How do I pin a note in the Notes app?

If you use Notes all the time then you know you can quickly become inundated with them and have a hard time finding important ones. You can make your Notes "sticky," like a post on a message thread that stays at the top, by "pinning" it. Open up your list of notes and simply swipe right on a note until you see a pin icon appear. Tap on it to pin the note to the top. Do the same thing to a pinned note to unpin it.


How to write notes from the iPhone lock screen

New note iOS

There are many ways to quickly access the Notes app. iPad owners with an Apple Pencil can simply touch the pencil to their screen to create a new note. While iPhone and iPod touch users don't have access to this trick, other options make it easy to write notes. iOS can even be configured to allow Notes access from the lock screen.


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