AirPods Pro to get USB-C charging case

AirPods Pro case

Apple continues its moves towards USB-C connectivity and away from the proprietary Lightning connector first introduced in 2012. Hot on the heels of several reports detailing the upcoming iPhone 15 featuring a USB-C port, Apple is rumored to add USB-C to its AirPods Pro lineup. The charging case, which currently supports wireless Qi charging and sports a Lightning port would be replaced by a wireless/USB-C model.

How to use Voice Isolation mode on iPhone

Voice Isolation mode iPhone

Apple has added Voice Isolation mode to cellular phone calls with iOS 16.4. This means iPhone owners can use this custom Mic Mode in apps such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, and now phone calls. Voice Isolation can help eliminate ambient background noise, bringing more emphasis and clarity to words spoken in the foreground. The sound effect can be toggled on or off when in an active call.

What is Auto FPS mode on iPhone?

Auto FPS iPhone

The iPhone camera can automatically adjust FPS or frames per second when recording video. Auto FPS helps to improve video quality in low light situations. In particular, when recording at 60 FPS this rapid shutter speed can greatly reduce the amount of light available to the image sensor. By slowing the shutter speed to 30 or 24 FPS the iPhone gathers more light, which brightens the video.


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