Apple 'expressed interest' in buying Manchester United

Old Trafford

It has long been rumored that Apple is actively producing a VR headset, developing its own car, and now... buying a world-renowned soccer team? First reported in the UK Daily Star, it's not clear what sources provided information about a potential deal. Should Apple proceed with a takeover of the so-called Red Devils, the team could have access to more funds than rival clubs Newcastle and Manchester City.

What is Spotify Connect?

Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect makes your iPhone into a remote control when playing Spotify content on other devices. Spotify Connect is supported by over 2,000 devices including smart speakers, TVs, game consoles, and more. Instead of streaming from your iPhone over a Bluetooth connection, the Spotify app plays content directly on the remote device.


How to download videos in Safari on iPhone

Download horse videos iPhone

Safari makes it possible to download videos from various websites and content providers. While the process is straightforward, it does take a few steps to land the video you're watching on Safari into the Photos app. Safari has its own Downloads tab, which by default sends videos, photos, and documents directly to the Files app. The Files app has its own Downloads folder and syncs saved files to iCloud.


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