messages app and toggle the read / unread status by tapping and holding a message thread. The blue dot indicating whether or not a message has been read will display accordingly.

How to View Animated GIFs on the iPhone

Animated GIFs have experienced a vast resurgence on today’s Internet. Ever since the 90s the popular format has circulated widely on the web and elsewhere. iOS devices display animated GIFs properly in the Messages and Mail apps, however saving these images to the Camera Roll results in a freeze.

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Now you can restore the animation in the stock Photos app with one of the two jailbreak tweaks Giffy or GIFViewer. Once installed, animated GIFs will appear as intended in the iOS Photos app. There are no settings to configure or toggles to worry about. While the thumbnail preview of the image will be static, tapping the image to view the full screen GIF results in animation.

BattSaver Tweak Updated for iOS 7

Nothing is more important to a mobile device than battery life. Obviously, without electricity the iPhone is nothing but a brick. There are many battery saving tips that can help, but none of these is a comprehensive solution. BattSaver for iOS 7 provides highly customizable, one-stop radio management tools to extend battery power.

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Users can toggle any number of specific options to control when and where radio components are turned on or deactivated to save juice. While the number of toggles can be overwhelming, there are battery saving Strategy presets such as iMessage friendly, Normal, Aggressive, and Ultimate. Each level will take more aggressive steps to disable cellular and Wi-Fi radios depending on circumstances.

Add Style to Music on the iOS Lock Screen

The iPhone lock screen does a decent job of providing music controls and information when tracks are actively playing. For those looking to spruce things up a bit, the jailbreak tweak Spin brings a whole new look to the music lock screen. Album art is centered in a circle that spins when a track is skipped, with a circular scrubber that shows current position.

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The design looks interesting, and provides a variety of options to customize the look and behavior of the music lock screen. The latest version of Spin (0.1-4) incorporates several improvements and bug fixes. The screenshot above illustrates one possible configuration, with a solid dark background. Pause and skip controls have a distinctly iOS 7 inspired style.

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