How to create location based Reminders on iPhone

How to create location-based reminders on iPhone and iPad.

Most people are probably familiar with creating reminders with specific dates and times, like a reminder for a dentist appointment at 11:00 AM on Monday, or a reminder to go grocery shopping on Thursday. But there are a couple of other useful options aside from assigning a date/time to a reminder, including location-based reminders. These are especially useful for non-urgent situations like remembering to get something you left at a friend's house the last time you were there. Now you can set a reminder to notify you the next time you go to that friend's house.

How to save documents locally to your iPhone instead of on your iCloud

How to save downloads, documents and files locally on your iPhone or iPad instead of iCloud.

iPhones and iPads these days have quite a bit of storage, so you may have plenty of room to save documents on your device rather than spending money to upgrade your iCloud storage to the next tier. To do this you will want to set your internet downloads to automatically save locally, which is easy to do with Safari's new download manager and you will want to make sure you save email attachments locally. Also, anything you have stored in iCloud you can always move to a local folder in the Files app.

How to set reading goals with Books on iPhone

How to set daily and yearly reading goals in Books on iPhone and iPad.

If you are an avid reader and don't mind reading digital books, then you should be using Apple's Books app on your iPhone and iPad. This app has flown under the radar for a long time, as it rarely gets much fanfare and its updates are relatively quiet. iOS 13 adds a nice feature - it lets you set reading goals that help you keep track of how many minutes a day you are reading and how many books you've read so far in the year.

How to search your Messages on iPhone

How to search messages on iPhone and iPad.

If you've ever tried to find a text that somebody sent you, or a link or photo, you likely found the Messages app's search function to be less than stellar. iOS 13 brings not only enhanced capabilities, but a much improved interface as well, making searching your text messages a much easier task than before. Here's how to search your Messages on your iPhone or iPad:

How to attach images and scanned documents to your Reminders on iPhone

How to attach images and scanned documents to your Reminders on iPhone and iPad.

Reminders received a long overdue facelift in iOS 13 that not only improved its aesthetics and interface, but added several useful features as well. You can now group lists into categories and assign subtasks to reminders, as well as attach images and scanned documents to reminders.


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