How to use AirPods / Bluetooth headphones with Apple Watch

Apple Watch AirPods Bluetooth

Apple Watch can play audio directly to Bluetooth headphones, including AirPods. Once connected, any sounds played on Apple Watch such as streaming audio or phone calls are sent directly to the headphones. This means the Apple Watch can be used with AirPods or other Bluetooth devices independently of its paired iPhone.

Pairing Bluetooth headphones to Apple Watch

Pairing compatible Bluetooth headphones directly with Apple Watch requires powering on the headphones with the Apple Watch nearby. Follow the instructions for your Bluetooth headphones to put them in pairing mode. Then on the Apple Watch follow these steps:

  1. On Apple Watch tap Settings -> Bluetooth
  2. Wait while Apple Watch searches for nearby devices in pairing mode
  3. Tap your Bluetooth headphones
  4. If prompted, enter the required passcode

Pairing AirPods to Apple Watch

Set up your AirPods on the iPhone that is already paired to Apple Watch. This automatically connects AirPods to both the Apple Watch and the iPhone. Either device can be used to play sound to the AirPods, with switching between sources in some situations happening automatically. No extra manual Bluetooth pairing of AirPods is required with Apple Watch.