iOS App of the Week: Fortnite Battle Royal


Fortnite is the first App of the Week that's available to download on the App Store but you can't play. It is also currently the #1 free game on the App Store charts. Fortnite is being rolled out slowly by invitation only to handle the influx of gamers on its servers. This may be frustrating to people waiting to play the game, but it is not as frustrating as the game not working because it can't handle all the new players coming from mobile.

How to quickly turn off Face ID on iPhone X

How to quickly turn off Face ID on iPhone X.

There remains a large gray area and many pending court cases regarding search and seizure of smartphones by the police and federal agents. Currently you can not be compelled to unlock your smartphone and police need probable cause to seize it, but border agents do not. With Face ID however, it wouldn't be difficult for a federal agent to take your iPhone and point it at you in order to unlock it. Considering how much personal information people have on their smartphones, the heated debate between privacy advocates and law enforcement is not surprising.

App Review: Stephen Hawking's Pocket Universe

Pocket Universe iOS app

With the recent passing of physics legend Stephen Hawking, many are revisiting his accomplishments or becoming curious about his discoveries for the first time. Among his many achievements, Hawking launched an iOS app to help anyone interested in physics to learn about the latest developments in the field. Pocket Universe is an updated digital version of Hawking's bestselling book A Brief History of Time.

How to make your iPhone faster after it slows down

Slide to Power Off

Like with any other computer your iPhone can become a bit sluggish after you've downloaded a few too many apps. Luckily there is a simple way to get your iPhone to start running faster again. All you have to do is clear your RAM.

Clearing your RAM removes information that isn't needed to free up memory and make your iPhone run smoother. Here's how:



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