Apple Tops Nikon in Flickr Most Popular Cameras

With over 10 billion photos uploaded in 2014, Flickr has plenty of data to crunch on popular cameras. Each year the company takes a look at the ongoing trends in camera use amongst its 100 million users. Smartphone ownership continued to grow last year, with Apple and Samsung making significant gains on Flickr.

iPhone 6 Plus camera Flickr

According to the Flickr blog, Apple has now overtaken Nikon in the race for second place ranking. Canon retains the top spot with 13.4 percent ownership, with Apple and Nikon following at 9.6 and 9.3 percent respectively. For its part, Samsung surpassed Sony in 2014, taking fourth place with 5.6 percent. This leaves Sony in fifth place at Flickr with 4.2 percent ownership.

Orpheus Interactive Releases 'Rough Cut' Trailer for Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect

While Telltale Games has been busy snatching up licensing deals for hot properties such as Game of Thrones and even Minecraft, Orpheus Interactive has inked a deal with Fox Digital Entertainment to develop a mobile game based on the popular television series Sons of Anarchy. The game titled Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect will be an extension of the series, which aired its final episode on FX in December.

The Prospect will be an interactive game with its own original story based on an unknown chapter of the motorcycle club. The game promises to give "fans a chance to experience the treachery, graphic action, intrigue and life and death decision making they have come to anticipate from the show." The outcome of the game will be influenced by decisions made by the player, much like Telltale's story-driven titles.

AAPL Financial News Weekly Roundup: Shares Rally, Apple Pay Adds Support and More

After spending most of December fluctuating on almost a daily basis, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) stock saw five consecutive positive days for its first full week of trading in the new year. The share price opened last Monday at $106.25 and closed the week at $112.01. Stocks surged $4.14 on Thursday, almost 4%. It seems the fluctuations are persist however, as the share price is currently down 2.4%. Apple will announce its Q1 fiscal 2015 earnings on Tuesday, January 27th 5 PM ET.

Apple shares rally in first week of 2015.

Despite the recent roller coaster, analysts are still bullish about Apple's holiday quarter sales. Investment firm UBS notified its clients last week that it believes Apple may have sold upwards of 69 million iPhones in the December quarter. This would outstrip the Wall Street consensus of 65.5 million sales and would make for a record breaking quarter for Apple.

Fourth iOS 8.2 Beta Adds More Apple Watch Features

Apple today released the fourth beta for iOS 8.2. The update includes a "new panel specifically for pairing an iPhone with the Apple Watch" and it confirms that there will be a dedicated watch app, according to 9to5Mac. Previous builds of the new software have included support for Apple's WatchKit and a fix for an issue with blood glucose tracking within the Health app.

iOS 8.2 Beta 4”  title=

iOS 8.2 and the Apple Watch are expected to launch sometime in March. The smartwatch will be available in three collections starting at $349 for the standard edition. There will be several band options and 11 digital faces to choose from at launch. You can learn more about the Apple's smartwatch in our Apple Watch section.

Apple Weekly News Roundup: Flexible iPhone Patent, iPad Pro Rumors and More

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) last week announced record breaking sales for the App Store. The first week of the new year set a new sales record with over half a billion dollars in app and in-app purchases, and New Year's Day was the biggest day in the App Store's history. Apple also reported that app sales were up 50% in 2014 and generated $10 billion for developers - 40% of the $25 billion total since the App Store opened in 2008.

Apple patents flexible electronic devices.

Apple's developer page reported last week that iOS 8 is now on 68% of all registered Apple devices.

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: Princess Bride and More

Talk about left field, Gameblend Studios released Princess Bride - The Official Game to the App Store this week. There doesn't seem to be a specific reason for the release, except that it is an awesome idea. The game features four mini games based on the 1987 romantic comedy. The games are: Survive the Shrieking Eels, Scale the Cliffs of Insanity, Cross swords and duel with Inigo and Wrestle against a Giant! Princess Bride the game is available now on the App Store for $3.99.

Princess Bride”  title=

Apple this week announced that the App Store broke records in 2015. The App Store raked in close to half a billion dollars in app sales and in-app purchases on New Year's Day, and sales saw a 50% increase in 2014, helping developer earn $10 billion in revenue.

The Pokémon Trading Card is getting a 160 card expansion called Primal Fear on February 4th. The expansion will include Primal Reversions, two new theme decks, twenty-five trainer cards and more.The Primal Fear cards will include digital codes so players can use them on the iPad and online version of the game.

iOS App of the Week: Evernote Scannable

Evernote released its own document scanning app for iOS devices a few days after Neat and its NeatConnect cloud scanner made an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. Evernote Scannable offers the same service as the Neat app without the additional cloud service. The Evernote app promises to "move paper forward" by allowing users to use their iPhone or iPad's camera to easily scan contracts, receipts, business cards and so on.

Evernote Scannable”  title=

Users of Evernote Scannable can simply point their device's camera at any document and the app will scan it for them. The app will then automatically cleanup your document so it is clear and easy to read. You can also manually scan your own documents and rotate and crop them as you see fit. Once your documents are all scanned you can digitally file them away, add them to your Evernote app, or share them via email, Facebook and so on.

App Store Sets New Records for Start of New Year

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) today announced that its App Store broke sales records during the first week of 2015. Details of its banner 2014 were released as well.

App Store sets sales records.

New Year's day proved to be the App Store's biggest day in its history and, with around half a billion dollars generated by app and in-app purchases, the week that followed was a record breaker as well. 2014 saw a 50% increase in app sales, which resulted in $10 billion in revenue for developers. Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, praised the developer community: "We're so proud of the creativity and innovation developers bring to the apps they create for iOS users and that the developer community has now earned over $25 billion.” $25 billion is the total revenue for developers since the App Store opened in 2008, which means the app market is growing at a tremendous rate, as last year's revenue alone represents 40% of the total.

New iOS Game Rewards Players by Tipping Them in Bitcoin

Apple changed its App Store Review Guidelines in 2014 to allow the use of virtual currency which opened the door for apps such as eGifter to start accepting Bitcoin payments. The new guidelines also allowed an app called SaruTubi, that tips players in Bitcoins for playing a game, to recently be released for iOS devices.

SaruTobi”  title=

Players can donate to a shared Bitcoin wallet or "pot" which will contribute to the virtual tips awarded to users for playing the game. Additional Bitcoins will be added to the pot from revenue received from in-app purchases and ads. The game's developer Christian Moss told Coin Desk, that he decided to add the tipping feature because he "thought it would be a nice way to introduce Bitcoin to people who are not familiar with it yet."

LifeProof Announces Waterproof iPhone 6 Case That Doubles Your Battery Power

Case manufacturer LifeProof today unveiled its newest waterproof iPhone 6 case at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Fre Power is not only waterproof up to 6.6 feet, but it is also equipped with a 2,600 mAH battery, which LifeProof claims will double your iPhone's battery life. The backup also features “smart charging technology” that allows it to shut itself down when your battery is fully charged.

Fre Power”  title=

LifeProof also claims that its Fre Power case will protect your iPhone from falls as high as 6.6 feet, and that it is dust and snow proof. Pricing and availability are unknown at this time, but you can sign up for a Fre Power email notification at

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