Maximize your location reminder options through this helpful feature

iOS Reminders

It may be one of the oldest app functions in existence, but many iPhone users don't take advantage of the Reminder app as often as they should. That’s a shame, because the iPhone’s reminder system has received so many updates over the years that it arguably rivals any third-party apps specifically designed for reminder purposes.

The app is so feature rich, in fact, that to this day users are discovering wonderful new abilities that allow it to remind you of tasks in very specific locations.

Best apps for the spontaneous summer traveler

Best travel apps iOS

There are two kinds of travelers in this world: those that love to plan ahead so that every single minute is accounted for and those that are ready to jet off to new places at a moment’s notice.

While there are plenty of apps out there that can help the discerning traveler plan every step of their journey, you may be surprised to learn that there is a dedicated section of the app development community that share spontaneous travelers’ love for adventure without hesitation.

Become a swiping samurai with these 5 Bushido Bear tips

Bushido Bear iOS

Though it has only recently been released, you can bet that it won’t take long before Bushido Bear becomes the newest gaming app sensation.

This clever new game from developer Spry Fox, LLC asks players to defend an ancient forest by attacking the demonic creatures trying to invade it. Unlike other action games that would have you face your foes head-on, Bushido Bear takes a more subtle approach by making you swipe a path between your enemies that will allow you to attack them when you’re done. This mix of action and puzzle elements combined with the game’s charming visuals and sound design makes Bushido Bear a difficult game to not fall in love with.

What is the difference between My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library?

iCloud Photo Library vs. My Photo Stream.

While the ability to take quality photos has clearly become one of the most important features to smartphone users, the ease with which those photos are shared with friends, uploaded to the web and distributed across other devices has become a crucial ingredient as well. Apple sought to improve this aspect when it introduced iCloud Photo Library with iOS 8. At the time, rumor had it that Apple would do away with its existing service, My Photo Stream. The fact that this never happened and My Photo Stream is still alive and well has been the source of much confusion ever since.


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