How to use Safari's download manager on iPhone

How to use Safari's download manager on iPhone.

iOS 13 finally adds a download manager to Safari on iPhone and iPad, which makes it more like your desktop where you can see (and choose) where a downloaded file is saved. Now any time you tap on a direct link to a downloadable file like a PDF, MP3, CSV, etc., a window will pop up asking if you want to download it or, in some cases, view/listen to it.

How to create subtasks for Reminders on iPhone

How to create subtasks for Reminders on iPhone and iPad.

iOS 13 delivers a much needed overhaul to the Reminders app that includes a more intuitive interface, a daily morning notification of today's reminders (similar to your daily morning forecast summary), enhanced Siri suggestions and improved organizational tools. While reminder lists have been around for some time, the update not only allows you to group lists into categories (basically making a list of lists), but lets you assign subtasks to individual reminders as well.

How to use Look Around in Apple Maps for iPhone

How to use Look Around in Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad.

Over a decade after Google first introduced its Street View map feature, Apple is ready to debut its own version known as Look Around. While it is almost exactly the same as Street View, Look Around's imagery uses parallax processing to achieve a 3D quality and its scenery transitions are much smoother than its rival's. The feature will launch with iOS 13, so if you prefer Apple Maps to Google's you'll be able to take a virtual tour of locations you are interested in without leaving the Maps app. Here's how to use it:

How to use Animoji and Memoji on an older iPhone

How to use Animoji and Memoji on older iPhones and iPads.

Animoji and Memoji are animated emoji that mimic your facial expressions using your iPhone's forward facing camera. While most adults are probably not going to converse with animated emojis, kids definitely delight in them. Unfortunately only the iPhone X or later, iPad Pro 11-inch or iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) can create and send Animoji and Memoji (though any iOS or Android device can receive them).

How to convert your iPhone's HEIC photos to JPEG or PNG

How to convert your iPhone and iPad HEIF and HEIC images to JPEG or PNG on Mac.

With iOS 11, Apple adopted the High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) as a replacement for JPEG on both iOS and macOS. The HEIF format saves a considerable amount of storage space with its .HEIC files (High Efficiency Image Container) being up to 50 percent smaller than the same image saved in JPEG format. Despite the smaller size, the HEIF format can capture 16 bit color whereas the JPEG only handles 8 bit. Clearly HEIF is preferable to JPEG right?


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