How to delete messages in Gmail with a swipe

Delete Gmail

Swiping on a message in the Gmail app does not send that message to the Trash like one would assume, instead swiping on a message sends it to your "archives." It is a counterintuitive feature Google has built into the Gmail app. To delete a message you must individually open that, or you can perform a long press to open a toolbar with the trash can icon. Swiping left or right on an email to quickly send it to the trash seems like such a much more natural way to delete a message, and you can, but first you must reconfigure your Gmail to stop archiving your messages. Here's how:


How to change your Gmail signature

Gmail offers a lot of interesting features such as Smart Replies, Undo Send and more, but it can be a bit confusing at times. Sometimes features work across different platforms and sometimes they don't. If you set up a personal signature on your laptop it will not appear in emails within the app and vice versa. You can also not see your signature while writing an email in the Gmail app, but you can on the desktop version. You will need to set up your signature separately within the app and at if you want it to appear while switching platforms. Here's how:

How to look up a forgotten Apple ID

Apple ID

Nothing is worse than forgetting an important password. Except maybe forgetting all of your sign in credentials completely. Without the email address associated with your Apple ID, the account cannot be accessed. The good news is Apple makes it possible to look up a lost Apple ID. In the worst case scenario, finding a forgotten Apple ID takes trial and error.


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