How to restart Apple TV by remote control

Apple TV

Rebooting the Apple TV normally takes a few clicks through the tvOS menu system under Settings. Flipping though on-screen menus takes time, and if an Apple TV is unresponsive it may not work. For a faster solution, there's a quick and easy way to restart the Apple TV without even looking at the screen.

How to mute your Apple Watch with the palm of your hand

Apple Watch Silent Mode

If you have Sounds & Haptics dialed up on your Apple Watch it may ding you at inappropriate times, like business meetings or at the movies. Sometimes turning the volume down by navigating to your Sounds & Haptics settings may not be an option, so you need a quicker solution. This is why Apple has added its "Cover to Mute" feature -- a quicker way to silence your Apple Watch. Just hold your hand over your Watch face for 3-seconds to enter Silent Mode. Your Watch will tap you on your hand to let you know the feature has been enabled.

How to view downloaded books on iPhone

iOS Books

Getting content offline can vary widely between different sources and apps. When you're depending on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to get through a long flight or commute, it means downloading music, books and video directly to your iOS device. Finding books to read without a data connection requires browsing the books that are stored locally in the Books app.


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