Five essential iOS 10 shortcuts you need to know

CarPlay iOS 10 improvements

The more and more we learn about iOS 10, the clearer it becomes that this iOS is not necessarily a complete overhaul of iOS as we know it, but rather a sort of “greatest hits” collection of those little improvements that Apple fans have been requesting for some time.

However, that doesn’t mean that iOS 10 isn’t going to change the way you use your device. That’s especially true of the many new shortcuts that it will gift users with that will soon become second nature tricks that separate device masters from casual users.

Crush your high score with these Bonecrusher tips


Although the name Bonecrusher doesn’t necessarily inspire thoughts of happiness and good times, that’s exactly what the newest gaming app from developer R2 Games is. This addictive little title asks you to move a skull between downward falling spike traps in order to collect bones and achieve that elusive high score.

As you might guess, though, the game does not make this seemingly simple task easy. In fact, Bonecrusher can easily frustrate new players simply because the game does some things a little differently than most popular gaming apps at the moment. Try to play Bonecrusher like you would other fast-paced apps and you’ll end up seeing the main menu more than the game’s highest levels.

4 apps to help you save money

4 apps to help you save money.

Saving money, whether just in general or for a specific future purchase, is likely something that is on most people's minds. There are a lot of apps that will help you gain perspective on your spending habits and give you suggestions as well. Other apps will simply motivate you to save with daily reminders to set some money aside and info on your current balances. There are even apps that will invest your spare cash in the market if you aren't happy with the ~.03% your savings account accrues. Here are four apps that you might consider if you want to grow your nest egg:

5 Battleplans tips that will lead you to victory

Battleplans iOS

The brilliant fantasy warfare game Battleplans has finally made its way to iOS devices. This innovative strategy game features strategy elements that make games like Clash of Clans so popular, but manages to stand out from the leaders of the genre based on its greater emphasis on defensive strategy and troop management.

How to check if a used iPhone was stolen

iCloud Activation Lock status iOS

Buying used iPhones on eBay or Craigslist can save a lot of money. The only problem is that some sellers may not be telling the whole story. Apple has taken steps to improve security on iOS devices, including something called Activation Lock to help prevent theft. Protect yourself from buying a useless, stolen iPhone by taking a few moments to check that everything is in order.


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