iPhone 15 Pro gets USB-C port and titanium

iPhone 15 Pro USB-C

Faster data transfer speeds and universal cable compatibility are just two things on the horizon for the next generation iPhone coming later this year. Apple is all but confirmed to bring USB-C to the iPhone 15 Pro lineup this fall. For the first time since its introduction in 2012, the proprietary Lightning connector is to be phased out. At least part of the reason for a switch away from Lightning are new EU regulations mandating that all electronic devices support USB-C for universal compatibility. The move also reduces the number of cables, chargers, and adapters needed by consumers.

USB-C and titanium

The leaked photo above from @URedditor allegedly shows the USB-C port on the bottom of an actual iPhone 15 Pro. Notably, there are other changes indicated in the photo which confirm previous rumors and CAD drawings sent to third-party case manufacturers. The iPhone 15 Pro clearly has a different shape, with a slightly rounded edge on the metal frame. Not only this, but the material looks to have changed from stainless steel to titanium. The brushed-finish matte titanium look is reminiscent of the titanium Apple Watch Ultra.

The iPhone 15 Pro is also expected to have thinner bezels around the outside edge of the display, making the screen even more full coverage than it is on current models. The curves of the device carry over from the titanium frame to the edge of the glass, which also curves to form a seamless match. With smaller bezels, the size of the iPhone body may decrease slightly in height and width. According to case renderings, the camera bump increases in thickness. This change hints at an upgraded camera system or new sensors being included in the camera cluster.

Capacitive buttons

Another change on its way to the iPhone 15 Pro is a shift away from physical buttons. Much like the home button on the iPhone SE, the volume buttons may be moving to capacitive touch. This would move the iPhone 15 one step closer to having a completely sleek outer frame. It's not clear if Apple would also bring this technology to the mute or power buttons. Look for the iPhone 15 Pro reveal in fall 2023.