How to customize AirPods controls with iOS

AirPods double-tap iOS 11

AirPods now have expanded control functions thanks to improvements in iOS. Apple has pushed several firmware updates behind the scenes, however the latest version of iOS brings more options directly to AirPods settings. AirPods are already known for high levels of customer satisfaction, and Apple continues to improve the product. So how can one take advantage of the added features in iOS 11 and later?

How to stop Apple Music downloads on iPhone

Apple Music automatic downloads on iPhone

Apple Music fans can add songs to their library from anywhere. While this feature can be convenient, an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can fill up with tracks quickly. iOS devices automatically download songs when they are added to an Apple Music library. If your device needs more storage, these automatic downloads can easily be turned off.

How to use Dark Mode with Books on iOS

Dark Mode iOS Books menu

Apple has consistently added features and content to its stock reader app. Originally known as iBooks, on iOS 12 and later the app has been renamed Books. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users may notice that when reading, Books automatically enters a night theme when the room is dark. This Dark Mode can be manually controlled and customized directly in the Books app.

How to create a personal text response on your iPhone

Respond with Text

You don't always want to send calls to voicemail but sometimes you just can't answer your phone. This is why Apple has added the ability to quickly respond to voice calls with a text message explaining why you're not available. The "Respond with Text" feature allows you to use one of three pre-written Apple responses or your own personal response to reply to incoming calls. You can create up to 3 personal text responses on your iOS device by navigating to Settings > Phone > Respond With Text. From here, just tap any of the pre-written response slots and start typing to add your own.



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