Netflix to increase prices for HD streaming plans

Netflix iOS

Two years ago, Netflix froze pricing for existing HD users at $7.99 per month. These rates are set to expire in February, ending the grandfathered pricing plan. This means all Netflix users will have to start paying $9.99 per month, or downgrade their plans. Currently, the standard plan for $9.99 includes HD video and allows two different screens to be watched simultaneously. The downgraded basic plan comes at $7.99, however HD video is not available and only one screen can be watched at a time.

Facebook adds 5 new iOS features, Live Photos and more

Facebook iOS

Facebook has been working hard on its iOS app lately. It seems that every other week a new feature is added or deeper iPhone support rolls out. December and January in particular have seen several photo and video related additions to the official Facebook app, now at version 47.0. At its core, Facebook allows users to quickly access their accounts from anywhere to share updates, have conversations, play games and receive notifications. There have been five significant updates to the Facebook app over the past few weeks.

Five Nights at Freddy's World pulled from Steam after negative reviews

Five Nights at Freddy's World

After releasing FNaF World a few weeks early to Steam, developer Scott Cawthon pulled the game due to negative reviews. In a note published on the Steam, Cawthon said he was "not satisfied with the reviews and ratings" the game was recieving even though it had a "Very Postive" overall response from players. Most of the negative reviews were directed towards the rushed and unfinished feeling of the game. Cawthon said he is currently polishing up FNaF World and creating a "fully 3D overworld" for a future release.

Trick website causing iPhones to crash

First there was the Unicode of Death and now there is The site does exactly what its URL advertises -- it crashes the browser of any device of those who are tricked into visiting it, according to Gizmodo. The website overloads iOS devices by sending thousands of characters per second to your browser. This causes your iPhone to overheat and reboot, but it won't cause any permanent damage.

AAPL Stock Weekly Outlook: Shares up on Friday, earnings report next week


After a flat week, Apple stock (NASDAQ:AAPL) opened the short trading week on Tuesday at $98.10, only to flirt with its 52-week low on Wednesday morning. After hitting a mid-week low of $93.46, AAPL prices bounced. Friday saw a rally, with gains of 5.32% over the previous day and the stock closing at $101.42. With AAPL stock jumping $3.32 (+3.38%) over the week and closing at over $101, could this signal the end of the doldrums?

Apple Weekly News Roundup: iPhone 6c video leaks, Apple Pay in China and more

Apple Pay

Speculation surrounding the next generation 4-inch iPhone continues, with more iPhone 6c leaks surfacing online. Existing devices received a minor iOS 9.2.1 update, bringing no new features but fixing a long list of security vulnerabilities in iOS 9.2. Apple Pay already works in China, and in Apple Watch news the exclusive Hermès collection can now be purchased online. Also, the iPhoneFAQ is looking for writers to join our team! Get details in the latest news roundup below.

SOMA Messenger for iOS promises better security


There's no shortage of messaging or video chat options for iOS devices. SOMA started its foray into the world of Apple in November, hitting the App Store for free. After experiencing success in several other countries, the company now has its sights on the US market. SOMA features a network of strategically placed servers around the world, and claims to deliver the fastest messaging available. More notably, SOMA is staking its reputation on security.

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: FNaF World lands on Steam and more

Exploding Kittens

There's going to be a slight change to our weekly App Store Recap going forward. Instead of listing every app released to the App Store each week, we're going to spend more time highlighting the most interesting newly released apps. We will still cover all the noteworthy jailbreak tweaks, app updates, trailers and news when available. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on all the latest iPhone and iPad news, and check here for all the weekly new iPad-only app releases.

If you would like your app previewed on our App Recap, please use the contact form to send us the following information: We will only consider newly released (1 week or old) apps for the App Recap. Please send App Store link, press notes and promo code, if the app is not free.

Apple Watch Hermès collection now available online

Apple Watch Hermès collection

Since last October, getting the designer Apple Watch from Hermès required a visit to the store. Not just any store either, as the exclusive Hermès collection was only carried at a limited number of locations. This has all changed, with the collection now available on the Apple Store online and at These unique versions of the Apple Watch are the result of a partnership between Apple and the Paris-based luxury goods manufacturer.


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