iOS 11

How to reboot and power down your iPhone without the buttons

How to restart your iPhone or iPad without Home and Sleep/Wake buttons.

iOS 11 has finally added a way of shutting down and rebooting your iPhone or iPad without having to press the Home or Sleep/Wake buttons, which should be a welcome feature for those with malfunctioning buttons. The reboot button is buried annoyingly deep in the Accessibility features while the new Shut Down button is easily found in Settings. Here's how to do both:

AirPods to get more controls with iOS 11

Apple AirPods 2016

Apple is set to expand the functionality of AirPods with the upcoming release of iOS 11. The update builds on a string of firmware updates that have been rolled out to Apple's wireless headphones since their initial release. The most significant new feature came with iOS 10.3, allowing AirPods to be found using the iCloud service Find My AirPods.

How to set up and use Emergency SOS on iPhone

How to set up and use Emergency SOS on iPhone in iOS 11.

Like the Apple Watch SOS feature introduced with watchOS 3, iOS 11 gives your iPhone a shortcut that automatically calls the local emergency services (like 911) and your emergency contacts when invoked. Hopefully you will never have to use it, but if you ever find yourself in dire straits it could prove to be a lifesaver. Once you have it set up, Emergency SOS allows you to push the sleep/wake button rapidly five times, at which point it makes the call.

How do I turn on call auto-answer on iPhone?

Auto-answer calls is a great new feature that will let you answer calls without touching your iPhone, perfect for situations like driving, jogging or when you are in the midst of making a mess in the kitchen. To turn it on, head to Settings -> Accesibility -> Call Audio Routing and tap on Auto Answer Calls. Toggle on Auto-answer Calls and then adjust the length of time before the call is answered, from 0 to 60 seconds.



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