How to sync your Google Calendar to your iOS device

Google Calendar

Keeping your calendars synced between multiple devices is a great way to make sure you never miss important events like anniversaries, business meetings, book club events and so on. Your Google Calendar (or Yahoo, etc.) can now easily be added to the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad. First you will need a Google account. Creating a Google account gives one account access to all Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and so on. Once your account is created, you can then sync your Google Calendar to your iOS device. This will allow you to add events from your computer which will then automatically be added to your iOS Calendar app, and vice versa. Other Google Calendar users will also be able to invite you to add events. Here's how to sync a third-party Calendar to your iOS device:

What speakers support Apple AirPlay 2?


AirPlay 2 promises to bring multi-room audio and stereo pairing to the Apple HomePod. Not only this, but owners of third-party speakers can enjoy benefits including Siri playback controls, better syncing between speakers, and a larger buffer for uninterrupted streaming. The iOS Home app can be used to manage multiple speakers from different manufacturers. So which wireless speakers will work with AirPlay 2?

Roundup: Apple Watch and watchOS in the news

Nike Apple Watch

There's been a surge of Apple Watch news ever since this year's WWDC. Fans of Apple's wearable have a long list of things to be excited about. The biggest news is the upcoming launch of watchOS 5. Not only will watchOS gain a bevy of new features, but the Series 4 hardware promises a complete redesign. Let's dive into the highlights.

5 top celebrity stickers: Justin Bieber and more


Stickers are little images or animations that you can use to decorate text in the Messages app. Some include little messages or just images that you can send alone as a standalone text. Celebrities have really embraced Stickers on iOS releasing packs that you can purchase or download for free. Here are 5 of the most popular celebrity sticker packs available on the App Store:

4 free weather radar apps for iPhone

4 best free weather radar apps for iPhone.

With summer just around the corner many people will be spending a great deal more time outdoors, enjoying the pleasant weather at the beach, on the water, hiking in the mountains and what have you. Nothing can put a damper on these activities like sudden thunderstorms, which pop up with much greater frequency in the warmer weather. While you can get a basic idea of the day's forecast with your iPhone's Weather app, a "chance of showers" or "scattered thunderstorms" is not going to cut it if you are planning a day of fishing on a lake or hiking above the tree line - you need a radar app.


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