How to share links to iCloud photos on iPhone

How to share your iPhone photos with a link to iCloud.

Those who are signed up for Apple's Beta Software Program and testing iOS 12 may have noticed that it offers a new way to share photos - by sharing a direct link to your iCloud Photos that will last for 30 days. Not all features found in beta make it to the official iOS, but hopefully this one will, as it pretty useful for sending multiple photos. Instead of actually attaching each photo to an email or sending them in Messages, you are merely posting a link.

How to toggle On/Off Labels on iPhone

On Off Labels 1

Back in the day, iOS always showed On/Off Labels on toggles, making various Settings appear like a power switch. More recent versions of iOS have removed this indicator, opting instead for a more clean-looking design. For those who could use an additional visual cue besides the color green, or simply enjoy the old look, it's possible to restore these labels.

How to use USB Restricted Mode on iPhone

GreyKey iPhone crack

iPhone security is an ongoing concern, and Apple continues to double down on protecting its users' personal data. Devices such as the GreyKey have prompted calls for iOS device owners to protect their iPhone passcode. Now thanks to the release of iOS 11.4.1, there's a fresh defense against intrusion known as USB Restricted Mode.

How to stay safe while using Uber

Uber Safety Toolkit

It doesn't matter if you're an Uber veteran or someone using it for the first time, the reality is you're getting in a car with a stranger -- something we've all learned not to do from an early age. This doesn't mean Uber isn't safe, it just means like in any situation you should be aware of your surroundings. The Uber app has a few built-in features to help ensure its riders make it home safely, but first lets look at a few other reasons Uber is a great option when you need a ride



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