Apple extends AppleCare+ accidental damage coverage

AppleCare+ protection plan

Good news for anyone with active AppleCare+ coverage on their iPhone, or those planning to purchase coverage on a new device. Apple has quietly changed the terms of service. Until recently, AppleCare+ provided for two accidental damage incidents per year.

Now AppleCare+ customers can rest assured that unlimited repairs for accidental damage protection are included in the plan. Of course, each incident requires a service fee for covered repairs. The breakdown is as follows:

How can I force restart iPhone 14 / iPhone 14 Pro?

iPhone 14 Pro

When the iPhone freezes or gets stuck it can become unresponsive. If your touch screen or buttons aren't doing anything, iOS may be experiencing a problem or app crash.

Sometimes the iPhone cannot even be turned off. Physical buttons are the only way to force restart an iPhone and clear up the issue.

Follow these steps to force reboot the iPhone 14 and later:

How to use the tip calculator on Apple Watch

Apple Watch calculator

Many Apple Watch owners don't realize there's a calculator app installed on their device. With one tap, the Apple Watch delivers a keypad much like an 80s calculator watch. This is a good way to quickly make some calculations without the trouble of pulling out your iPhone. But it gets even better with a special feature.

For those who like to calculate a gratuity before they drop cash at a restaurant or bar, there are plenty of app options including the stock Calculator app. Even simpler is the built-in Apple Watch tip calculator.


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