iPhone SE 2 launches in May with Lightning audio

iPhone SE gaming

Fans of Apple's smallest iPhone have been looking forward to a refresh this year. First appearing on the scene in March 2016, the two-year old design was known for packing updated internals into a familiar 4-inch form factor. Reports point to an updated iPhone SE 2 coming from Apple ahead of this year's WWDC in early June. But what will a redesigned iPhone SE look like?

How to manage your Facebook Ad Profile

How to manage your Facebook Ad Preferences on iPhone and iPad.

Everyone with a Facebook account is familiar with their own user profile and how to manage it, but many may not be aware that they have a second profile that advertisers look at to determine how to advertise to them. As the old saying goes, if you aren't paying for a product then you are the product, and this is true for Facebook, as ad revenue is its bread and butter.

Otterbox releases new Symmetry Series Cases ahead of Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story iPhone Cases

Otterbox has released three new cases based on Disney's Solo: A Star Wars Story which hits theaters on May 25th. The Symmetry Series cases feature three Solo-inspired designs including the "Millennium Falcon," "Chewbacca" and "All or Nothing."

Symmetry Series cases protect against bumps and drops while offering a "slim and sleek" design, according to Otterbox. Each case includes one-piece construction molded out of synthetic rubber and polycarbonate. The cases also feature a raised, beveled edge to protect your touchscreen from scratches, and open access to all ports and buttons. Otterbox also claims that its Symmetry cases offer easy installation, and slide effortlessly in and out of pockets and purses thanks to its slim design.


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