5 ways Kongregate can improve Animation Throwdown on iOS

Animation Throwdown

Kongregate's Animation Throwdown sounds great on paper. Who doesn't want to play a collectible card game featuring all the main and side characters from Fox's most popular animated series? The game includes characters and locations from King of the Hill, Family Guy, Futurerama, Bob's Burgers and American Dad, but unfortunately Animation Throwdown falls flat in all the key areas.

Instead of highlighting a new app for our App of the Week, we are going to look at 5 ways Kongregate can save Animation Throwdown before mobile gamers lose interest and move onto a new CCG.

Capture RAW images with Adobe Lightroom and iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus camera

Adobe Lightroom has long provided iOS users with the ability to edit professional-quality images directly on the iPhone. The latest update brings new features designed to take advantage of iOS 10 and even more so the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Hot off the presses, Lightroom 2.5.2 adds RAW capture support from directly within the app.

Two free strategy games for your iPhone or iPad: Warlords and The Mars Files

Warlords - Turn Based Strategy

Warlords is a new hex-based strategy game released to the Apple App Store this week. In the game you must build a powerful army to do battle with an invading orc horde. You begin the game with a legion of Dewport Guards and are quickly joined by the Royal Pikes as you advance through the tutorial.

Warlords is a pretty basic turn-based strategy title that is easy to learn. You can add new types of troops to your army, upgrade your warriors, discover legendary weapons and learn new skills to dominate in battle. All of the troops you acquire feature different strengths, weaknesses and abilities. For example, the Royal Pikes are stronger against mounted enemies, and the Rough Riders are weak against pikes and mages. Different troops also feature different degrees of mobility and can take advantage of certain types of terrain.

The battles are also pretty basic with simple touch controls. You just position your troops on the battle field to gain the best tactical advantage. The first several battles are easy to master so new players can get a grasp of the strategy and gameplay.

Apple Music leads in customer satisfaction survey

Apple Music

Apple Music hit another milestone after winning top honors in a J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey. According to the study, Apple Music beat out competitors including Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, Rhapsody and others. The 2016 Streaming Music Satisfaction Survey found that streaming music listeners were most satisfied when sharing playlists and following other users. J.D. Power describes "Social" as the key battleground for streaming music providers.

MLB At Bat updated with iOS 10 support, enhanced notifications and more

MLB 2016 Playoffs

The official iOS app has been updated to take advantage of rich notifications in iOS 10. Rich notifications allows users to view photos, videos and respond to messages directly from the Notification Center. Users of the At Bat can now watch video highlights in the Notification Center by using 3D Touch. This means you need an iPhone 6s or later to utilize the new "enhanced notifications" feature in version 9.5.0 of the app.


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