How to download and install wallpapers for your iPhone

How to download and install new wallpapers on iPhone and iPad.

Everybody wants meaningful wallpaper on their smartphone, whether it is a peaceful view of nature, an undulating palette of colors, a photo of friends and family or anything else that inspires them. iPhone owners have had the ability to add new wallpapers (aside from the ones provided with iOS) going back to the original iPhone and iOS, though not all may be aware of how to do it. So if you are new to iPhone, need a refresher or have simply never bothered with it, here's how to install new backgrounds on your iPhone:

How to use chapters in Podcasts on iPhone

How to view and jump chapters in podcasts on iPhone and iPad.

Apple's history of support for chapters within podcasts has been shaky at best, going through several versions of limited support over the past several years. iOS 12 improves the Podcasts app handling of chapters, making it a useful feature - finding a point that you want to hear again, or skipping a part that you're not interested in are much easier tasks to accomplish now, rather than blindly scrubbing through. Of course the podcast producers need to implement chapters for you to make use of them, but if you have one that does have chapters, here's how to view them on iPhone and iPad:

How to turn on and customize subtitles on iPhone

How to turn on and customize subtitles on iPhone and iPad.

Turning on subtitles in your various media sources like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. is usually easy enough, often just requiring you to tap the "CC" button or open up the app's settings. If, however, you use subtitles all the time, you can permanently turn them on in iOS settings. Once they are on, they will show up on everything you watch through the TV app. What's more, you can choose from several caption styles and even customize your own. Here's how to do it on iPhone and iPad:

How to send Apple Maps and Google Maps directions from your computer to your iPhone

How to send Apple Maps and Google Maps directions from your computer to your iPhone

While finding directions to a destination is simple enough to do on any navigation app, many of us like to research travel destinations on our computers or tablets beforehand, if for no other reason than having a bigger screen to look at. If you look up directions as part of this pre-travel research, you might as well send them along to your phone so they are ready to go as soon as you sit down in your car. It's not a life changing shortcut but it is a convenience that both Apple Maps and Google Maps offer. Here's how to use it for each:

Apple Maps

How to hide notification badges on iPhone and iPad

How to hide notification badges on iPhone and iPad.

Notification badges are great at doing their job - letting you know that there is something you need to look at in the notifying app. The problem is they can easily become overwhelming if you have tons of apps constantly demanding attention for every minor event. While you likely want to know when new emails are sitting in your work inbox, you may not want to know every time your troops are ready to battle, or every time somebody has posted in a Telegram room with 10K subscribers.


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