How to cancel Apple TV Channels on iPhone

Apple TV app iOS

Now that Apple TV Channels are here, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners can explore a variety of premium channels right through the Apple TV app. Many channels offer a free trial, which automatically rolls over into a monthly paid subscription. Whether you've decided not to keep an Apple TV Channel past the free trial, or you wish to end an ongoing monthly subscription, Apple TV Channels can easily be cancelled right from the Apple TV app.

How to close your Venmo account


Venmo is a quick and easy way to send money to your friends or family from your smartphone, but you cannot close or delete your account from a mobile device or in the app. To close your account you must visit from a computer, then follow the steps below, but first make sure to transfer any funds in your balance to your bank account.


How to download HBO shows from Apple TV Channels

HBO show download iOS device

Fans who have been looking for a way to catch up on Game of Thrones and other HBO content without draining a data plan are finally in luck. The revamped Apple TV app has launched, and the only place where HBO content can be legally downloaded for viewing offline is through Apple TV Channels in this app.


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