5 new 3D Touch features coming to iOS 10

3D Touch Quick Actions

Since 3D Touch made its debut on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, app developers have scrambled to include 3D Touch gestures into their software. Apple continues to add 3D Touch functionality across iOS, improving the shortcut menus available and making the feature more useful overall. The launch of iOS 10 is no different, with 3D Touch gaining several key features in the latest update.

How to register for the iOS 10 Public Beta

How to register for the iOS 10 public beta.

Apple's recently announced iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra will likely launch this fall around the time that the iPhone 7 debuts, but both will be available for public beta testing at some point in July. As you know, early versions of any OS are often riddled with bugs that need to be weeded out before the initial launch. Apple's Beta Software Program gives you the opportunity to be involved in the process of discovering and reporting bugs.

5 secret features of iOS 10: Dark Mode, Music Storage Optimization and more

iOS 10 Beta

As usual Apple didn't have time to announce all of the features coming to the iPhone and iPad in iOS 10, but thanks to the recently launched developer's beta we now know what to expect from the next-generation operating system. Here's a quick look at 5 iOS 10 features Apple didn't announce during its WWDC keynote.


Top 5 new messaging features in iOS 10

iOS 10 Messages

iOS 10 seems more like a secondary update than a major new OS that will help rollout Apple's flagship iPhone 7 this fall. Instead of innovative new features, iOS 10 brings fun messaging gimmicks, a do over for Apple Music and a better way to search your phone for photos. Today we are going to quickly highlight 5 of the new messaging features that will be coming to your iOS device later this year.


Best iOS 10 feature: Remove pre-installed Apple apps

Apple Apps

Apple has finally made one of the most requested user features a reality. iPhone and iPad users who install iOS 10 will be able to remove most built-in Apple apps on their device. This means you will no longer have to stare at or hide pre-installed apps you never use, such as iBooks and Stocks. You still won't be able to remove the App Store app, Camera app, Activity app, Wallet, Find My iPhone, Health app, Messages and Safari, but you can remove anything else from your Home screen. Apple has also killed off the dreaded Game Center app in its most recent beta. Here's a list of apps you can remove from your Home screen in iOS 10:



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