How to curb your TikTok addiction

Digital Wellbeing

Trouble always seems to be around the corner when it comes to teens and technology, and Inc. seems to know the powder keg it controls with its app TikTok. The developers of the video sharing service have provided parents with resources to battle bullying, harassment and even suicide, and they have built in a tool so users can keep their TikTok usage under control.


How to check if your Apple ID was leaked

Apple ID sign in iCloud

A long time ago, the Apple ID was like any other username. But nowadays Apple requires all Apple IDs to be verifiable email addresses. Since everyone's Apple ID is an email address, many of these have been found in data breaches and leaked online. While your actual iCloud or iTunes accounts may not be compromised, the email address you use for your Apple ID could have leaked along with billions of other account records.

How to turn off FaceTime on iPhone

FaceTime screenshots Apple

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have been warned about a FaceTime bug that was recently discovered, which could affect privacy. In a nutshell, FaceTime callers can hear audio through your iOS device's microphone while it's ringing. The would-be eavesdropper has to follow a few steps to unlock the bug, however anyone receiving an incoming FaceTime call could be at risk, before the call is answered.

How to spell check in another language on iPhone

Use iOS spell check multiple languages iPhone

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners who routinely type in different languages may notice that the default spell check flags foreign language words that are unrecognized in English. iOS makes it possible to add one or more additional languages to the keyboard. Once these keyboards are added, the built-in spell check will use dictionaries for all of the languages installed.


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