Can I use my iPhone to charge other devices?

Can I charge another iPhone with my iPhone? How can I charge AirPods with my iPhone?

USB-C iPhone cord

With the introduction of USB-C on the iPhone 15 and later, the iPhone can be used to charge other accessories. The iPhone 15 model series can output 4.5 watts via USB-C. This feature effectively makes the iPhone battery into a backup power brick or universal USB-C charger. Any charging of external devices will, of course, deplete the iPhone battery level.

Accessories that can be charged with the iPhone 15 and later include AirPods, the Apple TV Siri Remote, other iPhone models, Android smartphones, Apple Watch, Apple Magic Mouse or Keyboard, and more. All that's required is a compatible USB-C charging cable, with the correct plug or MagSafe connector at the opposite end. Just remember, 4.5 watts is on the slow side. This means devices with larger batteries will charge slowly.