iOS developers get first look at iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode

Depth-of-field effect

One of the few features that separates the iPhone 7 Plus from the iPhone 7 is the dual-camera system. The 5.5-inch model not only includes two cameras with a higher-quality zoom, but it offers an all-new depth-of-field feature. Also known as "Portrait" mode, this allows users to simulate a shallow depth of field effect commonly found on high-end DSLR cameras. Apple describes it as the ability to "keep faces sharp while creating a blurred effect in the background." You can see the effect demonstrated in the Apple sample photo posted above.

How can I check Apple Stores for iPhone 7 availability?

iPhone 7 colors

Looking to purchase an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus in-store? Instead of just heading down to the local Apple Store or calling the closest carrier location, current inventory can easily be checked online. In fact, Apple makes it possible to reserve an iPhone before taking the trip to a brick and mortar Apple Store for pickup. The iPhone 7 Plus has been in short supply, along with Jet Black models and the iPhone 7 with 128 GB of storage. So what's the best way to find out if the iPhone you want is in stock?

Best iPhone 7 water test videos

The YouTube community is obsessed with breaking stuff. There is an entire channel dedicated to crushing random objects with a hydraulic press, a channel that only focuses on cutting random objects open to see what's inside and so on. Apple's iPhone 7 has offered YouTubers a new challenge with its IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. This means that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is completely protected from dust and other solid materials, and it can be submerged in liquids as deep as 1 meter (about 3.28 feet) for up to 30 minutes. But can the iPhone 7 withstand the ocean, coffee and how deep can it really go?

Reports claim some iPhone 7 processors 'hiss' under load

iPhone 7

Don't look now, but Apple may have another hardware controversy on its hands. With the iPhone 7 in the wild for two days now, there are some reports of a hissing noise from the A10 Fusion processor when the device is under a heavy load. Apple has weathered similar storms before, having seen Antennagate, Chipgate, Mapgate and Scuffgate already. Will this fall be the season of Hissgate?

iFixit reveals the inner secrets of iPhone 7 waterproofing

iPhone 7 iFixit teardown

The iPhone 7 teardown from iFixit has arrived. This exercise reveals the inner workings of Apple's latest smartphone, as well as the engineering that went into waterproofing the iPhone design. Not only this, but the teardown answers one of the biggest questions: what did Apple replace the 3.5mm headphone jack with? Many assumed a secondary audio speaker would be placed behind the new grille, however this is not the case.


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