How to turn on Chrome's Material Design interface on iOS

How to enable Chrome Material Design for iOS on iPhone and iPad.

Some time ago, Google began developing a "visual language... a single underlying system that unifies the user experience across platforms, devices, and input methods" known as Material Design. In other words, it is an improved interface design meant to streamline the experience and make it consistent across all platforms, as well as just modernize the appearance.

How to use Stickers, Filters and Animoji with the Messages camera

How to use stickers, filters, Animoji and Memoji in Messages for iPhone and iPad.

With iOS 12, Apple encroaches on Snapchat's turf with a suite of new stickers and filters for the Messages camera, along with the ability to use Animoji and Memoji on FaceTime calls. While the Messages app has had stickers for some time now, they've been relegated to message threads; now you can paste them on photos you take with the app's camera, a feature that's been available on Snapchat for years and more recently on Instagram and Facebook.

How to easily share your location with friends or family

Share Current Location

It has gotten a lot easier to meet up with friends, family or colleagues thanks to the iPhone. Previously iPhone users had to install the Find My Friends app to locate each other, but now Apple has baked several ways to share your location right in iOS. Here are 4 ways to quickly share your location with other mobile phone users:

How to add music to your Instagram posts and story

How to add a music soundtrack to your Instagram posts and stories on iPhone and iPad.

Instagram has been on a roll recently, adding the ability to give your stories and posts a soundtrack just days after debuting a video chat feature. The app's 400 million daily users can now liven up their stories with 15 second clips of popular songs from Instagram's music library with just a few taps. Here's how to do it on iPhone:

How to use Animoji and Memoji on FaceTime video calls

How to use Animoji and Memoji on FaceTime video calls on iPhone and iPad.

In addition to adding a few new Animoji and introducing Memoji, which are basically personalized Animoji, iOS 12 lets iPhone X owners use both moji in FaceTime video calls. The new AR feature is similar to using the face-tracking filters offered by Snapchat - the Animoji's facial expressions will mimic yours (now including your tongue and winking gestures with iOS 12). Next time you make a FaceTime call, try slapping on a pig face or try out the newly added T-Rex. Here's how to do it on iPhone X:


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