Mortal Kombat X Launches One Week Early for iOS Devices

Mortal Kombat X has popped up on the App Store one week before its official release. The mobile version is not a port of the console and PC game. Instead it is more like Injustice: Gods Among Us where players can unlock and collect classic Mortal Kombat fighters such as Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Sonya and more.

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X for iOS allows you to build your own roster of fighters for 3v3 combat. Players can challenge other players in online battles called Faction Wars and work their way up the leaderboards while unlocking new special attacks and artifacts. The game also features Mortal Kombat's trademark Fatalities and X-Rays, the ability to form alliances with other players who can help you in combat and weekly prizes.

Take an Apple Watch Guided Tour, Pre-Orders Start Friday

Apple has started posting detailed Guided Tour videos ahead of the Apple Watch launch on April 24. The videos, on a special Welcome to Apple Watch page are focused on showing owners and potential buyers how to make the most of Apple Watch. In addition to a general welcome video showcasing Apple's "most personal device yet", there are several focused tours on the way.

WatchOS guided tour”  title=

At the time of this writing, Messages, Faces and Digital Touch are live. Others labeled Coming Soon include Phone Calls, Siri, Maps, Music, Apple Pay, Activity, and Workout. The tours are around two minutes or less, showing how Apple Watch operates along with key functions of the device. At the bottom of the Guided tour page is a collection of all previously released Apple Watch films from the keynote announcement and beyond.

Vine App Gets 720p Video Upgrade

Video sharing site Vine has announced a high quality format for bigger and better Vines. Initially launched in January 2013, the iOS app has received several updates. In the latest version, six-second looping clips known as Vines have been upgraded from 480p to 720p resolution.

iOS 8 Vine update”  title=

iPhone owners will be able to take advantage of the upgrade immediately, with 720p coming to Android devices soon. Twitter acquired Vine shortly before its initial release, and the company continues to improve the service. An update released just last month gave the Vine app Background App Refresh capability, which makes it possible to watch already downloaded Vines without a data connection.

Auxo Legacy Edition Released on Cydia

The jailbreak tweak Auxo has been around for some time. Several iterations have brought an innovative look and feel to app switching and the iOS Control Center. In fact, Auxo pioneered the use of app preview cards which finally made their way into stock iOS 7. Auxo Legacy Edition eliminates some of the flair found on later versions in favor of the simplicity and speed of the original.

iOS 8 Auxo classic”  title=

Once installed, Auxo is accessed by invoking the Control Center with a swipe up from the bottom of the display. Instead of the stock toggles and controls, Auxo presents a built-in app switcher with card previews. Swipe left and right to view the most recently used apps, then use preconfigured gestures to launch an app or dismiss. All apps can be exited with a tap and hold. The standard Control Center interface is also accessible in what's called Auxillary Pages.

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: DuckTales: Remastered and More

Blizzard Entertainment opened its second single-player Hearthstone adventure Blackrock Mountain on April 2, 2015. The first wing called "Blackrock Depths" is an underground city inhabited by Dark Iron dwarves. Players who have unlocked all 9 heroes can open the Blackrock Depths for 700 in-game gold or $6.99 USD. The Blackrock Mountain adventure features 5 wings which can be unlocked individually or all at once for $24.99 USD. In the adventure players can defeat 17 NPCs to unlock a total of 31 new Hearthstone cards, including 5 Legendary cards! Here are the five announced wings:

DuckTales: Remastered

Blackrock Depths (Release date: April 2, 2015) This sprawling underground city is the stronghold of the Dark Iron dwarves, thriving deep beneath the surface.
Molten Core (coming soon) Face fiery elemental minions in searing magma tunnels at the heart of Blackrock Mountain.
Blackrock Spire (coming soon) Climb to the heights of Blackrock Mountain to invade Nefarian’s domain and square off against ogres, orcs, and dragonkin.
Blackwing Lair (coming soon) Foil the lord of Blackrock by disrupting his attempts to create the perfect draconic minions.
The Hidden Laboratory (coming soon) The final showdown, where you’ll contend with fiendish technology, horrifying experimental monstrosities, and the mastermind behind them all.

iOS App of the Week: Stylinity - The App That Rewards You for Modeling Clothes

Getting a lot of likes for your selfie on Instagram is fun, but why not get paid for your awesome fashion sense? Stylinity is a fashion app that not only allows you to shop for clothes and accessories, but it also rewards you for sharing your favorite items with your friends, family and social media followers. Here's how it works.


