iOS App of the Week: Opera VPN

Opera VPN

Opera has made paid VPN (Virtual Private Network) services a thing of the past by launching its own free VPN app. Opera VPN allows users to "do more on the web" by spoofing their location to get around region locked content, such as local sports. At launch the app offers five virtual locations (U.S., Canada, Germany, Singapore, and the Netherlands) with more planned in future updates.

Report: iPhone 8 to feature radical new design in 2017

iPhone ConceptsiPhone endless screen

Apple is set to make a splash for the 10th anniversary iPhone next year. According to the latest rumors, the company will break new ground in industrial design with radical changes to the iPhone 8. Most of the leaks surrounding the upcoming iPhone 7, which is expected to launch in September, point to a design very similar to the iPhone 6s. This has analysts worried that consumers will not be excited enough to upgrade their devices.

Speck releases new line of cases for iPhone 6s and iPhone SE

Speck Spring Summer Collection

Accessory maker Speck has always been known for their colorful printed iPhone cases that not only look great but also offer top of the line protection. The company this month has released four new collections for spring and summer. The collections include Desert Canyon, Jungle Dream, Life Aquatic and a new line of CandyShell Inked options.

Instagram 8.0 launches with flat redesign

Instagram 8.0 flat redesigned icon

Everyone has an opinion on the new Instagram icon. Version 8.0 has been released to the public, and with it a bevy of comments thanks to its cosmetic changes. After five years, Instagram has also changed up its user interface throughout the app. Users of the latest version will be presented with a flat, black and white interface that the company says "puts the focus on your posts" while keeping features in the familiar places.

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble adds new mystery level for limited time

Wibble Wobble Mystery Way

Yo-kai Watch Wibble Wobble has been updated with a new level called Mystery Way. The new event wasn't delivered through the typical update method through the Apple App Store. To gain access to Mystery Way you will need to open the app to download the new information, then navigate to Menu > Map Warp > Event and tap the Mystery Way panel. If you have not unlocked the Map Warp option you will need to befriend Mirapo on stage 19 on the Mt. Wildwood map.


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