New app helps you locate your missing AirPods

Lost AirPods

Apple's AirPods became an instant meme thanks to the assumption that they would be easy to misplace due to their wireless design, but all jokes aside, losing a $160 accessory isn't really all that humorous. AirPods lack the wires that tether standard earbuds and other headphone accessories to their owners. This makes them smaller and easier to lose while you are on the go, exercising or performing other outdoor activities. The AirPods are also not tethered to each other, meaning you could misplace just one, forcing you to shell out $70 for an individual replacement. Luckily there is now an app available that helps you locate your missing AirPods.

iOS App of the Week: Don't Starve: Shipwrecked

Don't Starve: Shipwrecked

There wasn't many new releases to the App Store this week due to the annual holiday shutdown, but one pleasant surprise was delivered the day after Christmas. Klei Entertainment released an expansion to its Don’t Starve survival series. Shipwrecked was created along with CAPY, creators of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery.

Apple sweeps new device activations in December

Flurry Analytics

The latest report from Flurry Analytics shows Apple leading the pack when it comes to device activations this holiday season. In fact, between December 19th and 25th Apple activations more than doubled the number from rival Samsung. Apple took the crown this year with 44 percent of holiday activations overall.

How to earn free Rally Tickets in Super Mario Run

Free Rally Ticket

Nintendo has added a limited time event after rumors surfaced that the video game company had no plans to release updates for Super Mario Run. The free Friendly Run event is the second update released by Nintendo after the game's initial launch to the App Store on December 15th. Nintendo added the Friendly Run mode as a practice option back on December 20th. In Friendly Run, players can compete against their friends in timed races for bragging rights.

iPhone 7s to feature larger screen, dual-camera

iPhone 7 Plus

Three iPhone models are set to arrive later in 2017 according to a report by Mac Otakara. Apple is expected to introduce a 5-inch iPhone 7s, expanding the available size choices beyond the current iPhone and iPhone Plus. This model would fall between the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display sizes found on the latest devices.


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