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iOS App of the Week: Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

The new mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has landed on the App Store the same week the movie reboot also lands in theaters. Legacy Wars is a real-time PvP fighting game where players can build teams of three characters to do battle in famous locations from the Power Rangers movie and television show. The game features over 40 different rangers and villains from the vast Power Rangers multiverse that you can unlock and train.

iOS App of the Week: Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

Tired of zombies? Too bad, because another addictive zombie game has just landed on the App Store. Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a tower defense game where you control a group of survivors making their way city to city in a yellow school bus. The goal of the game is defend your school bus as your team tries to remove road blocks. Of course this is easier said than done since there are also zombies blocking your way.

iOS App of the Week: Hello Kitty Jewel Town

Hello Kitty Jewel Town

Sometimes the basics is all you need for a little entertainment, and Hello Kitty Jewel Town delivers hours of simple match three fun. The goal of the game is to complete various match three levels to unlock furniture to decorate your house. Jewel Town features lots of cute Hello Kitty collectibles for you to unlock, and it includes all the popular characters from Sanrio, including My Melody, Pochacco, Bad Badtz-Maru and more.

iOS App of the Week: Storyo - instantly create video memories from your camera roll


The photo memory app, Storyo has been updated with a new group memory option that allows users to collaborate with friends and family to make video collages using their favorite photos. Storyo uses photo metadata to create "lifestory vignettes" of your family vacations or other favorite memories saved on your Camera Roll. The app also utilizes social media and other sources to add additional details to give each video its own unique story.

iOS App of the Week: Gunman Taco Truck

Gunman Taco Truck

There is an art to combining two popular genres to make one awesome game, and Gunman Taco Truck does it well. The new mobile title from Romero Games, combines two genres that are rarely ever used together, and the result is one of the most fun and unique titles to land on the App Store this month. Gunman Taco Truck is side scrolling action and recipe/cooking game that takes place during a mutant apocalypse. The goal of the game is for you and your family to escape to Winnipeg, Canada in your taco truck, but even the end of the world can't stop capitalism and you'll have to sell some tacos to survive.


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