Report: Apple Watch 2 coming in summer 2016

Hermes Apple Watch

It should come as no surprise that Apple is working on the next generation Apple Watch. A report detailed by MacRumors indicates Quanta Computer has confirmed development of an upgraded watch coming late in the second quarter of next year. With the initial release planned for June 2016, production can then ramp up later in the year to fulfill demand. Rumors have pointed to several hardware and software improvements in the Apple Watch 2.

One of the highlights is a miniature FaceTime camera embedded in the front bezel for taking video calls directly from the Apple Watch. Other stand alone features could come to Apple Watch 2 thanks to Apple's Tetherless Wi-Fi feature in watchOS 2.

The updated firmware promises to enhance existing Apple Watch models, and should improve the capabilities of the watch when its paired iPhone is not present. The next generation Apple Watch is expected to push this even further, requiring less dependence on the iPhone for connectivity. WatchOS 2 also promises to speed the responsiveness of apps running on Apple Watch hardware.

The Apple Watch 2 may be slightly thinner, yet have improved longevity thanks to a larger lithium-ion battery inside. Analysts have speculated that Apple will increase the number of Apple Watch options in the product line. It's possible the company will add additional metals to the available case designs, such as titanium or platinum.

Although Quanta assembles the current Apple Watch, early reports of a second-generation Apple Watch release date may be premature.