5 useful iOS Shortcuts and how to use them

How to use shortcuts on iPhone and iPad.

In iOS 12 Apple updated its Workflow app and changed its name to Shortcuts. A shortcut lets you quickly accomplish a task that would typically require a series of steps across a variety of apps. For example, the Home ETA shortcut uses the Maps app to find your distance from home and estimated time of arrival, then uses Messages to text your spouse/child/roommate/etc with a customized message letting them know when you'll be home.

How to make shortcuts for your Shortcuts on iPhone

How to make Home Screen icons for your iPhone and iPad shortcuts.

iOS 12 introduced Shortcuts, the successor to Workflow, which is an app that provides shortcuts that basically compress multiple-step tasks that involve using multiple apps into processes that require just a tap or two. For example, there is a shortcut called Home ETA that uses Maps to find your location and get the ETA for your trip home, then sends a custom message with your arrival time to whomever you set it up to send one to.

How to download your personal data from Apple

Apple personal data download

Apple recently revamped its main privacy page. The portal contains various information about Apple's commitment to protecting privacy as well as the latest version of the company's Privacy Policy. Apple has also launched a new feature, making it possible for customers to download their own data from Apple's servers.

How to take burst photos on the iPhone camera

Burst count iPhone camera

Capturing all of life's precious moments has never been easier thanks to the iPhone. The stock Apple Camera app includes several different shooting modes. One of the hidden features of the iPhone camera is Burst mode, first introduced on the iPhone 5s. Unlike shooting modes such as Pano or Square, Burst shooting is not selected before the image is framed.

How to use the For You tab on Photos for iPhone

How to use the For You tab on Photos for iPhone.

The Photos app is seemingly improved with each new iOS, and this holds true with iOS 12 as well. In addition to improving the search function (allowing you to search by place or event and multiple keywords), allowing for editing RAW files, and an overhauled Albums layout, Photos in iOS 12 adds a For You tab that includes a number of features. Here's an overview of the new For You section:


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