How to check if your Facebook data was breached

Facebook help center

Facebook has created a tool to let users know if their data was shared with Cambridge Analytica. 87 million accounts that used the app This Is Your Digital Life had personal information collected and shared by the developer without consent. While Facebook continues to deal with the issue, this has left many social media users wondering if their data was taken.

How to add multiple accounts to Gmail

Gmail Accounts

There are many reasons to use the Gmail app instead of using the stock Mail app on your iOS device. One reason being, the ability to setup multiple email accounts without having to deal with POP3/IMAP or other nonsense like that. You can also switch easily between multiple Gmail accounts within the app after they have been setup. Here's how:


How to customize Mail swipe actions on iPhone

iOS Mail swipe left

The iPhone offers many options to quickly and efficiently manage a flood of emails to your inbox. Setting up iOS swipe gestures to interact with incoming email messages takes a moment. But once set up, these swipe actions can save an incredible amount of time by instantly dumping unwanted messages or moving emails to the right folder.

How to use Business Chat on your iPhone

Business Chat

Business Chat is a new feature in iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 that allows users to contact customer service through the Messages app on their iPhone or Mac. Currently only in beta in the United States, Business Chat caters to the text messaging crowd allowing them to talk to companies without having to a make phone call. It is also useful for online businesses that do not have physical retail locations.


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