After a quick sign up process (requires and email and confirmation code) Stylinity allows you to snap photos of yourself and tag your clothes so other users of the app can find and purchase those items. If modeling is not your thing, you can instead scan the barcode of any items you own or find in stores and upload them to the the app. You will then earn points towards gift cards and other rewards every time someone buys a product based on your suggestions.

AAPL Financial News Weekly Roundup: 4" iPhone 6c for Second Half 2015, Apple Pay gets Decals and More

Apple stock (NASDAQ: AAPL) fell again, losing about 3% over the course of last week. Share prices opened the week at $127.12, reached a weekly high of $128.04 during trading on Tuesday and closed Friday at $123.25. Perhaps the slip is due to rumors over manufacturing woes facing the Apple Watch, though an industry source has told AppleInsider that the supply issues facing the Apple Watch are normal for any product about to go to market, and were expected and prepared for. The Watch will be available for pre-order and to try on at Apple Stores next Friday, April 10. If you can't wait that long, Belgian company, Underside, has developed an augmented reality app called ARWatch that lets you preview the Apple Watch.

Apple Pay decals were made available to merchants to raise public awareness of the service's availability.

Other news items of the week were mostly positive, nothing you'd think would contribute to a 3% slide:

According to Bloomberg, Apple, in partnership with Foxconn, is planning to bring its iPhone trade-in program to China. The same program in the U.S. has helped

New iOS Apps, Games and JB Tweaks of the Week: MLB Manager 2015 and More

Developers have started to update their apps with Apple Watch support one month before its release. Several major apps, such as Target and Evernote, now have new Apple Watch features, and the puzzle title Rules! has officially become the first Apple Watch game to land on the App Store. You can see a complete list of upcoming Apple Watch games here and Watch apps here.

Rules! Apple Watch

WWE Immortals was updated for WrestleMania Week. Both Macho Man Randy Savage and Stone Cold Steve Austin have joined the Immortals roster and players can compete for rare WrestleMania gear until April 2.

One of our favorite games of 2014 has received its first major update. Bio Inc. 2.0 features 6 new stages, a new "Lethal" difficulty, 25 new boosters, iCloud support and more. Both WWE Immortals and Bio Inc. - Biomedical Plague and Infection RTS are available for free on the Apple App Store.

iOS App of the Week: Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

After launching in Japan in 2014 and soft launching in Canada earlier this month, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is finally available on the US App Store. The game has been released by DeNA, the same company who will be handling Nintendo's upcoming mobile titles.


Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is a love letter to the franchise that allows fans to build a party of past characters and do battle with enemies from previous Final Fantasy games. Players can also relive popular Final Fantasy moments as a new story created for mobile devices.

MAGZET Brings MagSafe Concept to Audio Jack

The MAGZET seeks to solve a common problem with standard 3.5mm audio jacks. While they do a good job of transmitting audio, one pull in the wrong direction and a mobile device or notebook can end up on the floor. This is a worst-case scenario, however many are familiar with degraded plugs that wear over time, delivering static to headphones. The MAGZET prototype is a convenient way to add MagSafe-like functionality to existing audio jacks.

MagSafe audio jack Magzet 1”  title=

The device works by inserting the MAGjack into any device with a 3.5mm audio output. This means several MAGjacks can be placed and left in computers, iPhones, or anywhere indefinitely. The trick is to plug a set of headphones into a MAGkap, which converts the plug into a magnetized connection. To connect the headphones, bring the MAGkap close to the MAGjack and built-in magnets will snap the cable into place automatically.


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