iPhone SE update coming in early 2018

Apple iPhone SE

Most of the rumors and leaks these days surround the 10th-anniversary iPhone 8 coming this fall. While excitement around this flagship device is understandable, there are still many iPhone SE fans out there. Some rumors were floated that the iPhone SE would be updated this summer, however this has not come to fruition. Now it seems Apple has plans to upgrade internal components on the SE sometime next year.

iOS App of the Week: Stardust -- Movies and TV Video Reactions


Stardust is just the latest in a long list of apps trying to cash in on the viral trend of quick video clips and reaction videos. The several-seconds video fad made popular by Vine before its demise has been adopted by every large social media network, including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

Stardust is a social media app designed for users to share reactions, movie reviews and thoughts about popular media, like movies, television and trailers. After a quick sign up process users can upload 3- to 30-second videos letting the community know their thoughts on a movie they just watched or the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Pocket Knights 2 now available on Google Play, coming to App Store soon

Pocket Knights 2

The 3D real-time RPG Pocket Knights 2 is now availble on Google Play for Android devices with a worldwide release soon to follow. Interested iOS users can pre-register for the game at to receive exclusive in-game rewards. The amount of in-game rewards increases based on the number of players who pre-register. For example, players will receive an expansion pack worth $15 if over 5,000 sign up for the game.

HomePod details revealed in firmware release

Welcome HomePod

Apple released the HomePod firmware and developers have wasted no time sifting through the code. According to reports, the device is known as "AudioAccessory1,1" and features an app called SoundBoard to control its internal hardware components. For the time being, it appears as though the HomePod will not support third-party apps.

R.I.P. Apple iPod Nano and Shuffle

iPod Nano 7th generation

Way back in 2014, Apple killed off the iPod Classic. Now three years later, the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle have met the same fate. These devices, the last of the pre-iPhone iPod collection, are now extinct. Apple has confirmed to Business Insider that both product lines are discontinued. The iPod touch is still available, with two models available for $199 and $299.


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